EYBL: Hampton Day 2, Part B

HAMPTON, Va. – Day two of the EYBL-Hampton is one of the longest of the spring, and many big time players came to play. Five-star guard Archie Goodwin was an absolutely dominant player for the Arkansas Wings in leading them to a huge win.

Brandon Ashley, PF, Oakland Soldiers – The 6-foot-8 forward is constantly adding something new to his game, and he showed a perimeter jumper on Saturday. Ashley did hit jumpers from the outside, but that also didn't preclude him from using his size, strength, and athleticism to clean the glass and control on the interior. He was a complete beast against the St. Louis Eagles and made sure that the Soldiers would roll on with his strong play. After being a role player last year, Ashley looks very comfortable being the man on this Soldiers group.

Anthony Beane, PG, St. Louis Eagles – There can't be too many point guards in the country with better quicks than Beane. With the ball he is as fast as it gets, and his decision making is pretty solid as well. Beane isn't a great shooter, but in a class missing many quality floor generals, he is definitely going to be in demand.

Cameron Biedscheid, SF, St. Louis Eagles – A super smooth wing, Biedscheid sometimes looks like he isn't going hard or can't get by guys, but he always manages to do it. He isn't a great athlete, but his size allowed him to make shots over defenders and also his intelligence on the floor helped him beat guys off the dribble. He wasn't quite enough to keep the Eagles in it versus the Soldiers, but still it was a very good effort.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, SG, Spiece Indy Heat – There is no doubt that Smith-Rivera can score the basketball. In the md-range there might not be a better player in the class. Also when the game is on the line late, just put the ball in his hands and give him space because he has that cold blooded quality to him. Smith-Rivera's scoring and passing helped Indy Heat recover from a big first half deficit to beat the Southern Kings.

DeJuan Marrero, PF, Spiece Indy Heat – It just needs to be accepted, he is an undersized power forward. While Marrero can defend a small forward, his offensive skill package is 10 feet and in. Marrero was excellent on defense playing passing lanes and causing major problems with his long wing span. Also he was more explosive off the ground than previous times seeing him. More so than anything no player on the floor will ever match his energy level, and that is what makes him a winner of a player.

Shawn Smith, SG, Nike Team Florida – A lot of hype has been surrounding Smith this year, but he wasn't quite able to back it up with his play. A good athlete who can get to the rim, Smith doesn't play with that consistent energy in him. Also his shot can look good, but it is inconsistent. There is some definite upside to work with, he just needs to bring it productivity wise.

Josip Mikulic, C, Nike Team Florida – At the moment Mikulic is still committed to NC State until he makes statements otherwise, and he was seen for the first time this weekend. There is no doubt he can make an open three, but he didn't prove to be able to do much else. Mikulic didn't get a ton of minutes and looked out of the flow when he was in for the most part. He definitely looks the part, but needs to be more physical and use his size to his advantage.

Archie Goodwin, SG, Arkansas Wings – This is one bad dude. Goodwin was absolutely dominant against Howard Pulley. He got where he wanted on the floor using the bounce, and from there he either made a shot or used his athleticism to finish over a defender or over the rim. He scored at will, caused havoc on defense, and overall was just a beast. It is pretty hard to play much better than what Goodwin did.

Stetson Billings, SF, Arkansas Wings – Playing alongside Goodwin, Billings was very impressive. He is 6-foot-5 with long arms and a nice wing span. Also his athleticism and activity are impressive. On top of it all he knocked in a few mid-range jumpers, and just did all the little things needed to keep the Wings well in front.

William Goodwin, PF, Memphis YOMCA – Word is that Goodwin struggled in the morning game, but in the evening he was an absolute monster. In fact, he did absolutely everything you could ever want out of a power forward. Goodwin finished above the rim with dunks, cleaned the glass, and even showed a face up game taking his man off the bounce. Simply he was a completely dominant force with his strength and size.

