Up Close With Oak Hill's Eric Wilkins

In a sense, Eric Wilkins has always played at the highest level. Currently, he's a wingman at Oak Hill Academy, the defending national champion. He's also played alongside the nation's best guard, as he was Jason Williams' backcourt mate at St. Joseph's when the Duke point man was a senior in high school.

Wilkins Speaks On His Recruitment

The following is a question and answer session conducted with 6-3 New Jersey native Eric Wilkins of Oak Hill Academy.

BCH: How is your recruiting experience going so far?

Wilkins: "It's been pretty good. I haven't been around so I haven't been hearing from people. I've mainly been working out."

BCH: What's the pre-summer list of schools look like?

Wilkins: "I don't have a definite list but schools that I have in mind are Miami, UMass, Rutgers, Richmond, Marist and Central Florida." Wilkins said that Central Florida, Miami, Rutgers, Marist and UMass have offered.

BCH: What have you been working on this summer?

Wilkins: "Right now, I'm just focused on some of my weaknesses. I need to show myself another part of my game. The part where I know that no one can stop me. I want to be able to take my team to another level and win."

BCH: Speaking of another level, what can the new batch of players at Oak Hill expect next season?

Wilkins: "I hope that the players coming in are looking to bang. We won't play soft and take it easy. I hope they are ready to be physical because it's very physical in practice. You don't get any foul calls in practice."

BCH: What has Oak Hill Academy done for you?

Wilkins: "It's done wonders academically and put me in a position to qualify. Athletically, it brought back the confidence that I've been missing."

BCH: What was it like playing with Jason Williams? NOTE: As a freshman, Wilkins was the wingman for Williams at St. Joseph's in Metuchen, N.J.

Wilkins: "Actually, I knew him for ... I don't know how many years. I never knew he played ball because he never talked about it. Then, his freshman year you could see the potential and hard work that he put into his game. For every missed shot, he would do like 10 pushups. He taught me to always be the last man out of the gym."

Wilkins will attend Nike Camp this weekend. Most schools are recruiting him as a shooting guard.

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