McGary Makes Strides

A year in prep school has done a lot of good for Mitch McGary, and now schools from all over the country are picking up their recruitment of him.

Originally a member of the 2011 class, the recruitment of Mitch McGary was tempered. He needed to work on his grades, and also his game could be inconsistent despite a significant amount of talent. Now as a member of the Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Academy team and a member of the 2012 class, things have picked up for McGary.

College coaches always knew that McGary had ability, but some questioned his grades and consistency. Now both of those questions are being put to rest.

"It's been real good," said McGary of his transition to Brewster. "I am working on my grades, and that has been the main focus for me. I have all A's and B's and I am on the honor roll now. It has been a good transition."

McGary is now bigger, stronger, and more athletic than he has been at any point in his career, and he gives credit to the time he has spent away from home at Brewster.

"I have been working out a lot and in the weight room," said McGary. "I have put on about 20 pounds since I have been out there. I am just staying in the gym. Playing with those other players out there is just another level. Our starting five was all high-major signees, so playing with them was another level of intensity."

With the improvements on and off the court, McGary has seen his recruitment absolutely explode.

"Mainly I have been talking to Florida, Marquette, Maryland, Duke is starting, UConn, West Virginia, Arizona a little bit, Texas a little bit, and Cincinnati," listed McGary. "Indiana and Purdue are still in there but they are fading away. Also I am hearing a lot from Michigan."

He continued about his recruitment, "It is getting a little crazy. My dad is handling most of it since I am away from home. I see coaches at practices and open gyms and talk to them a little bit."

At one point many thought McGary would play closer to his home in Indiana, but now he says he is open to any location.

"I'm not homesick or anything," said McGary. "I could go anywhere. I am open to anything right now."

Currently McGary is ranked as the No. 65 prospect in the country and could rise even higher with his improved play.

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