Double Pump: Breakout Performers

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Seven players from the 2012, 2013 and 2014 classes really made a name for themselves this weekend in Colorado. Here are our choices for breakout players from the Double Pump Spring Tournament.

Size: 6-5/175 |
Quick Take: There's no good reason why this kid doesn't have much better offers. Caruso plays hard, can create his own shot, get to the basket, hit from outside, has good athleticism and is a good passer. He needs to add strength but that's the easy part. Look for his attention to really pick up once schools can see him in July.

Recruiting: Sam Houston State, Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State, Texas-Arlington, The Citadel

Size: 7-8/205 |
Quick Take: With long arms, soft hands and a frame that will allow him to put on plenty of more strength, there's a lot of upside to Wesley Gordon's game. He understands positioning on both offense and defense and he's always competing for rebounds, which he has no problem snatching on either side of the court. He said he's open to hearing from other schools, but as it stands now, CU has one of the best post commitments in the Pac-12's 2012 class.

Recruiting: Committed to Colorado

Size: 7-6/195 |
Quick Take: Perhaps the most exciting player at the Double Pump Spring Tournament, Griffin not only had several highlight reel dunks, but also was a rebounding and shot blocking machine. He's being recruited at the highest level in football, but the elite athlete would also have a bright future playing college basketball if he wanted.

Recruiting: Big 12 for both football and basketball

Size: 6-1/190 |
Quick Take: The 2013 point guard is born to score. He can hit from three, use a quick first step to get to the basket and is crafty in the paint in finding ways to get two points. His scoring is always going to be there, but if he can elevate his passing ability, he can take his game to the next level.

Recruiting: UCLA, USC, Stanford, Washington State

Size: 6-3/180 |
Quick Take: A smart player who doesn't always stand out because he plays within a team concept, Murray has one high level skill and that's his shooting. He's a serious threat to hit from deep and will likely be recruited accordingly because of it.

Recruiting: Washington, USC, UNLV, Eastern Washington, UCLA, Baylor, Arizona

Size: 6-2/180 |
Quick Take: Iroegbu's handles, passing ability and quickness make him a very intriguing point guard. He's tough to stay in front of and once he gets by his defender, he's quick to find an open teammate. There are a lot of guards out west in 2013, but he's definitely one of the top prospects of that group at this stage in the game.

Recruiting: Arizona, California, USC, UCLA, Washington

Size: 7-6/205 |
Quick Take: Just a freshman, Winslow has a very high level of vision and handles for his age. He hit the open three, but it was creating ability that really stood out. It's too early to label him as a point guard, even though that's what he played for his team, but it isn't too early to peg him as an elite prospect for his class.

Recruiting: Marquette, Arizona, Texas, Houston

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