The Best of the 16-And-Unders

DETROIT -- It was a great week of basketball. You will be hearing from these kids in the years to come. Some will make it to the "league' some will play on the Division One, and some will play on the Division Two level.

Finamore's Final Contribution From Detroit

What: 2001 16 and Under National AAU Tournament

Where: Detroit, Mich.

Here is my list of the top 10 players

  1. Kendrick Perkins 6-10 Houston Hoops (TX)

  2. Stevie Heiley 5-11 BABC (MA)

  3. William Blaylock 5-10 BABC (MA)

  4. Michael Pilgrim 6-6 Queen City Prophets (OH)

  5. Jeremy Ingram 6-3 NC Red Storm (NC)

  6. Marlon Smith 5-11 Gauchos (NY)

  7. Brandon Cotton 5-11 The Family (MI)

  8. Ndudi Ebi 6-10 Houston Hoops (TX)

  9. Keith Foster 6-9 Carolina Hornets (NC)

10. Jeremy Nicholson 6-3 Missouri Heat (MO)

Top Coach, Leo Papile (BABC)

Finamore's Top Performers (in no particular order)

Michael Rose 6-2 Houston Hoops (TX)

Courtney Simms 6-9 BABC (MA)

Sam Kaplan 6-6 BABC (MA)

Curtis Anderson 6-5 Queen City (OH)

Raymond Edwards 6-5 Queen City (OH)

Corey Johnson 6-0 Spiece (IN)

Parnell Smith 6-6 Spiece (IN)

Drew Williamson 5-11 Carolina Hornets (NC)

Robert Holcomb-Faye 6-2 Carolina Hornets (NC)

William Price 5-8 Carolina Hornets (NC)

Jermaine Bell 6-10 Upstate Dragons (NY)

Cecil Lee 5-10 Upstate Dragons (NY)

Tyler Relph 5-11 Upstate Dragons (NY)

Todd Abernethy 6-1 No Excuses (IN)

Darren Yates 6-2 No Excuses (IN)

Devin Thomas 6-3 No Excuses (IN)

Adam Liddell 6-6 No Excuses (IN)

Reyshaun Terry 6-6 Kappa Magic (NC)

Chris Paul 5-11 Kappa Magic (NC)

Ronnie Brewer 6-5 Arkansas Hawks (AR)

Anthony Gray 6-5 Arkansas Hawks (AR)

Sam Gammell 6-2 Arkansas Hawks (AR)

Anthony Atkinson 5-11 NC Gators (NC)

Casey Long 6-2 NC Gators (NC)

Terrance Partee 6-6 NC Gators (NC)

Jass Ross 6-4 Georgia Stars (GA)

Brent Petway 6-8 Georgia Stars (GA)

Patrick Ewing Jr. 6-7 Georgia Stars (GA)

Gary Jones 5-11 Dayton Salvation Army (OH)

Reid Sakel 6-2 Prince William (VA)

Byron Williams 6-4 Jackson Panthers (MS)

Warren Scott 6-8 Jackson Panthers (MS)

Joey Sandberg 5-11 Gauchos (NY)

Adrian Joseph 6-6 Gauchos (NY)

Alex Buzbee 6-4 Gauchos (NY)

Michael Hardi 6-1 Ram Athletic Newark (NJ)

Antonio Wilson 6-0 Ram Athletic Newark (NJ)

Ryan McLellan 5-11 Maine Select North (ME)

Zak Ray 5-10 Maine Select North (ME)

Ije Nwanko 6-6 The Family (MI)

John Andrews 6-4 The Family (MI)

Antonio Bonds 6-1 The Family (MI)

Johnny Hodge 6-4 Shreveport Select (LA)

Dwight Boatner 6-0 Shreveport Select (LA)

Jarrius Jackson 6-1 Shreveport Select (LA)

Sam Pharr 6-7 Team Indiana (IN)

Ryan Baker 6-5 Team Indiana (IN)

Matt Pait 6-2 Team Indiana (IN)

D'Andre Payton 6-6 Team Indiana (IN)

Kendrick Moten 6-1 Team Michigan (MI)

Patrick Staub 6-7 Missouri Sky Walkers (MO)

Dane Bradshaw 6-4 Memphis Blackhawks (TN)

Anthony King 6-8 NC Red Storm (NC)

Robert Perry 6-7 NC Red Storm (NC)

Devan Mitchell 6-4 Springfield Heat (MO)

Spencer Laurie 6-0 Springfield Heat (MO)

Brandon Argo 6-6 Springfield Heat (MO)

Eddie Spenser 6-3 Mustangs (MI)

Herbert Warren 6-2 Mustangs (MI)

Derek Van Solkema 6-0 Mustangs (MI)

Nick Grant 6-1 Fairfax (VA)

Brooks McKowan 6-3 Eastern Iowa (IA)

Adam Viet 6-4 Eastern Iowa (IA)

Jared Jasten 5-10 Eastern Iowa (IA)

Curtis Gronby 6-4 Prince William (VA)

Brian Henderson 6-3 Martinsville (VA)

James Davis 6-11 Team Minnesota (MN)

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