Dorsey-Walker has attention

So far this spring Sherron Dorsey-Walker has been playing well and is pulling in significant recruiting interest.

Shooters with length and solid athleticism are always in the mind of coaches, and Sherron Dorsey-Walker fits that mold. The Detroit native is off to a strong start this spring, and has significant college attention coming his way.

At 6-foot-5 with long arms, Dorsey-Walker looks the part of a high level player, and he does more than just pass the look test. Loaded with talent, Dorsey-Walker has had some big games this spring.

"I think I have done good this spring," said Dorsey-Walker. "We have won a couple of championships, and I am getting to know my teammates better, and continuing to play well."

When it comes to recruiting, Dorsey-Walker says that he is hearing from Indiana, Michigan, Dayton, Florida State, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Oakland, and Iowa State.

With some good options already on the table, Dorsey-Walker is currently taking things slow, and is simply trying to weigh all of his options before coming to a decision.

"Right now I am just playing," said Dorsey Walker. "I will narrow my choices down later on. I have a lot of schools recruiting me and I like all of them."

He continued, "I am looking for a school where I can get better, where I can help the team get better, and a place where I can win."

With no decision on the horizon, Dorsey-Walker is focused on getting better. For him that means diversifying his game and becoming more than just a lethal long range shooter.

"I have been working on my dribbling and defense mostly, but I am trying to improve on everything," said Dorsey-Walker.

Currently Dorsey-Walker is a three-star rated prospect and one of the best players in Michigan in the class of 2012.

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