The Latest With Linas

Linas Kleiza showed why he was this year's biggest omission from the McDonald's game when he went for 16 and 10 at the Capital Classic. Kleiza's recruitment is taking a while and it could take longer.

The Waiting Game

Linas Kleiza is one patient guy. He missed a good portion of last summer but made up for it with a great senior year. He didn't get voted to the McDonald's game but showed his true colors with a super effort at the Jordan Brand Capital Classic.

Kleiza, a native of Lithunia, just waits for his chances and capitalizes on them. The obvious question is where will he capitalize on his college chance?

Well, that's a tough call. Missouri was long thought to be a lock to sign him. However, our sources indicate that with all that's going on at Missouri these days, that's no longer a done deal.

Just a month ago we told you that Florida State was the No. 2 team and that hasn't changed much. His latest three schools were Missouri, Florida State and Virginia with North Carolina State and Connecticut trying to remain in the picture.

Now our sources are telling us that the recruitment could wind up opening again. If that happens, expect elite level college programs to get in line, take a number and try to lure Kleiza. "I think he's going to wait a little while," our source said. Waiting could by exactly what lends itself to his recruitment opening up again.

"It's kind of a wait and see process. Florida State is right there. He's just trying to weigh his options with Missouri."

And maybe some others? Don't be surprised if he does.

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