Spiece: Day Two, Part B

FT. WAYNE, IN - One of the longest days of the year is Saturday at the Run 'N Slam. During the numerous sessions several players stood out, but none shined brighter than Jaquan Lyle.

Hanner Perea, PF, Indiana Elite – There is absolutely no questioning the athleticism and power that Perea has. In an afternoon win Perea was a monster on the glass and did his usual high wire act around the rim. He did hit one 16 foot jumper, though that isn't exactly his game. The skills are still being developed, but a guy who rebounds everything and finishes down low with his length is quite impressive, and Perea is always playing hard.

Eron Harris, SG, Indiana Elite – A junior who has been on the rise since the middle of the high school season, Harris is a good looking athlete who can really make shots from the outside. He isn't great off the dribble yet, and can struggle against pressure, but when he can catch and shoot or come off of a screen he knows what he is doing and has the ability to really make plays. Also he showed off his athletic ability with a tip dunk and a high motor on both ends of the floor.

Jerron Wilbut, SG/SF, Illinois Wolves – This is a kid who knows how to make shots. Now he takes some bad ones, but they were for the most part going in during his team's loss. Also Wilbut knocked in two pressure packed free throws at the end of the game to tie it up before a buzzer beater took them out. Still a mid-level guy who can make shots with some athleticism, Wilbut looked solid.

Jay Simpson, PF, Illinois Wolves – Simpson just has so much ability, but he limits himself. Instead of using his big frame to rebound or go inside, or even in the mid-range, Simpson decided to settle for outside jumpers. Now he is more than capable of making them, but Simpson could be a force from 12-15 feet with his touch and ability to put the ball on the deck and beat his man. The ability is there, now the pieces just need to come together.

Gary Harris, SG, D3 Pride – Harris was absolutely toying with All-Ohio Purple before going down with a twisted ankle in the second half. He was making shots, scoring off the bounce, and playing hard on both ends of the floor. One of the most talented players in the class, Harris had it working in a big way before being out with the ankle. Once back in the game he wasn't quite right, and struggled some, but still it was an impressive showing for him.

Abdel Nader, SF, D3 Pride – At a legit 6-foot-6 almost 6-foot-7, Nader can really shoot the ball on the wing. He has a quick release and a great looking stroke well beyond the three point line. The problem is he settled for the jumper too much instead of attacking the rim. When he did go to the basket he did do it with some success and showed the strength and athleticism to be a problem. Now he just needs to maintain that aggressiveness

Willie Moore, SG, All-Ohio Purple – Going up against Harris wasn't easy for Moore, but he did pretty well under the circumstances. A super talent, Moore looked focused and made some shots while also using some drives to finish around the rim. Now he still disappears, but the talent is for sure there.

Terry Rozier, PG, All-Ohio Red – Rozier's spring continues to be a very good one, and he is making shots at a high level as well as getting into the lane and making plays. Wisconsin DTA had no answer for him as he kept creating for others while also finding openings to get good looks. He needs to cut down on the turnovers, but Rozier simply keeps elevating his game.

Phillip Nolan, PF, Wisconsin DTA – A long and athletic player, Nolan struggled at times with the physical strength of the All-Ohio frontline. Still he is more than capable of blocking a shot and showed a decent touch in the mid-range. Post defense and rebounding were issues against the bigger bodies, but there is definitely potential in his frame.

Nate Taphorn, SF, Illinois Wolves – It is tough to be more on fire as a shooter than Taphorn was in a morning game. He hit four three pointers in a row in the first half, and then didn't slow down at all in the second half. A heady player, Taphorn knows how to get open and also is adept enough to create space for himself to get his shot off. Defensively he is never going to be a lockdown guy, but he is solid. Still it is his shot making that really is going to draw high level attention.

Lance Whitaker, SG/SF, Illinois Wolves – It wasn't a great showing for Whitaker, but he did show off the tools that have him on the radar of numerous colleges. He is athletic, strong finishing around the rim, and has good length. He has to develop a more consistent jumper and show that he can really beat his man off the bounce.

