Spiece: Day Three

FT. WAYNE, Ind. – It is a marathon day on Sunday at the Spiece Run ‘N Slam. In the end it was All-Iowa Attack that won at the 17 and under level with All-Ohio coming away as champions at the 16 and 15 and under levels.

Marcus Paige, PG, All-Iowa Attack – In his highly anticipated point guard battle with Kevin Ferrell, neither page nor Ferrell had a game they would like to remember, but in the end Paige's supporting cast did enough to get the win. Overall Paige was solid all day, and All-Iowa came home with the win. He wasn't at 100 percent with a foot injury, but still he made enough shots and also dished out enough assists to help his team when needed, and gutted out the win.

Adam Woodbury, C, All-Iowa Attack – While not a great athlete, Woodbury is extremely effective down low. He plays very hard, and showed an ability to finish over either shoulder. Woodbury also was a man on the glass grabbing rebounds and just finding a way to be productive. All day long he was going against highly touted post players, and Woodbury kept on being the best player on the floor.

Mike Gesell, PG/SG, All-Iowa Attack – Gesell is just a hard playing dude who gets after it on defense and also shows ability on the offensive end. Mostly on Sunday he was getting to the rim with quickness, but also he showed an ability to make shots. Gesell is also a very solid defender, and his toughness really shines through. No doubt he will have opportunities to play at a high level, it will be interesting to see the kind of decision Gesell makes on where to attend school.

Kevin Ferrell, PG, Indiana Elite – In the quarterfinals Ferrell had a big time game, and then in the semifinals he matched up with Paige, and he quite honestly struggled. Ferrell couldn't get his shot to fall, and had too many turnovers. Still he is an absolute jet with the basketball, has range beyond the three point line, and also is willing to pressure the ball on defense. No question he is one of the best point guards in the class, just an up and down day for Ferrell.

Ron Patterson, SF, Indiana Elite – Offensively it was a struggle for Patterson. He did knock in a three, and scored on one drive, but other than that he really struggled. However what got Indiana Elite back into their semifinal game was his on the ball defense. Patterson is extremely athletic, has long arms, and a high motor. That combination allows him to really pressure the basketball, and his ball pressure bothered Paige, and got All-Iowa Attack out of their offense in the second half. Now his off the ball defense needs a lot of attention, but when it comes to stopping the ball and defending his man, very few are better than Patterson.

Hanner Perea, PF, Indiana Elite – While his offensive game still is basically limited to tip dunks and put ins around the basket, Perea has one skill that is tough to take away from him, he rebounds at an extremely high level. Perea used his strength, long arms, and athleticism to snatch boards well above the rim, and gets them in traffic both in and out of his area. Now his defense needs attention, and the skill game has to come, but even on a day where he isn't scoring, he is going to be productive as he will flat out rebound the basketball.

Denzel Valentine, SF, Michigan Mustangs – Valentine is a very unique player. He is one of the best passers in the class, though he still needs to be convinced to make the easy pass and not the highlight pass. Also he can make threes, though his shot selection needs significant refinement. On offense he is at his best with the ball in his hands, though defensively he has to be on the wing. There is a lot to work with and he has a great basketball IQ, just now Valentine has to make that next jump and be a consistent threat on every possession and not give any away.

Chris Harrison-Docks, PG, Michigan Mustangs – Now he can over dribble for sure, but other than that Harrison-Docks had a very impressive showing. As usual he was getting to the rim with his quickness, but also he had the mid-range and outside jumper working. When Harrison-Docks can make shots consistently he is very difficult to guard. Would like to see him move the ball a little better in the half court, but still the future Butler Bulldog does a lot of things well.

Kendrick Nunn, SG, Meanstreets – He isn't the tallest shooting guard around, but Nunn is one of the most productive. A lefty Nunn really makes shots, and also has the handle and quickness to attack the basket. Beyond that he is tough on the defensive end and just makes winning plays. All tournament long he had the entire offensive game working, and on Sunday more often than not he was the best player on the floor.

