Swish 'N Dish: Day Two

Milwaukee, Wisc. – Day two of the NY2LA Swish ‘N Dish saw all the teams in the tournament in action. A lot of good performances were turned in, but Mitch McGary really stepped up and showed that his year in prep school has done a lot of good

Mitch McGary, C, SYF Players – Prep school has done some very good things for McGary's game. He is in the best shape of his life dropping fat and adding muscle, and also his game looks to be excellent. McGary is making mid-range jumpers, scoring off the dribble, and being very effective on the inside. He still left hand dominant, but that is okay at this level where lefties have a bit of an advantage. Even though the 2012 class is loaded with bigs, McGary has clearly made a statement that he is one of the best in the country and someone who will get all kinds of high-major love.

Glenn Robinson, SF, SYF Players – The future Michigan Wolverine is definitely an improved player over last summer. Robinson is more aggressive than ever and using his athleticism and length to score around the rim. Also he is making open shots, and just looking more involved and comfortable as a player. Robinson has to get stronger with the ball, especially in traffic, but that could develop with added strength and confidence. Overall he has made good strides and is beginning to make the next step as a prospect.

Cameron Biedscheid, SF, St. Louis Eagles – When he was in the game the long and angular wing was a problem for the I-Can All-Stars. Biedscheid seemingly got where he wanted on the floor and simply couldn't be stopped because of his size and the fact that he is a match up problem. Now he did go out of the game with an ankle injury, but the Notre Dame commitment definitely proved himself as a high level prospect and someone who could be an impact guy in the Big East.

Jordon Granger, PF, St. Louis Eagles – Granger really drew headlines for his play during the high school year, and there are definitely some things to like about him. He has a good body, long arms, and some decent skills on the interior. Still Granger is only an average athlete, and doesn't have a ton of projection left in terms of growth. If he adds a solid face up game he could be very tough to contain from the power forward slot. Overall he was solid all game long, but didn't take over.

Elijah Macon, PF, All-Ohio Red – It was an up and down day for Macon. He still has the combination of size and athleticism that intrigues, and he is capable of hitting the mid-range jump shot, but the issue is consistency. He can take over for stretches and then do nothing for long periods of time. Macon needs to get his legs under him and get in better shape, but he there is no doubt that his skill set made him tough to guard, now he just has to have the consistent effort.

Kenny Kaminski, PF, All-Ohio Red – Kaminski has always been someone who can really shoot the ball, and he as usual made his share of threes on Saturday. Also Kaminski showed some game off the dribble which was a welcome addition, but the biggest thing is that he added is a sense of toughness on the glass, especially the offensive glass. Kaminski rebounded well, which has been a growth area, and that makes a difference in his overall game. He still needs to be more effective in all other areas besides shooting, but some good strides were shown with his performance.

Terry Rozier, PG, All-Ohio Red – A late blooming point guard from the Buckeye State, Rozier is looking very good. Already a kid with mid-level interest, he could go even higher with his athleticism and ability to make shots. Rozier won a game for All-Ohio with a three at the end in a tie game, and also did a good job of running the show. He needs to do a better job with decision making, but in terms of athleticism and explosiveness there aren't a ton of better point guard options in the Midwest.

Ka'Darryl Bell, PG, Full Package – Another point guard in the Midwest who is bordering the mid to high levels, Bell showed some good things. He is athletic, can make shots, and also knows how to get to the rim. The problem is he makes some mind boggling decisions, and can be inconsistent with the jumper mostly due to shot selection. If he can shore up his decision making that will go a long way to making him a player who explodes in the spring and summer.

Darius Paul, PF, Full Package – The younger brother of Illinois guard Brandon Paul, Darius is a bruiser who does his best work down on the block. Now he can hit from the mid-range, but still he is far and away most effective down low. Not a great athlete or super big, Paul has long arms and is just active. He was very good on the glass, and scored probably double figures in second chance points alone. His back to the basket game is limited right now, but as long as he realizes his bread and butter is down low, Paul can be an effective player.

Charles Harris, SF, Full Package – There are very few better athletes on the wing than Harris. He has the natural ability to create space off the bounce for his jumper and also has long arms which allow him combined with his leaping ability to get clean looks. Right now his shot is just lacking. He can make one or two, but the release isn't clean, and more often than not the results aren't good. With his athleticism and strength if he can develop that jumper he will see his stock soar.

Jabari Parker, SF, Ferrari – Once again Parker was on top of his game. He was impossible to contain off the dribble, and even though his shot wasn't falling consistently from deep, he made enough to keep the defender honest. More than anything though it is Parker's love of the game and motor that make him such a great prospect to watch. He plays with no sense of entitlement at all, and treats every possession like his last. Combine that heart with his off the charts skill, and Parker was simply the most productive player in the gym for a second day in a row.

Marc Loving, SF/PF, All-Ohio Red – The Ohio State commitment was excellent in helping his squad to some big wins. Loving is super skilled and really shoots the ball well out to 22 feet. He had the jumper working, but also attacked off the bounce and showed some desire on the glass. Standing right near 6-foot-8, Loving is a matchup nightmare who showed an ability to go to the post and score over smaller defenders to go along with being a shooter. He isn't an explosive athlete, but the rest of the skill package is most definitely there.