Jarnell Stokes, PF, Memphis YOMCA – Stokes got off to a slow start in the game, but eventually he got it going in a big way. He has excellent footwork for a big man, and also a nice developing touch both off of post moves and facing the rim. Beyond that he showed a good IQ with some nice passes. He isn't super explosive so limits him some, but in terms of rebounding and toughness he has it at the absolute highest level.

Alex Hamilton, SG, Alabama Challenge – Not much was known about this Florida native beforehand, but Hamilton can really get things done. He has the ball on a string, so he can handle it and initiate an offense, but his first instinct is to score. He does it going to the rim, but also knocked in several deep jumpers. Add in that he has a great burst and nice athleticism, and there is a lot to like with him.

Evan Nolte, SF/PF, Southern Kings - There is no doubt that Nolte can really shoot the basketball. He was an absolute machine knocking in jumpers, many of which were contested, against Spiece. Right now there is a lot of question as to which position he is, and ultimately that might mean power forward, but with his shooting stroke and feel for how to get open, no matter what spot it is, he will get on the floor.

Jordan Price, SF, Southern Kings – Price has struggled with some weight issues in the past, but he looks to be in better shape. He was very good attacking the basket using his strength and big frame, and then also had the jumper working in the mid-range and from three. It is the best he played in quite some time, and could be a very good sign for the future.

Jabari Bird, SG, Oakland Soldiers – There isn't a whole heck of a lot to pick on with Bird. He makes shots, handles it well in traffic and in transition, and doesn't force things even with his natural ability. Also he is a very good athlete. At times he wasn't as aggressive as he should be given his natural ability level, but still he is really good. Bird has been one of the best players regardless of class all tournament long, and it is easy to see why.

Aaron Gordon, PF, Oakland Soldiers – A skilled power forward, Gordon was phenomenal in a win over the St. Louis Eagles. Gordon cleaned the glass as well as any player could, and once he gets the rebound he was able to push the ball with the dribble and made good decisions. A good athlete, Gordon finishes around the rim on offense, but also has the skill to turn and face his man. There is no doubt he is one of the elite talents in the class.

Juwan Parker, SG/SF, Athletes First - An athletic wing with long arms and a nice shooting stroke, Parker put on a show in an early morning win. He had it working with his entire skill set, and scored going to the rim in traffic through contact as well as he did with his feet set from deep. Also he made several nice passes for buckets and firmly put himself in consideration to be ranked.

Brock Rowan, SG, Tennessee Travelers – He isn't athletic and isn't big for his position, but wow can he shoot the basketball. Rowan was an absolute scoring machine for the Travelers in a loss to Team Takeover. Rowan had no less than six threes in the second half, and when he gets his feet set there is no point in even watching, just go to the other end of the floor because it is three points. He doesn't do much else besides shoot, but when it comes to letting it fly, Rowan is at an elite level.

Will Ferguson, PG, Team Takeover – Ferguson is a jet with the ball and gets from baseline to baseline in a hurry. Now he does struggle at times getting too deep into the lane, but that is about the only thing to pick on. Ferguson can make shots and has excellent floor vision. It was a good showing as he looks primed for another good travel season.

Jairus Lyles, SG, Team Takover – Ferguson runs the show, but Lyles might be the most talented player on the roster. He is a very good athlete with good length and the ability to get buckets. Also in a pinch he can run the point and shows great feel for the game. Lyles got buckets when Takeover needed, and put them on his back for some stretches. He could get more consistent shooting from deep, but still there is a lot to like about this young guard.

Rondae Jefferson, SF, Team Final – The younger brother Rahlir Jefferson who plays at Temple, Rondae is definitely one to watch. He is more of a slasher than a shooter right now, but still he can make shots out to the three point line. He scores with either hand going to the rim, and also passed it fairly well once he drew defenders.

Davon Reed, SG, Team Final – Reed earned a big time rep in Philadelphia during the high school season, and he is didn't disappoint. He makes shots and that is probably the best thing he does, but there is definitely more to his game. He can get to the rim and is a good athlete. Now he needs to get stronger and value every possession, but Reed has a lot of high majors who are already taking a lot of notice.

