McDonald's Spotlight: Marquis Teague

CHICAGO -- There are very few point guards who can match the speed, explosiveness, and strength of Marquis Teague. Now he is ready to bring that skill set to Lexington.

No player in the 2011 class can get where he wants on the basketball court whenever he wants quite like Marquis Teague. The Indianapolis (Ind.) Pike High School point guard had a dynamic senior year that is now being capped off at the McDonald's All-American Game.

One of the best matchups in practice all week long at the McDonald's All-American Game has been Teague going against Myck Kabongo. The two jet quick point guards have battled every day, and it has been fun for them as well as for observers.

"It is real fun to play with a guard like Myck," said Teague. "I haven't played with a guard as good as him except when I played on the same team as Quinn Cook for USA basketball. It is just fun."

While Teague checks in as the No. 1 point guard in the country and the No. 6 player overall, still in his hometown people severely doubt him. Everywhere he turns he is called overrated. It is rare to see that, but Teague says it isn't a big deal.

"I know it is because people wanted me to play for IU and play for my hometown school," said Teague. "I understand that. It is all love though, it doesn't matter. It is what it is."

Even with people around Indianapolis holding Teague to a different standard than every other player, still Pike had a great year and Teague was a big reason why.

"We had a pretty good year," Teague explained. "I think we shocked some people. I wish we would have won state, but we had a great season."

Capping an excellent senior season is the McDonald's game invitation. For Teague it means he finally has something that he can hold over his older brother, and current Atlanta Hawk, Jeff Teague's head.

"Yeah I have to pull something over him," said Teague of his brother not being named a McDonald's All-American. "He always talks about how he scored 40 points in high school and I didn't, so I can use this over him."

Currently Teague's future team, the Kentucky Wildcats, is focused on the Final Four. It is unknown if current freshman Brandon Knight will return next season and play on the same floor as Teague, but one thing is for sure, Teague hopes it happens.

"That's going to be fun," said Teague. "We could play together and I feel we could be a lot of trouble in the SEC if he comes back."

He continued, "I want (Knight) to come back. I want to play with the best players who can help me win."

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