2013 Intro: Brannen Greene

Brannen Greene is a name that has popped up on the recruiting radar. After a recent growth spurt and a strong sophomore season more and more college coaches are showing interest.

Year in and year out the state of Georgia produces talent.

Players like Jodie Meeks, Travis Leslie and Howard Thompkins have emerged from the state in recent years to become stars at their respective schools.

An underclassman in the state trying to follow in their footsteps is Brannen Greene, of Monroe (Ga.) Mary Persons. A 6-foot-7 wing, Greene enjoyed a fantastic sophomore season where he averaged 19 points and eight rebounds a game.

Southern Kings coach Morris Gordon said Greene makes his biggest impact from his long distance shooting.

"He's a great shooter with great size and he has the ability to put the ball on the ground and create his shot," Gordon told Scout.com. "He's worked very hard since July on his ball handling, but more importantly his ability to really, really shoot the ball is what he does well."

Greene went through a growth spurt since last summer and spent the entire off-season in the gym working on his game. Gordon said schools were familiar with him in July, but he's a new player now.

"He played up with me last year and that gave colleges the opportunity to see him," he said. "He was only 15. Schools knew who he was, but between July and the start of the season the kid grew three inches and went from 6'4 to 6'7."

"He went from teams that liked him to offering him," Gordon added.

According to Gordon Virginia, Marquette, Florida State and South Carolina have thrown offers his way. Saint John's, Alabama and Georgia have also show varying degrees of interest.

"It's real early for him," he said. "He's not looking to make a decision any time soon."

Green took unofficial visits to Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia Tech this past fall.

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