VCU is next in line for Dillard

Reggie Dillard has taken visits to Clemson and Wake Forest, but VCU has a shot at impressing this forward as his visit approaches.

Reggie Dillard found similarities in his visits to Clemson and Wake Forest that keep him interested.

"They both had beautiful campuses and great academics," Dillard said, who was impressed they had his major (forensic science).

Clemson was different in their style of play on offense and defense.

Wake Forest gave him the opportunity to participate in an open practice with them and he felt he got along with the team well.

Now, Dillard is awaiting his trip to VCU, since they won their play-in game against USC.

There are other schools on Dillard's waiting list to visit including Tulane, UNC-Charlotte and Appalachian State.

All these schools see the potential in Dillard, who explains how he is getting better.

"I definitely improved a lot; getting 22 points, 6 rebounds and 4 or 5 assists per game," Dillard said.

While his basketball skills advance, he will continue making progress on the recruiting trail by stopping next at VCU.

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