Winslow following in father's footsteps

One of the most intriguing prospects in 2014 is Justise Winslow, the son of Phi Slama Jama's Rickie Winslow. He talks to about his game and recruitment.

A member of Phi Slama Jama at the University of Houston, Rickie Winslow was known for his high level athleticism, which eventually led him to being selected by the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the 1987 NBA Draft.

24 years later and Rickie's son, Justise Winslow, is ready to make headlines on the basketball court as well.

A 6-foot-6, 190-pound 2014 prospect out of Houston St. John's School, the younger Winslow is a multi-talented player that could end up at the one, two or three.

Winslow's ball handling and court vision make him intriguing as a point guard prospect, but it's too early to lock him into a position just yet.

"I'm athletic and I can handle it," Winslow said. "I play shooting guard or small forward but I'm trying to become a point guard. I don't know if I'm going to grow or not so I'm just working on my skills in case I don't grow. Right now I'd consider myself more of a wing. I like to have the ball in my hands at the end of the game."

There's no question that Winslow is an elite player at his current age bracket, but he's working on making sure he remains that caliber of a prospect.

"My jump shot can get better; that's the main thing I'm working on," he said. "I'm doing a good job with rebounding and court vision. I need to keep working on my jump shot, ball handling and quickness."

Having a former professional basketball player as a father is a benefit to Justise, who says his dad is helpful but not overbearing.

"My dad is more laid back," Justise said. "My coaches do more of the coaching. When we're together, he teaches me things he learned at the higher level. Pushing the ball down the court really fast, small things mostly."

It's early into his recruiting process, but Winslow says four schools he's hearing from are Marquette, Arizona, Texas and Houston.

However, he grew up rooting for a school in the southeast.

"I like the Florida Gators," Winslow said. "When I used to play football in Pop Warner, I played for a team called the Fresno Gators, so it's been Gator Nation ever since then."

There's a long way to go for Winslow, but he is looking for a program that can provide two things.

"I kind of want good weather and a fast tempo offense," he said. "I just like that up-tempo type of game."

For now, recruiting can wait, as Winslow is only worried about getting better.

"I'm not worried about recruiting yet," he said. "I just want to play ball."

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