Jayhawk Invitational: Day Two

LAWRENCE, KS. – Day two at the Jayhawk Invitational allowed a chance to see some of the younger kids go to work. Many were impressive, but Stephen Domingo showed why he will be a heavily coveted prospect going forward.

Marcus Smart, SF, Texas Assault – Smart is a unique evaluation. He isn't an explosive athlete and isn't a great shooter, but he just knows how to get things done. Smart was attacking the rim off the bounce, defending like a mad man, and overall just producing at a very high level in a comeback win. Smart is one of the toughest players to check in a man-to-man situation, and despite some flaws in his game, is simply one of the kids who will help whichever team he is on win a lot of games.

Nick Banyard, SF/PF, Texas Assault – A very talented player, Banyard seems to only attack in spurts. He has the athleticism and length to be a problem as a combo forward if he attacked at all times, but instead he lets himself be guarded too often. Still Banyard has a lot of skills that translate, and he is a good prospect, now the next step is him getting that killer mentality to dominate on every possession.

Conner Frankamp, PG, KC Pump ‘N Run – A scoring point guard, Frankamp does a lot of good things off the dribble. He is capable of beating his man going either left or right, and then shows the ability to finish in the mid-range or kick to an open teammate. Also he is a good, not great, three point shooter, and is capable of getting going in a big way. He wasn't enough to rally his team to a win, but Frankamp was extremely impressive.

Tory Miller, PF, KC Pump ‘N Run – Miller is a player who is just coming into his own and has a lot of ability. He isn't the most natural basketball player in terms of instincts, but has good strength, pretty good hands, and runs the floor well. Miller isn't super explosive off the floor, but does have the body to make schools take notice of what he could be with some seasoning.

Stephen Domingo, SF, Dream Vision – This is a player that just keeps getting better and also getting taller. Domingo has a ton of upside, and at almost 6-foot-7 possesses an absolutely lethal stroke from the outside. Now he will need to improve on his handle, but Domingo plays hard, knows how to communicate on the defensive end, and also has the length and solid athleticism to be a good defender once he adds strength. As he gets stronger the ceiling is extremely high for Domingo.

Rashad Muhammad, SG, Dream Vision – A long and angular guard, Muhammad is a good athlete who has the ability to get going scoring wise as well as distributing. He can make shots from deep, though not a great shooter, and also is solid going to the rim. Not one skill stands out with him, but the sum of the parts is pretty impressive.

Ishmail Wainwright, PF/SF, Dream Vision – Wainwright is just moonlighting with Dream Vision this weekend, and in his first game with the team he was impressive. Now he still needs to continue to add to his skill game, but the mid-range jumper is getting there, and his handle is improved. As always he rebounds well and uses his frame create separation and space down low. It isn't always pretty, but Wainwright found a way to be very effective in his minutes on the floor.

Bronson Koenig, SG/PG, Wisconsin Playground Warriors – After a second viewing in as many days it is clear that Koenig is more of a shooting guard than a point. Now he did get good numbers scoring wise, and that is a credit to his ability to shoot the ball from deep and a quick release. However Koenig isn't really able to beat his man off the bounce and create for others. Koenig can play some point, but at this point he looks better off as an off the ball shooter.

Malcolm Hill, SG, Southwest Jets – The state of Illinois is just disgustingly loaded in the 2013 class, and Hill is one of the best. He will compete for the honors of the top guard in the state. At a legit 6-foot-5 with long arms, Hill is very aggressive, a good athlete, and someone more than capable of scoring from all three levels on the floor. Outside of that he has passion and cares about winning, and treats every possession like it is his last.

Dominique Collier, PG/SG, Billups Elite – First seen last summer playing up, Collier once again impressed with his play. SYF just had no answer at all for him off the dribble. The 6-foot-1 guard showed a great burst with the ball going to his right or to his left, and also can make a dagger three right in a defender's eye. He still needs to get stronger, but there is no question that Collier is one of the better guards in the class.

Michael   Jones, SG, SYF Players – His shot doesn't look good form wise, but the bottom line is it goes in. Jones hit several threes, but did a lot more damage off the dribble. He showed more explosion off the floor than he possessed during the high school season, and has a chance to be very good down the road with added strength and maturity in terms of how to play.

Justin Baker, PG/SG, SYF Players – Right now he might be categorized more as a short SG as opposed to a PG, but at 5-foot-9 he will learn that isn't his ticket. Baker tends to get shot happy, but he is more than a shot taker, he is definitely a shot maker as well. The diminutive one showed a good shooting stroke for the most part and also got into the lane and created for others. Once the decision making comes, his natural ability to make shots will shine through.

Khadre Lane, SF/SG, KC Pump ‘N Run – Definitely not the most skilled player around, Lane is a big time athlete who isn't afraid to attack. He had one just nasty tip dunk in traffic, and also just found a way to get buckets. His handle is solid, though it can still be improved, and his jumper will need attention, but the combination of size and athleticism does intrigue.

Stephen Domingo has offers from Cal, San Diego State, Memphis, San Francisco, and San Diego. Also interest is coming in from Stanford, Washington, Washington State, Georgetown, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, and UNLV.

Conner Frankamp listed interest from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Boston College, Oklahoma State, and UCLA.

Tory Miller is hearing from Boston College, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Malcolm Hill says none have offered, but Ohio State, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Providence, Tennessee, and St. Louis are all very interested.

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