EYBL Hampton Day 1, Part B

The EYBL sponsored by Nike got kicked off on Friday night in Hampton with their first event. As always it is a complete loaded field, but a lot of younger players stole the show including Canadian Andrew Wiggins.

Myles Davis, SG, New Jersey Playaz – One of the best shooters in the 2012 class, Davis had it absolutely working from the outside for the Playaz. Though he definitely isn't the tallest guard around, Davis has a quick release and range that extends well beyond the three point line. On top of knocking in threes, Davis got to the rim a few times and showed some ability to run the point in short spurts. Overall it was an excellent effort for Davis who helped the Playaz recover from an early deficit to score an easy win.

Darrick Wood, SG, New Jersey Playaz– Not one of the most talked about players on the Playaz roster, Wood was excellent. At 6-foot-3 he is very athletic and also showed an ability to knock in the mid-range jumper. Beyond that, Wood hit some mid-range jumpers and looked adequate handling the basketball both in transition and in the halfcourt. It was definitely an impressive outing for Wood.

Kyle Anderson, PF, New Jersey Playaz – Watching Anderson is interesting because of how unique his game is. He has unbelievable feel for the game and just knows how to play and make others better. He is a great passer and is excellent at getting into the lane and putting up what look like impossible floaters and fade away jumpers that somehow go in. At the same time Anderson can struggle against pressure and isn't very athletic. He was good, not great, but it is the uniqueness of his game that really shows up every time you see him.

Jodan Price, SF, The Family – Price is loaded with talent, but right now he is settling for one thing, and that is his three point jumper. The long and lean Price knocked in six threes against the Playaz and did what he could to keep The Family in the game. Right now he settles for that three too much as he is more than capable of doing other things, but the kid is no doubt a big time shooter when his feet are set and he gets a clean look.

Anthony Bennett, PF, CIA Bounce – He is a very scary man going to the rim. Bennett is big, strong, physical, and athletic and he apparently very angry. The reason he is apparently angry is because he dunks the ball with such ferocity that it looks like he is mad at the rim, and quite honestly you feel bad for the rim. Now Bennett is a bit more skilled than in the past, but right now he is trying to do a few things he isn't capable of doing. At 6-foot-8 he should be a dominant rebounder, though he is very good, there is room for growth there. Still Bennett was holding his own dunk competition for CIA Bounce in a rout.

Rasheed Sulaimon, SG, Houston Hoops – Early on it was Sulaimon who put the Hoops on his back. He hit a few jumpers from deep and also scored going to the rim on a pair of occasions. Sulaimon did slow down a bit as the game got going, but still there has been some improvements in his game. He definitely looked like more than just a shooter, and also Sulaimon showed great effort on the defensive end. While clearly not his best game since he didn't put two halves together, the future Duke Blue Devil put on a nice show to open things up.

J-Mychal Reese, PG, Houston Hoops – The best guard for the Hoops was Reese. He scored at will, set up teammates, and played passing lanes well causing havoc on the defensive end. Reese definitely looked the part of a point guard, and was doing everything his coaches wanted. Overall it was an excellent showing for Reese who scored at will, but at the same time also ran his team and made plays for others.

Julius Randle, PF, Team Texas Titans – The top player in the country, Randle had a game that quite honestly he would like to forget on Friday night. Going against CIA Bounce, Randle could never get rolling, and really struggled to get into the flow. Now Randle did play hard and competed on every possession, but it just wasn't his day. His jumper wasn't falling and things just never got in synch for him. Give Randle credit for not giving up and consistently going right at CIA Bounce, but he just had one of those days.

Matt Jones, SG, Team Texas Titans – With Randle struggling, Jones had to step up and he did what he could. Jones is so smooth on the basketball floor and is a high level shooter. He had it cooking from deep for the most part and was clearly the top performer for the Titans. He still can stand to improve some off the bounce to help keep defenders honest, but Jones has such a smooth stroke from deep with good size and athleticism that he is a brutal matchup for opponents.

Brian Bridgewater, PF, Houston Hoops – The Louisiana native is an undersized butt kicker of a power forward. He plays hard, attacks the glass, and tries to power through players on the interior. Also Bridgewater can step up and hit the 16 foot jumper consistently. It would be ideal if he grew another two inches, but still he manages to be effective despite not being the prototypical height of a power forward.

James Young, SG, The Family – Young is a very nice looking scorer on the wing for The Family. He has good size, is a good athlete, and knows how to put the ball in the basket. Young made shots and showed two very nice athletic moves off the bounce to finish. He did battle foul trouble a lot of the game, but still he was highly productive and there is a lot to like about his game.

E.C. Matthews, SG, The Family – Matthews is an absolute attack mode player who loves to get to the rim, but also shows enough ball skills to play on the ball at times. Not the tallest guard, Matthews uses his strength and quickness to attack, and then also mixes in a few mid-range and perimeter jumpers. He was solid in a nice win for The Family.

Andrew Wiggins, SF, CIA Bounce – This cat is the absolute real deal. There is no hype with this one, it is all true. Wiggins showed he is an excellent athlete, he can make jumpers, and also is very good at putting the ball on the floor and going to the rim. He was the best player on the floor all game long, and the 2014 prospect showed why some consider him to be the top player in the class.

Dakari Johnson, C, NY Gauchos – The big man is one of the top prospects in the country and his upside is just scary. Johnson really runs the floor well, has great hands, and knows how to score in the paint. On top of it all, Johnson knows he is a center and plays like it. He takes pride in rebounding and blocking shots. Though not a great athlete, Johnson is very fundamental, keeps his arms straight up, and shows discipline not swinging at the ball and picking up fouls. He had a double-double and was huge for the Gauchos at the 16 and under level.

Justin Jackson, SF, Houston Hoops – A native of Cincinnati, Jackson is a big time prospect going forward. He is 6-fot-5 with long arms and looks to still be growing. Jackson knocked in one three, but also scored several times in the mid-post and showed an ability to handle the ball and score off the bounce. The only thing needed in his game is strength, and that is already coming. Once he gets strong it is scary to think how good Jackson could be.

Jakeeman Gant, PF, Southern Kings – This is a long power forward with a world of potential. At about 6-foot-8, Gant plays hard every possession, and while he is still learning how to play, does a lot of things right. He blocked shots and rebounded well on the defensive end while also showing an ability to score down low and hit the 18 foot jumper. His post moves are far from refined, but he just finds a way to get the ball in the hoop, and Gant also has a great ability to turn and face his defender.

Shep Gardner, SG, Team Final – Gardner built up a very nice rep for himself in Philadelphia as a freshman, and he continued that run in a nice way on Friday. A big time scorer, Gardner is strong and athletic going to the rim, and also has an ability to hit the three point jumper. He is already about 6-foot-3 and is just so savvy to go along with his athletic gifts that he is one of the most difficult young players in the country to contain.

Darrick Wood is hearing from Rutgers, Seton Hall, South Florida, and Georgetown.

Myles Davis says he is open, but listed Pittsburgh, Xavier, Connecticut, Villanova, and Virginia Tech as the schools showing him the most love.

Jodan Price has interest from Michigan, St. Joe's, Central Michigan, and Oakland.

Andrew Wiggins listed Florida State, USC, NC State, Duke, and East Carolina.

Brian Bridgewater just recently picked up an offer from LSU, and also is hearing from Oklahoma State and Baylor.

Justin Jackson noted Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Baylor, North Carolina, Kansas, Georgetown, Miami, and Washington as the schools showing him early interest.

For Kyle Anderson it is Arizona, UCLA, Seton Hall, St. John's, Villanova, Xavier, and Georgetown

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