2013 Intro: Alex Foster

It was a successful sophomore season for Alex Foster on the court, and his recruitment is also picking up off of the court with visits to Big Ten and Big East schools.

The city of Chicago is absolutely loaded with talent in the 2013 class, and one of the better prospects is Alex Foster. The four-star power forward recently completed an impressive sophomore season, and is the target of numerous schools in the region.

"I think we did real good," said Foster of his sophomore year. "We wanted to go a little bit further than we did in the state tournament, but we played well as a team. Considering I was just a sophomore I think I did well, but most importantly we did well as a team."

At 6-foot-7 and 215 pounds, Foster is working to become more of a complete player. After always playing inside, now he is learning to step outside and he is becoming more confident in his game facing the basket.

"I think I have improved my shot the most and it is because of confidence," Foster explained. "Before I wouldn't take shots when I was open, but now I feel comfortable."

He continued, "I know at the next level I won't be able to simply play inside. I will have to be versatile."

With his solid athleticism and improving skill level, schools all around the Midwest are recruiting him. Recently Foster made visits to Purdue and Marquette, and he is also hearing from places such as Illinois, Wisconsin, Northwestern, DePaul, and Indiana.

Foster did admit that one school is recruiting him the hardest right now, and it is the Purdue Boilermakers. He visited Purdue for their game against Ohio State, and came away impressed by what he saw.

"The atmosphere was loud and the fans were really into it," Foster explained of the trip. "I had someone yell at me to commit it was funny. Purdue is a family atmosphere. I really liked that visit."

After visiting Purdue he made the trip to Marquette, and also was impressed with what he saw from the Golden Eagles program.

"Marquette was completely different from Purdue," said Foster. "It seemed like a pro atmosphere in a pro arena. I definitely liked it. It is nice and it makes you almost feel like you're in the NBA."

For now Foster is in no hurry to make a college choice. Instead he is focused on getting better, and he intends to show that to everyone this spring and summer on the travel circuit.

"I am ready to show a lot," said Foster of his upcoming play in the spring. "I can't wait to get started and show everybody that I can play inside and outside. I want to show off my improved shot, ball handling, and do pretty much anything I want."

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