Jayhawk Invitational: Day Three

LAWRENCE, KS. – The final day of the Jayhawk Invitational culminated with an absolutely incredible show by Shabazz Muhammad and Chris Thomas. The two of them each went for over 30 in the championship in which Dream Vision came out on top.

Shabazz Muhammad, SF, Dream Vision – Honestly there isn't much more a human can do on the basketball floor than what Muhammad did on Sunday. He scored 98 points in three games, and saved his best for last. Despite having tired legs and lacking his usual explosion, Muhammad was spectacular in the mid-range and also attacked the rim well. He knocked in enough jump shots to keep the defense honest, and overall was just impossible to stop one-on-one.

Robert Upshaw, C, Dream Vision – Long final days aren't built for big guys, but Upshaw showed very well for himself. He has tremendous hands, is developing nice post moves, and is showing a better feel for how to score over either shoulder. Upshaw struggled at times getting up and down the floor, but given the long weekend that is understandable. The strides the big man is making are big time, as he continues to improve every aspect of his game.

Joe Rahon, SG/PG, Dream Vision – Rahon is a big time shooter who is capable of creating a little bit of space to get his shot off. Still he is at his best when he can catch and shoot or step into his jumper with a rhythm dribble. Defensively he isn't very good, but he finds a way to be productive, and his handle does enough to keep defenders from completely crowding him.

Wesley Gordon, PF, Colorado Hawks – A long armed power forward, Gordon did a solid job defensively against Upshaw, and was effective enough on offense to make plays. His touch is nice down low, and his athleticism is also solid. Gordon can struggle against the big aircraft carrier type of centers, but still he knows how to use his length to cause some problems and also isn't afraid to beat the other team down the floor by sprinting rim to rim.

Marcus Holt, PF/C, Colorado Hawks – Holt is continuing to make strides and showed even more on Sunday than he did on Friday. His hands are very good, and he is an above the rim finisher. Once he gets stronger he will have a chance to make an impact at a mid-major school for sure, and possibly even at the high-major level.

Marcus Smart, SF, Texas Assault – Smart is just such a tough player to go against. He is always playing hard, and though Muhammad had a huge game against his team, a lot of it came with Smart in foul trouble. His shot is light years better than it was last season, and the rest of his game is still on point. He is just one of the most productive and competitive players in the class.

Chris Thomas, SG, Colorado Hawks – Thomas was struggling through a stiff back and tired legs at the beginning of the title game, but once he heated up it was downright scary. He absolutely caught fire from three, and was hitting every shot imaginable. Also as usual he was able to beat his man off the bounce and scored around the rim. There is no questioning his status as an elite talent, and once he gets on a scoring roll he is simply impossible to contain.

Stephen Domingo, SF, Dream Vision – Domingo was named the MVP of the event at the 16-and under level, and earned it with his variety of leadership, rebounding, and shot making. Domingo is now showing a lethal mid-range game off the bounce where he can stop and pop going either direction. Also on the floor he is a great communicator who understands how to play and the value of being vocal on defense.

Rashad Muhammad, SG, Dream Vision – Muhammad played about as well as he could in the finals. He scored off the bounce, distributed with his superior floor vision, and also is a pretty good athlete. He had great energy despite the long weekend, and overall just found a way to be a very productive player and played good defense.

Ishmail Wainwright, PF/SF, Dream Vision – He is just a beast on the floor, and he asserted his will in the finals of the 16 and under event. Wainwright also had enough legs to be a contributor with the older age group, but as a 16 he rebounded well, made his foul shots and was a force on both ends of the floor making a big impact against an undersized team.

Dominique Collier, PG/SG, Billups Elite – Once again Collier was on point with his game. He finishes really well through contact despite being slight of frame, and as he gets bigger and more mature that skill will even be more pronounced. At times you almost wish that Collier would be more selfish, but he knows how to play and understands how to make himself and teammates better.

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