Fullcourt Press Easter Classic, Day One

LAS VEGAS – The West Coast has been down in recent years but that should change over the next few recruiting classes. A number of those prospects are in attendance for the Fullcourt Press Easter Classic.

Shabazz Muhammad, SF, Dream Vision 17U: It figures to be a big summer for the five-star prospect and Shabazz Muhammad came out in attack mode. He hit a three-pointer and a 14-foot jumper to start the game and never slowed down. Muhammad hit both three-pointers he took but didn't need to settle for the outside shot when getting to the basket came so easy. He was a problem on the offensive glass and his motor didn't stop from the beginning of the game to the end. Muhammad's skill level combined with his work ethic on the court makes him a very difficult player to slow down at this level.

Robert Upshaw, C, Dream Vision 17U: After sitting out this past high school season due to transfer rules, Upshaw had to be eager to hit the court for his new AAU team. He played like it. He's gotten stronger since last July and continues to improve in his coordination and skill level. All this has led to a much more confident player, who is aggressive to the basket with the goal of throwing it down instead of settling for a lay-up. While he's had plenty of college attention, there have been schools which have been kind of waiting to be sure before pushing for Upshaw. His bandwagon is about to get much bigger.

Winston Shepard, PF, Dream Vision 17U: What's so easy to appreciate about Shepard is that he knows what he is and plays the role well. He plays hard, rebounds, defends, gets put-backs and when he gets the ball inside the arc, can take it to the hoop or make a nice pass to a cutting teammate. His energy makes him a fun player to watch and he didn't disappoint on Friday.

Demetris Morant, PF, Dream Vision 17U: He's not there yet, but he's made strides since last summer. Morant is springier than he was last July – he gets off the floor very quickly – and is active defensively with the intent to block shots. His athleticism has improved and while he definitely needs to add strength, there are going to be plenty of schools intrigued by what he could be a few years down the line.

Grant Jerrett, PF, Belmont Shore: There's nothing more frustrating to a fundamental big man than a sloppy AAU game, and that was the case on Friday, but Grant Jerrett made the most of the touches he had. Jerrett's skill level is very high for his age and once he gets a hold of the ball, there's any number of ways he'll get to the basket and score. He also showed off his midrange jumper on Friday, although he did miss a couple attempts from outside. Still, if you're trying to find a five-star who is going to fall out of national favor this spring and summer, Jerrett isn't your guy.

Gabe York, SG, Compton Magic: In the past, there have been times when Gabe York would fill up the scoreboard, but in the process there would be some bad shots and inconsistent effort. Both areas were improved on Friday. York really spurred a second half comeback for his team by playing hard the entire time out and that led to several easy baskets for the Magic. He also did a good job working without the ball, another area that was sometimes missing from his game a year ago. York is talented, but much of his success moving forward will depend on his approach to the game. He showed he was serious on Friday and it was good to see.

Isaiah Austin, Compton Magic, C: Austin is an unbelievably talented center for his age, who shouldn't have the ball handling he does at his size. Still, he's a center at the next level, and wastes too much time bringing the ball up the court and hanging out on the perimeter. You can't let something that will so easily be fixed in college prevent you from fully appreciating what kind of prospect he is, however. Austin is so mobile and long, which he uses to his advantage on both sides of the court. Getting shots up around him is almost impossible, and he sent one shot attempt after the other flying in the opposite direction on Friday night. There's so much to love about Austin as a prospect; it would be great to see him concentrate on being a center.

Calaen Robinson, Compton Magic, PG: Unfortunately, Robinson was playing off the ball a lot, so it was tough to get a great feel for his point guard ability, but that's something that will definitely be watched all weekend. He did show a good motor and he worked hard on both sides of the court. The lefty started off the game with back to back threes but didn't get a ton of looks throughout the game. He's definitely a player that needs to be monitored.

Stephen Domingo, SF, Dream Vision 16U: Last year Domingo seemed mostly comfortable as just a spot up shooter. His game is evolving and it would be a shock if his school list didn't as well. He's already shown his ability to hit from mid-range to beyond the arc, but he also displayed a nice pull-up jumper, had some aggressive moves getting to the basket and delivered several nice passes. He says he's grown to about 6-foot-7 over the past year and he's definitely playing with a confidence that wasn't around a year ago. It was a good start to the weekend for Domingo.

Rashad Muhammad, PG, Dream Vision 16U: Muhammad looks like he's grown about an inch over the past year and there's one area of his game that has definitely made a big step forward – his passing ability. Not the scorer his older brother Shabazz is, Muhammad has the vision necessary to create a niche for himself as a distributor, which would be a nice complement to the shooting ability we've seen from him in the past. He needs to make better decisions with the ball and not force things, but when he's letting the game come to him, there's a lot to like.

Shaqquan Aaron, SG, Dream Vision 17U: A terrific young prospect, Aaron has an outstanding frame, can really shoot it and can handle the ball. You don't find many kids his age with not only his skill level, but also the physical upside. There's plenty to be optimistic about.

Stephen Domingo says he's been offered by California, USF, San Diego and San Diego State. Amongst the schools that stand out are Washington, Stanford, Cal and UNLV.

Robert Upshaw doesn't claim any new offers, but says he's hearing plenty from the Pac-10, ACC, Big 12 and SEC. He says he's planning on taking his time before making a decision.

Calaen Robinson has offers from Arizona State and St. Mary's, with interest coming in from UCLA, California Washington State, Texas A&M, UNLV and Notre Dame.

Gabe York says he's hearing the most from the Pac-10, UConn, Kansas, Oklahoma, Marquette and some of the Big East. He claims UConn and Kansas as his latest two offers and plans on taking visits to Georgetown, Marquette, Notre Dame and Oklahoma in the spring. The West Coast isn't out of it yet, but he's very open to heading east for college.

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