V.J. Beachem, SF, Eric Gordon All-Stars – A long and wiry wing, Beachem is definitely lacking strength, but he does have some skills to work with. He made a three and also showed a solid two-dribble game. Right now he needs to bring it far more consistently possession-to-possession, and also has to show some interest in rebounding, but still his skill set on the offensive end and physical gifts make him intriguing going forward.

Devin Davis, PF/SF, Eric Gordon All-Stars – A long and athletic player, Davis got off to a hot start and then tapered off in the loss. Davis had a tip dunk and also showed an improved ability to handle the ball in space. He must improve in the half court and prove he can beat pressure defense on the wing. As long as he brings energy his game can be productive, but that has to be at the highest level.

Xzavier Taylor, PF, Mac Irvin Fire – Taylor just gets better from week to week. Still he is raw, but at the same time the strides being made give a lot of reason for optimism. His hands are good and the post moves are coming. Strength will need to be added, and a level of intensity to dominate, but still post players develop late and he is on the right path.

Kyle Davis, SG/PG, Mac Irvin Fire – A nice looking combo guard, Davis was solid in a win. He is only about 5-foot-11, but he is very athletic and has extremely long arms. Davis is a pest on the defensive end and then on offense shows an ability to make shots as well as beat his man to the rim.

Demetrius Jackson, S0G/PG, MBA Elite – Jackson is one of the more under the radar players in Indiana's 2013 class. He is a good athlete who can really shoot the ball. Right now he is more of a small shooting guard than a point guard, but the floor vision is there. Consistency has always been the issue with Jackson, but he absolutely had it working. As the point guard skills develop he is going to be very interesting to watch develop.

Richard Freeman, PF, Spiece Indy Heat – Freeman is the type of kid that coaches are afraid to give up on. He is extremely long, has good athleticism, and plays hard. Right now his skills are lagging behind some and he is raw, but still the potential exists for him to be a very good player down the road.

Jahlil Okafor, C, Mac Irvin Fire – The big fella down low is just an absolute stud. He has the size and strength that makes him impossible to stop on the low block, and Okafor also has the foot work and is nimble enough to be more than just a power player, he has the finesse game as well. All game long Okafor was impossible to stop, and his foot work for a young center is just scary.

Jaquan Lyle, PG/SG, Eric Gordon All-Stars – Lyle proved during the high school season to be one of the best in the country, and again he showed why everyone is so high on him. The best thing that Lyle does is pass the ball, but also he knocked in a three and finished in the mid-range. He looks to still be growing and getting more athletic. Still he is not an explosive athlete, but the skill level and big frame for a floor general is off the charts.

Perry Poindexter, PF, Eric Gordon All-Stars – A good looking long term prospect, Poindexter is the type of long athlete who always seems to make plays. He played mostly at the JV level as a freshman, but should be primed to break out during the varsity season this year. Poindexter has to get more skilled, but in terms of running and jumping and being active, there is no question that he is more than capable.

James Blackmon, SG, Spiece Indy Heat – Blackmon has to be one of the premier shooters in his class. When his feet are set and he gets a clean look, he is capable of making shots from anywhere on the floor. Blackmon will have develop an off the bounce game as he develops through high school, but there is no question that he can shoot it as well as about anyone in his class.

Jerron Wilbut is hearing from Illinois, Northern Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, Iowa State, Bradley, and Dayton.

Xzavier Taylor noted interest from Florida State, DePaul, Illinois, Oklahoma, Northern Illinois, and Northwestern.

Demetrius Jackson is getting big interest from Xavier, Michigan, Notre Dame, Purdue, and Illinois.

Lance Whitaker has attention from DePaul, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Northwestern.

Richard Freeman is hearing from Purdue, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Cincinnati.

Kyle Davis mentioned interest from Illinois, Xavier, DePaul, Memphis, and Florida.

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