Pitt Jam Fest: Day Two

PITTSBURGH, Pa - The Hoop Group Pitt Jam Fest rolled into tournament play on Saturday with numerous high level performances and teams making statements. No bigger performance was delivered than the one from Beejay Anya.

Arnaud Moto, SF, Team Takeover – His performance at the EYBL was absolutely no joke. Moto once again came to play, and showed that he is one of the best wings in the entire country. His strength, athleticism, and ability to finish around the rim is well known, but Moto was also knocking in jumpers. With him showing that in the arsenal, it is just scary to think about how good he can be.

Jerami Grant, SF, Team Takeover – The light has seemingly come on for Grant. Always loaded with talent he turned it up late at the EYBL and has continued to play motivated and with passion in Pittsburgh. His ability to put it on the floor at his size as well as make open jump shots out to three point range is something to behold when it is all working. Also an above average athlete, Grant has proven to be borderline unguardable so far, and the entire skill set is now on display.

Barrington Alston, PF, Team Takeover – Alston came out of nowhere to have a very impressive game. He is 6-foot-8 and has big time athleticism. Right now his skill game isn't there, but his combination of length and bounce off the floor makes him intriguing. He doesn't get a ton of burn with Takeover due to their depth, but his game really opened eyes.

Kareem Canty, PG, Long Island Lightning – The Lightning weren't at full strength during a morning game, but it didn't matter because Canty did work. The ultra quick floor general was scoring at will by getting into the lane and finishing or by creating for his teammates. Right now he is more of a combo than a pure point, but Canty just knows how to get things done. His outside is definitely looking solid, and now in the 2012 class he will be very highly recruited.

Nkereuwem Okoro, SF, Long Island Lightning – Not the most fluid athlete in the world, Okoro is just solid at everything. He rebounded pretty well, scored in the mid-range and on the inside, and used his length to be a factor on the defensive end. Someone who is definitely bound to get significant high-major looks, Okoro picked up the slack along with Canty when their team needed it the most.

Elijah Macon, PF, All-Ohio Red – An excellent spring for Macon continued with his play on Saturday. The athletic power forward is playing harder than he has recently, and showing a bit more skill. He seems to be taking things more seriously now that he is the leader at the 17 and under level. His activity was a big reason why All-Ohio was able to cruise to a dominant win over the East Coast Fusion.

Jalen Robinson, PF, All-Ohio Red – Robinson has struggled to develop some over the past few years, but he is now back on track. He showed good footwork on a pair of post moves, and also was better rebounding the ball than he has shown in the past. Not a super athlete, Robinson just finds a way to get things done one the low block both offensively and defensively.

Jerome Hairston, PG, East Coast Fusion – A big reason why they got beat handily by All-Ohio is because of the foul trouble that plagued Hairston. When he was in the game, All-Ohio really struggled to keep him out of the lane where he caused havoc. Add in a few made threes, and Hairston continues to emerge as a point guard to really watch in the 2012 class.

Sim Bhullar, C, CIA Bounce – Obviously he is a massive human. He is 7-foot-5 and 350 pounds, so he commands a presence, and defensively he was on his game. Bhullar blocked shot after shot, and did a good job of keeping the majority of those in bounds. He also changed ends fairly well, and continues to improve in that area. Now he needs to have a commanding presence on offense in terms of posting up and demanding the ball. With his hands and touch, he should score more, but right now he isn't putting himself in a position to get the ball because he doesn't post up hard.

Torian Graham, SG, DC Assault – The talent level possessed by Graham is just unreal. He is a freak athlete and has the ability to knock in shots all the way out 23 feet. Graham showed those flashes in spurts as Assault cruised to a convincing win. When focused and ready to play Graham is impossible to guard, and he put all those skills to work in a big win.

Amile Jefferson, PF, Philly's Finest – Jefferson isn't surrounded by very much talent, and that limits what he is able to do at times because he is an unselfish player, but still he put the ability on display none the less. Jefferson used his length and savvy to score down low, showed an improved face up game, and scored in transition by using his athleticism and quickness to run the floor. He still needs to get stronger for sure, but Jefferson is just very difficult to guard.

Jevon Thomas, PG, Juice All-Stars – Thomas is now on his third team of the spring, and it shows at times in his play. He turned the ball over more than he usually does, and his decision making struggled. Still the quickness and ability to score around the rim is impressive. Also he is a good passer when he makes the simple pass and not the flashy one. Thomas is no doubt a talent, but playing with so many different teams has obviously made it difficult for him to get into a rhythm.

Ray Lee, SG/PG, Dorian's Pride – The ultra athletic Lee was making plays all game long. He has long arms and gets out in transition. Right now he prefers to play on the ball, but that might not be in his future depending on how his ability to run a team develops. Lee can make shots, though right now he is still at his best attacking. All game long he was the best player on the floor for Dorian's Pride and nearly brought them to a victory.

Tariq Carey, SG, New York Panthers – A slashing guard who loves to be in attack mode, Carey can really play. He was impossible to stop one on one off the dribble, and scored at will. Now his shooting can use some work, and he isn't the biggest player in the world for an off guard, but no doubt he will be attracting high major interest before it is all said and done.

Beejay Anya, C, Team Takeover – This man beast was an unstoppable force down low. Anya used his footwork and strength to carve space for himself on the block, and from there it was simply a matter of putting the two points on the board. He has much better explosion than you would think looking at him, and once he gets into shape he will be even more athletic. Whenever Takeover threw it to him on the block very good things happened.

