Swish 'N Dish: Top Performers

The NY2LA Swish 'N Dish was loaded with good players, but six of them stood out as the top guys who opened up the most eyes.

Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take: Parker's game has made such great strides in the past year as his body has improved along with his health. Last year there was some question if he was a power forward or a small forward, but he is now a wing all the way. The athleticism is coming as is perimeter shot, and Parker now can take guys off the dribble with ease. All weekend long he was the most dominant player at the tournament, and was completely unguardable

Recruiting: Illinois, Duke, DePaul, Michigan State, Kansas, Washington

Size: 7-9/230 |
Quick Take:Hamilton isn't always the most motivated player on the floor, but at the Swish ‘N Dish that wasn't a problem. A skilled center, Hamilton destroyed opponents inside and out, and showed off his unique skill set. He isn't a great athlete, but everything else checked out, and when playing hard and motivated he is simply a load to handle. Hamilton was clearly the best player for the Mac Irvin Fire as they won the whole tournament.

Recruiting: Illinois, Michigan State, DePaul, Georgetown

Size: 7-11/260 |
Quick Take: Playing up a grade level didn't bother Okafor in the least. The dominant center has a unique skill set for a player his age. Okafor's best attribute are his hands which are like vice grips on the ball. Also he scores over either shoulder and has an ability to face his man up. Being so young, it is crazy to see a true center play the way he does. Okafor was simply a monster all weekend long, and left a path of destruction in the paint every game.

Recruiting: Illinois, Michigan State, DePaul, Georgetown, Wisconsin

Size: 7-7/185 |
Quick Take:Loving has always shown to be an extremely skilled player, and now he is showing a bit more toughness to his game. With his size and skill level he can be a mismatch for bigger players on the perimeter, but also can take a smaller defender to the block and be effective. What Loving does best is shoot the ball, and he showed he is very capable of that, but now his dribble drive game is getting better as well. Strength is the growth area, but that should come with maturity.

Recruiting: Committed to Ohio State

Size: 7-10/245 |
Quick Take: McGary is a re-classed member of the 2012 class, and is now showing that he will be one of the most heavily recruited players out there. With his size and strength he is excellent at taking his man off the dribble and scoring, and now he is looking more explosive athletically. SYF rode McGary all weekend long as they went far into the tournament, and with his improvements there is no question that he will be fielding a ton of recruiting calls.

Recruiting: Florida, Marquette, Maryland, Duke, UConn, West Virginia, Arizona, Cincinnati, Michigan, Indiana, Purdue, Texas

Size: 7-7/230 |
Quick Take: Taylor is one of the best face up power forwards in the class. He can stretch the floor with his shooting, but is also a good enough athlete and ball handler to take his man if he closes out, out of control. On top of that Taylor rebounded and passed well all weekend. He will never be someone who stands on the block and gets buckets, but he is making strides in all areas, and was a big time force for Mac Irvin.

Recruiting: Illinois, Xavier, Ohio, Ohio State, DePaul, Northwestern, Marquette

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