Pitt Jam Fest: Day 3

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – It wasn't easy, but Team Takeover came away with the title at the Pitt Jam Fest. Takeover is a very balanced and loaded team, but still it was Jerami Grant who came away with the most buzz following his big time showing all weekend long.

Jerami Grant, SF, Team Takeover – No player was better this weekend than Grant. The small forward is just such a unique talent with his ability to get to the rim and make shots from deep. Also Grant is big enough that he can slide down to the power forward position and hold his own defensively while being a match up problem on offense. Without Grant there is no way that Takeover wins the title. He was a complete difference maker all weekend long.

James Robinson, PG, Team Takeover – After a so-so start to his spring, Robinson picked things up in a good way on Sunday. While definitely not the quickest floor general, Robinson made shots, scored out of the post against smaller guards, and also was a pest on defense. He can get by defenders with strength more than speed, but more so than anything it was his ability to distribute the basketball that was so impressive.

Tyler Lewis, PG, Team Loaded – Teams often try to rattle Lewis with pressure defense, but it just doesn't work. Lewis is savvy enough and fast enough to get by the defender and once in the lane you can forget about it because he will make the right pass. Also Lewis was flat out hot from outside, and barely missed if he had space. Defensively he still needs to work harder, but his production on the offensive end was extremely impressive.

Andrew White, SG, Team Loaded – A re-classified player, White is making the most of his opportunity on the circuit right now. He has pretty good size on the wing, and is a good athlete. On top of that he can make shots out to the three point line, and is just making huge strides. No doubt he is a much improved player from this time a year ago.

Myles Davis, SG, NJ Playaz – Even though the Playaz fell in a hotly contested game, Davis was absolutely on fire. He torched the nets to the tune of 31 points, and did it from deep as well as using his strength to score off the bounce. As usual Davis showed the range out to 24 feet, and for a while was the only thing keeping the Playaz in the game. When he is on his game like that, it is impressive given his supreme ability to knock down shots.

Kyle Anderson PF/SF NJ Playaz – While Davis was getting it done for the Playaz from deep, Anderson made plays off the bounce, and most importantly rebounded like a monster. Not known as a big time rebounder, Anderson controlled the glass and then pushed the pace in transition getting the ball to Davis on time and in the right spots.

Daniel Ochefu, C, PTP Elite – It was the first evaluation of the summer for Ochefu, and it was a mixed bag. He didn't get on the board offensively, and didn't show much of a feel on that end, but defensively he is a monster. Ochefu is a legit 6-foot-10 with long arms and good athleticism. That allows him to change shots down low as well as control the glass. Developing an offensive game will be important, but still he changes the game with his defense and rebounding.

Khalin Cumberlander, PG, Virginia Assault – A largely unheralded recruit, Cumberlander is a very solid player. He has long arms and is over 6-feet tall. As a point guard he makes plays for others first and foremost, but is more than comfortable taking his man off the dribble and finishing at the rim. He does need to get stronger, but mid-level programs will fall in love with him and high-majors will no doubt use an evaluation and track his progress.

Deshaun Morman, SG, Virginia Assault – Another part of a talented and underappreciated backcourt, Morman is a strong guard who gets to the rim and finishes very well. Also he is a good passer once in the lane. Now Morman does need to work on his outside shot, but still his strength, athleticism, and ability to score makes him a very solid prospect who will get definite looks.

Tyler Ennis, PG, CIA Bounce – Bounce made it to the title game at the 16 and under level, and Ennis was a huge reason why. He capped a big time weekend with a stellar performance in the championship game. Ennis controlled the pace of the game, and then either found his teammates for open buckets or made shots himself. A floor general with good size, quickness, and shooting ability, Ennis is just very difficult to guard because a defender can't choose to make him a shooter or a driver and feel comfortable.

Josh Hart, SG, Team Takeover – In a loss to Garner Road, Hart was a big time player shooting the basketball. He kept the Takeover squad in the game for the most part with his ability to hit from deep, but then as he got crowded defensively he went to work off the bounce some. Still his game is definitely knocking down jumpers, but he has a little too him off the dribble as well.

Reggie Cameron, SF, NJ Playaz – Cameron is the top player for the younger Playaz squad, and he showed why with his game on Sunday. At a legitimate 6-foot-6 he can play inside and out. Cameron proved more than capable of hitting the three point jump shot, but at the same time wasn't afraid to mix it up down low and get rebounds. How his body develops will determine exactly where he fits in at the next level, but none the less already he is a very intriguing prospect.

Rasheed Jordan, PG/SG, PTP Elite – A long armed athlete with an excellent handle, Jordan might not profile as a true point guard, but he is definitely a combo at absolute worst. Jordan showed that he can make an open shot, but he is at his best getting to the rim and using his length and athleticism to finish. Defensively he is also very impressive because he shows a desire to defend and at the same time has the physical skills to be able to make things difficult for opposing guards.

Stanford Robinson, SG, Team Takeover – This is a guy who is simply wired to score. He is a good athlete with some length, and Robinson uses that when driving the lane. In the mid-range he is absolutely a problem to deal with, and his range does also extend beyond the three point line. Now his shot selection can be questioned, but there is no doubt that Robinson knows how to put points up on the board.

Isaiah Hicks, PF, Garner Road – It was another big day for Hicks. The long and athletic power forward used his physical gifts to his advantage in a big win over Takeover, and then was able to make a lot plays in a classic multi overtime loss in the semi-finals. He isn't quite there yet offensively, but defensively he is a complete monster, and Hicks is learning to play hard every possession.

Austin Colbert, PF, Team Final – After a somewhat lackluster weekend at the EYBL, Colbert responded in a big time way. He rebounded the basketball, went into the paint and played with physicality, and also knocked in shots out to the three point line. When Colbert is playing inside-out his natural talent comes through, and that is what he did in helping Final win it all.

Rondae Jefferson, SF, Team Final – Jefferson just made big shot after big shot all day on Sunday. He is an angular lefty wing who gets to the rim at will, and is a good shooter, especially in the mid-range. He hit a shot to extend the game an overtime more against Garner Road, and overall was able to really do a lot of things playing on the ball, even though he profiles as a small forward. Jefferson is one of the most productive and versatile wings in the class.

Andrew White has offers from Virginia Tech and South Florida. Also he is hearing from Old Dominion, NC State, Providence, Virginia, and Georgetown.

Rasheed Jordan has an offer from St. Joe's. Also he is hearing from Temple, Drexel, LaSalle, and Butler.

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