Nate Britt, PG, DC Assault – Britt is just the type of kid that a coach wants running his team. He is smart, is able to score, and always makes the right play at the right time. Also Britt understands how to change the pace of play depending on the flow of the game and what his team needs. A lefty, Britt has an excellent crossover that is very tough to contain, and all game long he got by his man with ease. He is just a big time player who will be one of the best floor generals in the class.

Rayjay Bullock, PF/SF, DC Assault – Definitely an undersized four man on offense, Bullock can guard on the perimeter on defense making him more valuable. He has long arms and is extremely active, and playing up with the 17 and under group he more than held his own. For Bullock his skill development, specifically ball handling will determine his level, but already he is a solid looking prospect.

Jaren Sina, PG, Hoop Heaven Heat – There is no doubt that Sina can really shoot the ball, it is obvious with his release, rotation, and the way his teammates act when he puts up the shots. However it simply wasn't his day from the field. The Alabama pledge absolutely couldn't get one to fall despite getting good looks. None the less Sina is a great passer with excellent floor vision and more athleticism and quickness than many would expect. It would have been nice to see him on a normal shooting day, but there is no question he has ability.

Isaiah Hicks, PF, Garner Road – Hicks is one of the absolutely elite prospects in the class. A legit 6-foot-8 with long arms and high level athleticism, Hicks put his game on display in a massive comeback win over New Heights. He had numerous tip dunks, blocked shots, and almost singlehandedly controlled the glass. There aren't more than a handful of players in the class that can do what he does, and it is special when he puts it together.

Darryl Davender, PG, Garner Road – Hicks was no doubt the biggest reason for the win for Garner Road, but Davender was the engine behind the massive comeback. The diminutive floor general scored in transition, was a pest on defense, and showed good floor vision. He is very small, and that will limit the looks he gets, but Davender made those winning plays you want to see a point guard make.

Terrance Samuel, SG, New Heights – This is a kid who flat out attacks the rim and makes things happen off the bounce. Like a typical New York City kid, Samuel knows how to get by his guy and finish around the tin. Samuel is an athletic kid who is also strong and does a decent job of seeing the floor once he collapses the defense. No doubt a high-major player, Samuel will be one who is very seriously discussed when the 2013 rankings are updated.

Jordan Washington, PF/C, New Heights – The more you see Washington the more you appreciate what he can do. A bit undersized to play on the block, Washington is just a flat out producer. He scores over either shoulder, has a great touch around the rim and in the mid-range, and even knows how to use his body off the bounce to create space and finish. If he was a little bigger or a little more athletic he would be an elite recruit, but none the less high-majors already like what they see.

Jaylon Brown, PG, Team Jordan – Originally from Ohio now living in Indiana, Brown is a freakish athlete who can also run a team. Despite being around 5-foot-9, Brown gets his hand above the box when blocking shots, and also is a jet with the ball. He can make threes, but that isn't what he does best. Brown needs to become a more refined passer and decision maker, but his athleticism and ability to score make him very intriguing and a major sleeper in Indiana's 2013 class.

Devin Williams, PF, Ohio Basketball Club – A rebounding machine, Williams is now beginning to show more of a face-up game as well. At slightly under 6-foot-8 he doesn't have the explosion to make him impossible to stop, but at times it can come out, for instance when he put two defenders on a poster. Still his hands and pursuit of rebounds are his best assets on the floor. Williams has dreams of being a small forward, but those need to end, as he can be extremely effective down low as a garbage man and dominant rebounder.

Tyler Ennis, PG, CIA Bounce Canada – Where all of these prospects are coming from north of the border is tough to know, but wow are they producing a lot of them. Ennis is another high level point guard with good size and a great idea of how to play the game. Ennis isn't a super athlete, but his ability to understand the game and make plays off the bounce separate him from a lot of point guards in the class. An easy high-major, the question is just how high will he go.

Isaiah Whitehead, SG, Juice All-Stars – As long as the pressure of being the next greatest thing walking from New York City doesn't destroy him like it has many others in recent memory, there is no reason to think that Whitehead won't be a complete star. He is a shooting guard who attacks the rim with athleticism and strength, but also has a jumper that allows him to score out to the three point line. His handle is impressive and he has feel for how to play. The complete package right now, Whitehead is one of the best backcourt players in the class at this early stage.

Xavier Rathan-Mayes, SG, CIA Bounce – For now it seems that he is still a member of the 2014 class, and boy can he fill it up with the best of them. While Rathan-Mayes isn't shy about launching, he also is very efficient when it comes to making those shots. He has long arms and a quick trigger, and his shot is pure once it comes out of his hands. Adding more to his game off the bounce is the next step, but already he is lethal from deep.

Nkereuwem Okoro listed offers from Arizona, Seton Hall, Texas A&M, and Iowa State. Also he mentioned Pitt is showing significant interest.

Jerami Grant has offers from Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Maryland, Georgetown, Virginia, and NC State.

Barrington Alston mentioned George Mason, VCU, and Delaware as offers. Also he has heard from Pittsburgh and Clemson.

Tariq Carey has offers from Creighton, Richmond, Iona, and Duquesne. Also in the picture is Clemson, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame.

Jalen Robinson listed interest from Wisconsin, Iowa, DePaul, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Providence, Seton Hall, Michigan, and South Florida.

Richard Peters has de-committed from Oklahoma and says Washington is his leader, and a visit will be coming shortly. Also he noted Marquette, Alabama, Auburn, Indiana, Nebraska, and Georgia are in the picture.

Isaiah Whitehead has early interest from North Carolina, USC, Pittsburgh, St. John's, and Xavier.

Terrance Samuel says that Villanova and Cincinnati are his two leaders.

Jordan Washington listed Villanova, Seton Hall, Arkansas, and Arizona.

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