Big human means huge risk

The reward could be great with a 7-foot-5 center, but there is also a big risk. That is all that is for sure when it comes to Sim Bhullar.

On Thursday night when Sim Bhullar decided to make his decision and attend Xavier, it marked the end to a recruitment of one of the most interesting players in the 2012 class Bhullar, who stands every bit of 7-foot-5 and weighs 350 pounds, is someone who creates a big divide amongst people who watch him

There just isn't much of a track record for a human being that big on the basketball floor Obviously very few people grow to be 7-foot-5, and a smaller percentage of them have a big body and carry a good amount of weight

Some of the players in the past that fit that bill are Yao Ming, Gheorghe Muresan, and Kenny George All three players were roughly 7-foot-5 and came in at or above 320 pounds

Putting Ming in the equation probably isn't fair as he was a completely different animal who was the No 1 pick in the NBA Draft Obviously in his time in the league he was one of the best players and completely impacted the game, but Ming's talent level was off the charts and could do things that really he shouldn't have been able to do for his size

Probably the most comparable player for Bhullar is George George attended UNC-Ashville and in his time on the floor made an impact In between injuries, George was a player who made a big impact on the floor In his final year of college basketball he averaged 12 4 points, 7 0 rebounds, and 3 3 blocks per game while averaging just below 20 minutes per contest

Therein lies the issue with Bhullar and players who have come around like him At some point in time it seems that they always breakdown with lower body injuries Ming has missed almost two full years in the NBA and his career is in jeopardy, Muresan's career was cut short by injury, and tragically George's college career ended prematurely due to a foot amputation

While all of the players noted have been effective in their time on the floor, the question is does that effectiveness outweigh the concerns that come with putting that kind of strain on the human body and how it can impact their health

Bhullar will need to get in the best shape of his life, and reconfigure his body by dropping body mass and adding strength If he is able to do that Bhullar will put himself in a position to have an impact on the floor

So far this spring Bhullar has shown excellent hands, a nice touch out to 15 feet, an ability to pass the ball, and improved conditioning Still the questions remain How will he defend ball screens, can he change ends consistently on a college court, and most importantly can he stay healthy and on the floor

There is a lot to like about Bhullar as evidenced by his recruitment and the way that his size can change the game, but there is also the huge risk that comes with a human being who is 7-foot-5 and 350 pounds

With scholarships being so valuable these days taking a prospect like Bhullar is a gamble, and one that will be interesting to see how it plays out

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