EYBL Hampton: Top Performers

HAMPTON, Va. -- Who stood out during the EYBL event in Hampton? Among the top performers was a Florida commit, a Louisville commit and the nation's top prospect in 2013.

Size: 7-8/200 |
Quick Take: Nearly everyone I talked to walked away impressed with Poythress' overall game. His game is developing and he's playing with confidence. He's always been a run and jump athlete that could mix it up inside or step out and shoot. But now he looks more comfortable playing facing the basket, shooting from long range and attacking off the dribble. He's a legit combo forward and a guy that is improving at a high rate.

Recruiting: Tennessee, Texas, Memphis, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Vanderbilt

Size: 6-3/210 |
Quick Take: Out of the all the guards in the 2012 class, there aren't many that can hang with Smith-Rivera in the scoring department. He's trimmed his 6-foot-3 frame and is in the best playing shape I've seen him in. Off the bounce he's tough to guard because of his strength, basketball IQ and tricky ball handling. This is a guy that is going to help his college team win a lot of games because of his overall toughness and ability to score it.

Recruiting: Xavier, Texas, UCLA, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Baylor

Size: 7-10/205 |
Quick Take: From a pure prospect standpoint, Noel is among the best you'll see in the 2013 class. At 6-foot-10, Noel is blessed with extreme length, impressive mobility and the skill set of a wing. Noel affects the game in a so many ways. Defensively he has a chance to be an elite shot blocker and isn't afraid to go out of his area and snag a board. Offensively he has a great set of hands, is willing to run the floor and has great touch in the paint.

Recruiting: Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Syracuse

Size: 7-8/225 |
Quick Take: After a so-so first day, Randle rebounded with a monster outing against the New Jersey Playaz and then a 19-point, 11 rebound effort against the St. Louis Eagles. He plays the game with some serious aggression and he's as physical a post prospect as you'll find. He finishes extremely well with his left hand. He runs the floor quite well and locks in on his are rebounding wise. He's an elite prospect.

Recruiting: Texas, Oklahoma, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, Baylor, N.C. State, Wake Forest

Size: 6-4/180 |
Quick Take: Duke has a thing with shooters. They are loaded with gunners now (Curry, Dawkins and Rivers) and they are bringing in another flame thrower in the 2012 class. Sulaimon was terrific all weekend burying catch and shoot threes with range. He mixed in pull-ups off the dribble and was efficient with his shot selection.

Committed: Duke

Size: 6-4/190 |
Quick Take: Every time we looked at Purvis' court he seemed to be completing a play. The Louisville commit scores it at will and can do it in a variety of ways. He was tough to keep out of the lane and when he's pushing the break, look out because he's capable of scoring through contact, adjusting his shot or punching one on a helpless defender. With his growth and ability to score we are starting to see him more as a shooting guard, but that's fine because he's a heck of scoring guard.

Committed: Louisville

Size: 6-0/160 |
Quick Take: The class of 2012 is looking for point guards, there is no question about that. Right now Ogbueze might be stepping to the top of the class with his play. He can be a scoring machine, and definitely did so over the weekend. On top of that he showed some feel for how to run a team, and was effective in transition and the half court. There is no doubt Ogbueze opened some major eyes with his play.
Committed: Florida

Size: 7-8/215 |
Quick Take: It is crazy how he gets it done, but "Slomo" is just one of the most efficient and effective players in the class. Anderson hits more tough shots in the lane off the bounce than any player, and his feel for the game is simply off the charts. He definitely doesn't wow with athleticism or quickness, but Anderson knows how to play the game and always puts himself and teammates in the right position to make things happen.

Recruiting: Arizona, UCLA, Seton Hall, St. John's, Villanova, Xavier, and Georgetown

Size: 7-8/190 |
Quick Take: The Oakland Soldiers were a dominant force at the event and Ashley was a big reason as to why. The power forward is more refined than ever with his game, and that means not only scoring inside, but stretch the defense by knocking down threes. Still Ashley knows his bread and butter is rebounding and finishing down low, and he did that with his great hands and good touch. He is bigger and stronger than he has ever been, and that is leading to some huge numbers for Ashley.

Recruiting: Entire PAC-10, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech. North Carolina

Size: 6-4/180 |
Quick Take: Off the dribble he is completely impossible to stop. Goodwin is electric going to the rim using the bounce he gets to where he wants on the floor using his athleticism and explosive abilities. Once in the lane he either hits jumpers, makes passes to teammates, or simply rips the rim off with a dunk. Goodwin is one of the premier players in the class, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Recruiting: Arkansas, Baylor, Kentucky, Louisville, Mississippi, North Carolina

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