's 2013 Top 50

For the first time since releasing 2013 rankings there's a change at the top. Jabari Parker now holds the top position in the updated 2013 Top 50.'s 2013 Rankings

In December we expanded our 2013 rankings to 35. Now we are set to move the 2013 rankings out to 50.

While the 2012 class had strength in the power forwards and centers, the 2013 group is led by shooting guards and small forwards. And this time around it's led off by a wing prospect.

Overtaking Julius Randle for the No. 1 position in the updated 2013 rankings is Jabari Parker.

Over the past year Parker has grown to 6-foot-7 and his game developed in a number of areas. He trimmed the baby fat off his frame, is much more athletic and has some serious offensive fire power.

His ball handling is much improved, as his shooting. Although he's clearly a wing prospect, what stands out is Parker's versatility and ability to take defenders to the post and score in a variety of ways.

While Parker moved to No. 1, it certainly wasn't an easy decision.

Julius Randle is a terrific prospect with one of the best motors in high school basketball. The 6-foot-8 power forward is full of ability and is incredibly tough to defend on the block.

One of the big risers towards the top of the rankings is Nerlens Noel. The 6-foot-10 big man rose from No. 12 to No. 3 with his strong spring. He's a mobile post prospect with great hands, touch and shot blocking ability.

Walker jumped to No. 4
Another big man on the uptick is Chris Walker, who jumped from No. 21 overall to No. 4. He's grown to 6-foot-10, possesses impressive athletic ability and has the length and mobility to affect the game in a number of ways.

Arguably the top scorer in the 2012 class checked in at No. 5 in Chris Thomas. The Arizona native is wired to put up huge numbers and he did that throughout the high school season and into the spring circuit.

Aaron Gordon made a push for the top five, but checked in at No. 6. Andrew Harrison, Kuran Iverson, Jonathan Williams and Jabari Bird close out to the top 10 in 2013.

Rankings Notes

*Jabari Bird made the biggest move in the rankings. The Richmond (Calif.) Salesian went from unranked to the No. 10 prospect in the country.

*After Bird, Brannen Greene and Anthony Barber made the biggest moves. Greene went from unranked to No. 18, while Barber jumped from unranked to No. 21 in the country.

*There are 19 newcomers to the list. 15 spots were gained when we moved from a top 35 to a top 50. Then four prospects fell from the list we released in December.

*There are just five prospects committed in the 2013 top 50. The highest rated is No. 23 Marc Loving, who is headed to Ohio State. Ishmael Wainwright is headed to Missouri. Bryson Scott is committed to Purdue, Shannon Hale is headed to Alabama and Kendall Stephens is off the board for Purdue.

*The strength in the 2013 class is in the wings. There are 15 shooting guards and 12 small forwards represented in the top 50. 10 power forwards made the list, while nine point guards and just four centers were in the rankings.

*There isn't a prospect we are more excited about evaluating than Noah Vonleh. Unfortunately our staff has yet to see him in person, so we opted to not include him in our 2013 rankings.'s 2013 Rankings

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