Spiece: Breakout Performers

A number of guys built reputations at the Spiece Run N' Slam this past weekend. Who stood out the most? Find out inside.

Size: 6-2/180 |
Quick Take: Playing on a loaded Meanstreets squad, Tate stood out throughout the weekend. A speedy lead guard, Tate looked to push the tempo and get out in the open court. He had weapons around him in Kendrick Nunn and Alvin Ellis and he dished it out to them at a good rate. Tate has good size for the point guard spot (6'2) and is a talented passer.
Recruiting: Xavier, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, Providence, Michigan, Marquette, Florida, Ohio State

Size: 6-0/175 |
Quick Take: In the game we took in, Walton had it working from long range. It didn't matter if the jumpers were off the catch or dribble, as Walton was in the zone and hit more than a half dozen threes. He's blessed with terrific end to end speed and keeps defenders on their heels with his tricky ball handling. He's one of the better lead guards we've come across in the 2013 class.

Recruiting: Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, Connecticut, Xavier, Central Michigan

Size: / |
Quick Take: Matthews is one of the best prospects we've seen from Michigan in the 2013 class. A big lead guard, Matthews is a unique prospect with some serious ability. The 6-foot-4 guard is a talented passer that sees the floor quite well, but he's also a more than capable scorer that loves to get out in transition and make plays. He's a versatile prospect that can play either guard spot.

Recruiting: Michigan, Michigan State, USC, Florida State, Iowa

Size: 6-1/185 |
Quick Take: A combo guard, Jackson has a football player's physique and also is very athletic at about 5-foot-11. He can score in bunches. Mostly he prefers to go to the rim, but Jackson was also knocking in jumpers. In Indiana's 2013 class a lot of other players are getting the hype and scholarship offers, but Jackson is right there in terms of talent ability with all of them, and proved it this weekend.

Recruiting: Xavier, Michigan, Notre Dame, Illinois, Purdue

Size: 7-6/190 |
Quick Take: A long and athletic power forward, Poindexter played junior varsity as a freshman, but stood out with his play over the weekend. He runs the floor very well, has good hands, and likes to finish above the rim. Poindexter needs to get stronger and gain more experience, but the tools are there and he is showing the improvements in his game, and the potential is definitely there.

Recruiting: Indiana, Purdue, Xavier

Size: 7-6/205 |
Quick Take: There is no substitute for being able to shoot the basketball. Taphorn was absolutely on fire all weekend long. A wing with good size, Taphorn has a quick release and is savvy enough to get open by moving off the ball. He is somewhat capable of putting the ball on the floor and taking his man for a dribble or two, but when he gets his feet set and a clean look it is three points. Taphorn put on one of the best shooting performances in a long time over the weekend.

Recruiting: Bradley, Tennessee, Michigan, Northwestern, Illinois, Missouri State, Wisconsin, Loyola, DePaul

Size: 6-4/210 |
Quick Take: The class of 2014 has some potential stars, and one who joined that party in a big way was Lyle. Lyle showed off the combination of size, passing ability, and athleticism to make him one of the best prospects in the nation in his class. The best thing he does is get others involved, but still he is more than capable of taking a game over himself and putting a team on his back. There is no doubt that Lyle will be one of the most heavily recruited kids in the class in the Midwest.

Recruiting: Indiana, Purdue, Xavier, Illinois, Ohio State

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