Two-Sporter Marcus Everett

He could be among the best two-sport athletes on the west coast -- being a D-1 prospect in both football and basketball, and <b>Marcus Everett</b> is in no hurry to make a decision between sports. He's getting recruited solidly for both...

Marcus Everett, 6-1, 190, West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade, might be one of the best two-sport athletes in California in the high school junior class.


On the hardwood, Everett is a solid mid-major point guard, with a strong body and good instincts.  On the football field, Everett is an aggressive defensive back who had 8 interceptions last year for Chaminade.


When asked about which sport was his favorite and which he wanted to concentrate on in college, Everett legitimately wasn't certain. "I really don't know," Everett said. "It's difficult. I know it would probably be too hard to do both in college. I really like both sports and have always dreamed about playing both. I guess I'm really just going to let it play out and hopefully it will make my decision for me."


Does Everett mean that whichever sports garners him the best recruiting interest will be the one he chooses? "Probably.  Education means a lot to me, and to my family. So, whichever sport I can get the best scholarship offer from the best college will probably be the biggest factor in the decision."  Everett said he maintains a 3.5 GPA and scored an 1100 on his PSAT. 


In basketball, Everett said he's getting interest from the likes of Stanford, Colorado State, Vanderbilty, Princeton and UCSB. 


In football, UCLA, Colorado, Washington State, California, and Colorado State are showing interest, as well as some interest from Ohio State and Wisconsin.


Only Colorado State overlaps in recruiting him for both sports, and Everett said that he thinks many college coaches don't know that he's a D-1 prospect in both football and basketball. "Like Stanford's been showing interest in basketball, but I don't think they know I play football.  I like UCLA and Washington State for football, but I haven't heard at all from either of them in basketball. But both UCLA and Washington have new coaches for basketball, so that could be the reason."


Everett said he did have a favorite school growing up, and it was for both sports.  "It was UCLA. I've always been a UCLA fan," he said.  Everett recently attended a UCLA football practice, and the UCLA football coaching staff has invited him to the UCLA Junior Day and Four-Day Camp in June.


Being the local school, UCLA is also the slight favorite of Everett's parents. "My parents want me to stay close to home, at least on the west coast. They'd like it I played close enough that they could drive to my games," he said.


It might be smart since his parents might be driving to both football and basketball games for four years.



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