Jaylon Tate, PG, Meanstreets – Tate continues to get better and shows the improvements that people have been looking for. He is an absolute jet with the ball and also is making shots out to the three point line. Now sometimes his decision making can need a little bit of work, but still his size and speed make him such a tough matchup. Defensively he always gives effort, and is just one of the top floor generals in his class.

Alvin Ellis, SF, Meanstreets – Ellis gets it done with energy and effort. He is a very active three man who does a little bit of everything on the floor. Ellis will have to improve his shooting range, but right now he is showing an ability to finish going to the rim and also is a good rebounder for his position. Defensively he always gives good effort and energy and shows the versatility to guard multiple spots on the floor.

Marc Loving, PF/SF, All-Ohio Red – Loving can sometimes pick and choose when he wants to play, but on his good games it is something to watch. He really can shoot the ball for a player his size, and then also has the ability to get to the rim going either way off the dribble. Rebounding wise he is solid, though definitely he could improve in that area. Loving has all the talent in the world, for him it is just putting it together consistently game after game.

Nigel Hayes, PF, All-Ohio Red – Hayes isn't a super skilled player at his position, but he has the combination of strength and athleticism with his size to be a factor. He rebounds very well, scores out to the mid-range, and is improving on his footwork down low. As long as he continues to play around the block and not on the perimeter he is going to be tough to handle.

Jack Gibbs, PG, All-Ohio Varsity – A guard who can really make shots, Gibbs was instrumental in leading Ohio Varsity to the semi-finals. They eventually lost to All-Ohio Red mostly because he fouled out. A great mid-level guard, Gibbs knocks in shots from deep and also has the ability to take players off the bounce. He was huge all weekend long.

Drake Harris, SG, Meanstreets – His team had a game they would love to forget, but Harris showed why he is already on the high-major radar. He has the ball on a string and possesses nice court vision. While he can pass, the best thing that Harris does is score. His release is a little bit funky, but the shot tends to go in, and he knows how to create space for himself with the dribble. Continuing to rep the jumper will be key, but the talent is through the roof with Harris.

Tyler Wideman, C/PF, Meanstreets – Wideman was called for about three fouls for simply being bigger than the man guarding him, so his time on the floor was limited, but when in the game Wideman was extremely effective. He is a wide bodied kid who is physical down low and rebounds and scores with decent footwork. To play at the highest level he will need to grow, but right now against kids his age he is tough to stop on the block.

Kevon Looney, SF, Milwaukee Running Rebels – It was clear that Looney was worn down by the end of the event, but still the talent level is off the charts. Looney can handle the ball like a point guard, isn't afraid to rebound, and makes shots out to the three point line. He will need to continue to get stronger, but there is a lot to like from this kid who seems to have an extremely bright future.

D'Angelo Russell, SG, All-Ohio Red – The talent level that Russell has is just off the charts. He scores the ball in bunches, but also has enough of a basketball IQ to get his teammates involved. Now he didn't always bring it on every possession, but when he was locked in no one could stop him. He has good size and is a good athlete with an ability to really score. Schools will be flocking to the Bluegrass state to check him out.

Trey Lyles, PF, Spiece Indy Heat – Only a freshman it is incredible how skilled and savvy Lyles is. As a good, not great, athlete, Lyles can finish above the rim, but it is the advanced ability to shoot or handle the separates him from others his age. Also Lyles is a skilled passer and just understands how to play the game. No question he is one of the best players in his class.

James Blackmon, SG, Spiece Indy Heat – A big time shooter, Blackmon is beginning to do a little bit more off the bounce. He is a solid athlete, and that allows him to finish over defenders, but it is his shot making that makes him such a coveted player. Defensively he needs to pay a lot more attention to things, but Blackmon is a good prospect who continues to add some parts to his game.

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