McDonald's Spotlight: Michael Gilchrist

CHICAGO -- It has been a week filled with attention for Michael Gilchrist, but don't expect him to change at all because of it.

The spotlight of the McDonald's All-American Game is a lot to some kids, but for Michael Gilchrist it is just business as usual. He has been under the microscope since he was a freshman. However for a kid with that much early hype, it is a surprise to hear how much he loves playing defense.

"I don't know how to explain it," said Gilchrist of his experience at the McDonald's Game. "It hasn't really hit me yet, but it is just a blessing to be here in general. I am just having fun with it."

On media day Gilchrist was the focus of a lot of TV cameras and microphones. Some of that is because of his commitment to Kentucky, and the rest of it is because of how high profile he has been since he entered high school.

When it comes to the constant attention from a young age, Gilchrist just tries to keep it all on the backburner.

"I don't really like it, but it is something that I have to deal with," said Gilchrist of all the attention. "I am in the limelight, but I am a very humble person so I don't let it affect me."

When Gilchrist says the attention hasn't changed him he isn't lying. He plays as hard as any player in the class, and prides himself on being a lockdown defender.

"I love playing defense," said Gilchrist. "I just can't wait to get out there on that floor for Kentucky fans."

In fact while watching the Wildcats run to the Final Four, Gilchrist has seen a player make a huge impact on the defensive end.

"I see myself in that kind of role like DeAndre Liggins," said Gilchrist. "I want to be the guy who is the defensive stopper."

For now Gilchrist is enjoying his time at the McDonald's game with some of his future teammates. Three other Kentucky pledges are in the game, Gilchrist is getting to spend significant time with all of them.

"It is a good experience for all of us to be here," said Gilchrist. "I am just having fun getting to know all of them."

When this game is over don't expect Gilchrist to sit back and let everybody know how good he is and that he is a McDonald's All-American. It will be back to the lab to improve the offensive game.

"I've been in the gym every night and every morning just working as hard as I can to get better," said Gilchrist. "I will do that every day until I get to Kentucky."

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