Pitt Jam Fest: Top Performers

The Pitt Jam Fest had numerous high level performers, but none stood out more than Jerami Grant. He was the best of the bunch, but others such as NC State pledge Tyler Lewis also deserve praise for their play.

Size: 7-6/185 |
Quick Take: No one had a better overall weekend than Grant. He followed up a strong performance in the EYBL with three days of big time play in Pittsburgh. The natural talent level has always been there, and now Grant is taking it upon himself to capitalize on that talent by going hard every possession and being a force. He is scoring inside and out, and just showing off the ability to be a big time player down the road for some college.

Recruiting: Georgetown, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Virginia, NC State, Notre Dame

Size: 6-11/165 |
Quick Take: Lewis was impossible to guard all weekend long. He isn't the biggest kid on the floor, but no one is as savvy with the ball and his quickness is highly undervalued. More so than anything, Lewis was also making big time shots from deep. With his unreal passing ability combined with now excellent shot making, Lewis can be extremely difficult to stop on the offensive end.

Recruiting: Committed to NC State

Size: 7-8/210 |
Quick Take: Hicks is one of the best athletes you will find at his size. With his athleticism and length, Hicks creates havoc on the interior where he dunks everything and also showed some semblance of a face up game. Also defensively he guard out on the wing, blocked shots on the interior, and in general was a game changer. It was an excellent weekend where Hicks looked like an elite prospect.

Recruiting: North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Xavier, Clemson, and NC State

Size: 7-8/255 |
Quick Take: Anya is simply a man-beast down low. Playing up at the 17 and under level presented absolutely no challenge for Anya as he dominated on the block with his scoring and rebounding. Already he is more explosive than people think, and when he gets in shape it is scary how good he will be be. Anya definitely asserted himself as one of the top post prospects in the 2012 class.

Recruiting: Texas, Pittsburgh, St. John's, UCLA, Maryland, Georgetown, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Kansas, Utah, and Syracuse

Size: 6-0/155 |
Quick Take: Britt isn't the flashiest player in terms of how he plays, but he is one of the most effective. He is always making the right decision and simply knows how to play the game from the point guard position. He put his other teammates in position to get easy buckets with his passes, and then when it comes to creating for himself he is more than capable of doing that.

Recruiting: Georgetown, Arizona, Duke, Rutgers, Seton Hall, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Xavier, Villanova, Virginia

Size: 6-1/190 |
Quick Take: In a class lacking a lot of point guards, Canty really stepped up and showed that he deserves to be talked about as one of the best. He has excellent quickness and is a good athlete. On top of that he can put points on the board in a big way, but at the same time is also capable of getting others involved. He isn't the biggest guard around, but he was definitely one of the most effective all weekend long.

Recruiting: Seton Hall, Xavier, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, Texas A&M

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