Austin Colbert, PF, Team Final – Very few players look better walking on to the floor than Colbert. He has long arms and a great basketball body for an interior player. However he didn't have one of his better games. Colbert has decided to make his living shooting mid-range jumpers, and while he proved he can hit them, he isn't rebounding or scoring on the post like he has in the past. If he gets back to being a dominant rebounder with his athleticism and length it will do wonders now that he has added a solid jump shot.

Jaylon Tate, PG, Meanstreets – Tate is a tall floor general who is starting to put it all together. He has the length and height to be a problem on defense, is fast enough to beat his man off the dribble, sees the floor well, and then also makes open jumpers. Tate hasn't always been in the spotlight in Chicago but he is quickly playing his way into consideration as the best point guard in the Windy City.

Alvin Ellis, SF, Meanstrets – Ellis could eventually get skilled enough to play in the backcourt, but right now he is at his best on the wing and scoring in the mid-range. He did hit a three, but that doesn't seem to be his game. Ellis is a skilled forward who is very efficient and also shows a good feel for how to play. He could have growth in him or could stay this height and move to a guard spot, but either way the future looks bright.

Kendrick Nunn, SG, Meanstreets – He is a USA Basketball selection, and Nunn was very good showing that he belongs. A lefty with a sweet shooting stroke, Nunn isn't afraid to fire when given room, but also he has enough to him off the bounce to make plays going to the rim. With his long arms and big time athleticism he also rebounds very well for a guard and defends like a monster.

Jimmie Taylor, C, Alabama Challenge – There aren't many players who can pass the look test quite like Taylor. He has very long arms, is huge, and has the ability to really run the floor. Taylor is also quite athletic, and can block shots. Right now he just really needs to add strength. He is somewhat raw and developing on the offensive end though his touch is decent around the rim. Adding strength and confidence will determine how high his ceiling really is, but Taylor is no doubt one to keep a very close eye on going forward.

Austin Nichols, PF/C, Memphis YOMCA – Playing on the 17 and under squad he is behind some talented players in the frontcourt, so his minutes can be limited, but when in Nichols is effective. He runs the floor extremely well and has great hands. Also he holds the ball high at all times. Now he is rail thing and needs to add strength and also isn't super skilled in the mid-range, but he proved he can play when given a chance against older players.

Bryson Scott, SG/PG, Spiece Indy Heat – In the morning game it was his brother that made the big impression, but Bryson was the man in the evening for the family. He scored the ball well going to the rim and hit a three. Also he is an absolute pitbull on defense who loves to get after it. Now his upside is limited if he can't transition to more of a point guard role, but he still gets buckets and plays with a big time passion.

Moses Kingsley, PF, Arkansas Wings – He isn't a refined player, but wow is he athletic and strong. Kingsley loves to rebound the ball, and also finishes everything with dunks when around the rim. He hit a pair of jumpers which was surprising, and overall was a dominant force in the paint for the Wings as they cruised to an easy evening win.

Tyus Jones, PG, Howard Pulley – The sky is absolutely the limit for Jones. He is super quick with the bounce, knows how to gain separation from his defender, and can also really pass the ball. His shot wasn't falling early, though he is capable of making them, and at the 17 and under level he seemed more than comfortable against other good guards. As he gains more experience it is almost scary to think how good he could become.

Shawn Smith listed South Carolina, Kansas State, Cincinnati, and Florida State offers. Also he is hearing from West Virginia and Louisville.

Rondae Jefferson is hearing from LaSalle, St. Joe's, Villanova, Penn, Temple, Rutgers, and Pittsburgh.

Davon Reed has offers from St. Joe's, LaSalle, Rutgers, West Virginia, Seton Hall, Temple, and VCU. Also Cincinnati, Providence, and Florida are showing interest.

Jarnell Stokes says that Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee, Duke, and North Carolina are the schools on him the hardest.

Jaylon Tate has an offer from Northwestern. Also he is hearing from Illinois, Purdue, Ohio State, Xavier, Marquette, Michigan, and Florida,

Austin Nichols says that Memphis has offered. Also he is hearing from Tennessee, Ole Miss, LSU, Georgia, and Florida.

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