King James: Day Three

Akron, Oh. – All-Ohio Red was able to come away with the 17 and under title and though they had a balanced attack, the much improved play of Jalen Robinson was evident throughout the tournament.

Jalen Robinson, PF, All-Ohio Red – Robinson seems to be turning the corner as a player. He has always had the ability to score on the block, and now he is adding an aggressive attitude on the boards and increased energy to that skill. This spring there might not be a player in the Midwest who has done more to improve his stock with Robinson who is now showing better hands than ever to go along with excellent footwork.

Kenny Kaminski, PF/SF, All-Ohio Red – Things just continue to roll right along for Kaminski. He was again making shots at a ridiculously high level and then went to the block and converted down low as well. On defense he is giving effort and defending both smaller and bigger players.

Jordan Potts, PG, All-Ohio Red – He has played off the ball quite a bit the past few years, and that definitely isn't what he does best. Now back running the point Potts is looking better. He is a good shot maker, and seems to feed off his ability to knock in the jumper. He is also getting to the rim some and making some plays for others by creating in the lane.

Jordan Goodman, PF, DC Assault – The Rutgers pledge had a good weekend. He is a very good athlete and was aggressive going to the rim and didn't settle for jumpers very often. Now he did show that he can hit the jump shot from deep, but still his bread and butter is attacking and finishing from the mid-range and in. With his skill, size, and athleticism he can be a matchup problem when he is as focused as he was this weekend.

Kaliq Spicer, PF, Michigan Mustangs – A raw and developing player, Spicer is a pretty good athlete who will try and finish with dunks. He doesn't yet have a great feel for the game, and can be lost at times, but his length and athleticism do enough to intrigue people. If he can develop a go to post move there is no doubt that the looks will really come in from high level programs.

Denzel Valentine, SG, Michigan Mustangs - The Michigan State pledge has a unique skill set. He is getting more athletic and has the ability to really make plays off the bounce with his passing ability and IQ, though too often he tries to make the difficult and flashy play and not the easy one. Also his shot selection needs refinement, but there is a lot to work with and as he learns a good shot from a bad shot his game will take off.

Chris Harrison-Docks, PG, Michigan Mustangs – Very few guards have a better handle than Harrison-Docks, and he loves to get out in transition and push the pace. Harrison-Docks can over dribble some as he showed, but his outside shot continues to look better and he is always playing with maximum effort. He had a few turnovers, but in general he makes the plays he should and doesn't try to do too much.

Javonte Hawkins, SG, Michigan Mustangs – There is absolutely no doubt that Hawkins can shoot the basketball. He got hot in the second half and pushed the Mustangs to a win over the Southern Kings. Also he is a good athlete, though on the offensive end he limits himself to being a pure jump shooter and doesn't use his athleticism to his advantage. If he can add to his outside shooting on the offensive end and score in other ways, he will be a handful to guard.

Devontae Watson, C, King James – There is no way around it, Watson is very raw, but at 6-foot-10 with an ability to run the floor and good athleticism he does enough to intrigue. He must get stronger and has to improve on his feel for how to play, but there are some tools to work with for sure.

Junior Etou, PF, D.C. Assault – His physicality and toughness in the paint is impressive. Etou did a good job of controlling the glass as usual, and he also always holds the ball high once he secures it. Right now you can't throw him the ball and ask him to get a bucket, but as a garbage man and offensive rebounder he finds a way to be productive.

Nate Britt, PG, DC Assault – Britt wasn't quite as impressive as he was last weekend, but still he led his team to the title game. He made some shots from the mid-range and out, but still was at his best in drive and kick situations where he either found an open shooter or dumped it off to a post player for a bucket. An excellent leader, Britt knows the value of big possessions and was excellent throughout the day on Sunday.

Jack Gibbs, PG, Ohio Varsity – Right now he is definitely a scoring point and he can be a bit of a volume shooter, but Gibbs still knows how to play the position. His outside shot is streaky, and when he gets going it is impressive, and that is what happened on Sunday. Gibbs led his team to the 16 and under title and was the most impressive player in the process.

Jordan Fuchs, SF, New York Gauchos – The play of the day came from Fuchs who drove the right side of the lane and threw down a vicious dunk in which he put a defender on a poster. Though that was the highlight, Fuchs did more than just that. An inside-out player, Fuchs scored it off the bounce and also went down low taking advantage of his size against a smaller defender.

Jaylon Brown, PG, Martin's Wolverines – Brown's spring rise up the charts continues. He showed good floor vision and his speed and strength is really tough to handle. Add in his ability to really defend due to his athleticism, and Brown takes teams out of what they want to do on offense. He needs to continue to rep the jumper and get consistent from deep. At his size his jumper will determine the level of his recruitment because everything else is there.

D.J. Wingfield, SG, Martin's Wolverines – A strong guard who prefers to attack going to the rim, Wingfield is a very creative finisher in traffic. Not a super athlete, he is crafty enough to finish around the rim and then also can hit in the mid-range consistently. His outside jumper didn't really click and his release could use some tweaking, but still his passing ability along with his mentality to attack make him an interesting prospect to monitor.

Brannen Greene, SG/SF, Southern Kings - His team lost, but Greene tried his best to keep them in it against the Mustangs. Greene hit several deep threes and then used his strength and athleticism to attack off the bounce at times. Still he needs to have a more assertive attitude, but still the talent is obviously there and he did nothing to hurt the notion that he is one of the best in the class on the wing.

D.J. Wingfield has interest from Ohio State, Cincinnati, Xavier, and West Virginia

Chris Harrison-Docks has offers from Butler, San Diego State, and Duquesne. Also he is hearing from Stanford, Virginia, Florida State, and Boston College.

Kaliq Spicer has offers from Central Michigan, Western Michigan, and Minnesota. Also interest from Xavier, Dayton, and Oakland.

Javonte Hawkins lists significant interest from West Virginia, Southern Cal, Central Michigan, DePaul, South Florida, Arizona State, Xavier, Colorado, and Iowa.

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