Identity forming on wing in 2013

The class of 2013 has its identity forming already, and it is definitely a wing heavy group.

Every class has its own unique identity. The class of 2012 is no doubt the year of the big man with centers and power forwards dominating. In 2011 it is a backcourt heavy year with a ton of point guards and shooting guards filling the top 100. Now with the class of 2013, it is obvious that the strength is on the wing with shooting guards and small forwards.

Of the 50 players ranked in the currently, 27 of them make their home at the shooting guard or small forward positions. Included in that is the nation's top prospect Jabari Parker who is a dominant small forward.

While Parker is the top small forward, it is Chris Thomas who leads the way as a shooting guard. The Denver native is the best scorer in high school basketball right now, and is someone with the athleticism and speed to be an absolute problem off the dribble. Add in a solid outside shot, and Thomas is one of the most difficult prospects to guard in the country.

Other wings in the top 10 are Kuran Iverson, Andrew Harrison, and Jabari Bird. All three of them have shown an ability to be versatile players who can play multiple positions on the floor.

While half the top 10 are wings, it doesn't slow down much at all through the rest of the top 50. From coast-to-coast the class is simply loaded with high level players who do their damage scoring the basketball from a position off the ball.

Shooting guard especially seems to have the most depth and high level talent with 15 prospects from the position being ranked.

With so many players in this class being able to really score off the ball from the wing position, the hope is that more point guards will emerge. With shooters on the wing, point guards who show an aptitude for the game and an ability to run a team will begin looking very good and start racking up high assist numbers.

Unfortunately right now point guards and centers seem to be the weak spot of the class. Only four centers find their way onto the list. That is in stark contrast with the 2012 class which is loaded with big guys. Also only nine point guards have cracked the initial rankings, so at least in this early stage if you need a wing you're in luck, but if not then well, good luck.

Things will no doubt change a lot with these rankings over the next couple of years, but it is clear that the strength of this 2013 class will definitely be on the wing.

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