Nigel Hayes, PF, All-Ohio Red – Not always known as a high level producer, Hayes did some very nice things. The power forward is a good, but not great athlete who can score around the rim and knows how to rebound. His strength is getting better, and the touch he is displaying is improved. The best thing Hayes showed was a desire to play hard and really rebound the ball. He needs to show more effort on defense, but overall it was a good day for Hayes who looks to be turning the corner from a potential guy to a production guy.

Charles Tucker, PG, All-Ohio Red – Tucker isn't a great athlete for the point guard spot, but very few are craftier with a better understanding of the game. Also to go along with his high basketball IQ, Tucker has an improved handle that is bordering on elite level. He didn't shoot the ball as well as he will need to, but Tucker did get his team in the right spots, and showed that he has the ability to simply get wins for his ball club.

Damarion Geter, PF, All-Ohio Red – A role player on his high school team, Geter stepped up big for All-Ohio. He has long arms, and despite being undersized height wise knows how to finish down low and uses his athleticism to his advantage. Strength will be a major hurdle, but as that comes the rest of his game will blossom. A mid level kid right now, high majors are definitely going to take a long look this summer.

Nolan Berry, PF/C, St. Louis Eagles – Berry is a kid that is a lot of fun to watch. He hustles every single time down the floor, and at 6-foot-8 can do so many different things. Berry has the ability to handle in transition, is an unreal passer, scores in the mid-range, and does his best to finish down low. Right now Berry is a bit unsure of himself in traffic, and needs to add strength, but his skills and hands are rarely seen in a prospect his size. Athletically he is slightly below average, but he knows his limitations and always plays within himself. No question Berry is a kid who the big boys in the Midwest will be all over as he gets more exposure on the circuit.

DeShawn Munson, SG/SF, St. Louis Eagles – Hailing from East St. Louis, Munson is one of many players in Illinois' loaded 2013 group. Munson is an excellent athlete who prides himself on attacking off the bounce, but also he has a good looking jumper in the mid-range. He only attempted, and made, one perimeter jumper, so that is up for debate, but the rest of his game is there. Munson knows how to pass, has a strong body, and shows a feel for how to play. If the shooting checks out this summer he will open up a lot of eyes.

Darryl Hicks, SG, Louisville Magic – Hicks has had a bit of a whirlwind high school career already which has led to him being ineligible for games, but he looks good on the floor now. His body is that of a grown man, and as an excellent shooter he can create space for his shot with that strength. Also an above average athlete, there are some tools in the tool box with Hicks. The lack of experience at a high level is a concern, but there is a lot to like. His handle can use some improvement as well as more consistent effort on defense, but Hicks can definitely find a way to get buckets on the offensive end.

Gabrielle Williams, PF/C, Louisville Magic – Williams didn't get a ton of burn at Huntington Prep, but the 6-foot-8 athletic interior player shows some good things on the AAU circuit. With a strong body and explosive athleticism his defense is ahead of his offense, but Williams also scored some inside mostly on power moves. He is raw, and there is a lot of work to be done, but Williams is just now playing consistent basketball and the athleticism and strength down low make him fun to watch and show his significant potential.

Kyle Davis, PG/SG, Mac Irvin Fire – Davis is making some serious waves with the way he is playing to start off the spring. He was excellent last week, and has continued his strong play at the Swish N Dish. A combo guard who can score or distribute, Davis plays on and off the ball for the Fire. Right now his shot is falling and he is also scoring off the bounce using the dribble. His ability to be a pure point guard will be interesting to monitor, but the stock is definitely on the rise for this Chicago product.

Jahlil Okafor, C, Mac Irvin Fire – Really a kid his age and his size shouldn't be able to do some of the things he does. It simply defies logic at times. Okafor has hands that are like absolute vice grips which allow him to not only catch passes on the move, but also control the glass even if he isn't playing above the rim. Add in post moves over either shoulder and a great touch around the bucket, and it is easy to see why Okafor is in the discussion as the top player in the class. He was dominant all day at the 16 and under level, and looks to be much improved since the high school season where he didn't get a great chance to show off his full skill set.

Charles Tucker says he is hearing most from Texas, Illinois, Michigan State, Ohio State, Dayton, Memphis, and Michigan

Damarion Geter listed Wright State, Cleveland State, Dayton, and Cincinnati

Darryl Hicks noted offers from Cincinnati, Indiana, and Arizona

Terry Rozier has offers from Kent State, Akron, and Cleveland State. Also he is hearing from Wisconsin, Wright State, and St. Joe's amongst others.

Deshawn Munson has heard from the new staff at Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri State, and Illinois State.

Nolan Berry says a Purdue offer could be forthcoming, and also listed interest from Butler, Notre Dame, Missouri, Illinois, Missouri State, and St. Louis.

Mitch McGary has a long list of Florida, Marquette, Maryland, Duke, UConn, West Virginia, Arizona, Texas, Indiana, Purdue, Cincinnati, and Michigan.

Kyle Davis has interest from Illinois, Memphis, Ohio State, and Chicago State

Jordon Granger has Illinois, Missouri, Missouri State, and Tulsa as offers. Also he is hearing from Tennessee, Illinois State, Alabama, Boston College, and Detroit.

Ka'Darryl Bell has offers from Iowa and Butler. Also Nebraska and Indiana State are showing a lot of attention.

Darius Paul listed Iowa, Northwestern, and Nebraska as schools of interest.

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