Best of the Best: Day One

ATLANTA, GA. – Day one of the Under Armour Best of the Best camp got going with a combine and several sets of games. The atmosphere was definitely built for scoring, and one of the players who showed very well for himself was Danrad "Chicken" Knowles.

Danrad Knowles, PF/SF – The man better known as "Chicken" has real talent. Knowles put a lot on display while on the floor. At a legit 6-foot-8, and maybe taller, he can put the ball on the deck very well, is a good athlete, and has the ability to make shots from the outside. He does need to get stronger, but offensively he can handle the small forward position, and simply is as skilled a kid his size as you will see. Knowles is capable of taking his man off the bounce for a dunk or hitting a step back three.

Jeremy Hollowell, SF – An ultra-talented player, Hollowell had it working nicely on Saturday. He was taking the ball to the rim and finishing, rebounding well, and also scored on the post when he had a smaller defender on him. Add in a three ball and it was a nice showing by Hollowell who is still getting to 100 percent recovering from a wrist injury in April.

Robert Carter, PF/C – He needs to continue to work his way into shape, but Carter is one of the most productive players in the country. He can face the rim and make plays off the bounce or with the shot. Also with his back to the basket he is nearly impossible to stop one on one. As his body matures it is scary to think how productive he will be in college.

Danuel House, SG – House is coming off of a huge weekend and showed the raw tools of why everyone is so high on him. He made a three off of a nice step back move, and then later on showed the freakish athleticism with a nice tip dunk. He still wasn't as productive as you would like or expect, but overall House has a ton of upside with his size, athleticism, and ability to make shots.

Mitch McGary, C - McGary was dominant during the spring period. Now in a camp setting it wasn't the best atmosphere for him. He started off the game fairly slow, though did improve as time went on. The athleticism and strength are impressive, and he handles the ball well for a guy his size, he just didn't have the dominant game you have come to expect when watching him in the past.

J.P. Tokoto, SF – There is no questioning his athleticism. He had maybe the moment of the day with a ridiculous tip dunk off of a missed shot where he basically came flying in from the free throw line. Still the handle gets very loose at times, and he struggled to take his man off the dribble because of it. He had his moments, there is just definite space to tighten things up on the offensive end.

Skylar Spencer, PF – A nice looking prospect, Spencer is a good athlete who ran the floor well and has extremely long arms. Strength is an issue, but that will come in time with work in the weight rom. His post moves are very raw, and he is at his best in transition where his ability to run the floor shows up. Also defensively he is capable of blocking a shot.

William Goodwin, PF – There aren't too many better producers right now in the 2012 class than Goodwin. He has good strength and athleticism, and combines it with a nice motor. He hit a few jumpers in the mid-range, but it is on the interior where he did most of his damage. Goodwin is very solid all-around, and just continues to assert himself as one of the best in the class.

Ray Lee, SG/PG – Lee fancies himself as a lead guard, but the reality is the dude is flat out wired to score the basketball. Going to the rim he is tough to contain with his strength and athleticism. His outside shot can use some work, and his dunking percentage, well it left something to be desired, but the athleticism is quite impressive. Capable of going for a big number every game out, Lee needs to be more consistent but has the talent.

Kamari Murphy, PF – Now planning to prep at IMG Academy, Murphy had an excellent showing. He is long, athletic, blocks shots, and then finishes nicely around the rim. Murphy continues to get stronger and that has helped him on the glass, and is beginning to take his game to the next level.

Jordan Price, SG/SF – Price can score in just about any way imaginable. He had the three point jumper working, the floater was on point, and then also he finished at the rim with creativity. Strength more than quickness is Price's game, and when he is making shots like he was on Saturday it is impressive to watch.

Glenn Robinson, SF/SG – Robinson tested out with one of the highest verticals at the camp, and translates that athleticism well to the floor. He was finishing above the rim and making open shots. Now he didn't take his man off the bounce as much as he is capable of, but with his strength and athleticism beginning to show up in a big way he is very difficult to contain on the wing.

Shaquille Johnson, SF – One of the freakiest athletes you will ever see, Johnson is slowly but surely making strides to being a basketball player and not just a dunk contest All-American. His handle is showing signs of improvement and his mid-range game is respectable, and those are improvements. Still he relies a ton on athleticism, but the strides are being made with the skill game.

Ali Mohammed, C – Only in the country for a few months, Mohammed made an impression on the camp. He goes to Trent International School, and is as high motor a player as there is on the interior. It isn't pretty with him as skill is not his game, but with good size, strength, and a motor that is on another level he finds a way to get a lot of good things done in terms of rebounding and garbage buckets down low.

Derrick Griffin, PF – The athleticism possessed by this young man is tough to put into words. It isn't just that he jumps high, he is quick laterally, has strength, and runs the floor extremely well. A wide receiver in football, Griffin is every bit a high-major prospect in basketball as well. Defensively he makes a ton happen with his ability to block and alter shots, and then offensively he finishes around the rim. Griffin also knocked in a three, but not sure that is really his game.

Chris Walker, PF – Walking onto the court there can't be a more impressive player than Walker in the country. He has the length, height, and broad shoulders that will earn him elite high-major offers. Now his production wasn't what it has been the rest of the summer, but still he showed some of the talent that has him as a five-star prospect and one of the most coveted players in the country. He runs the floor well, is an above the rim player, and has good hands. Just wasn't a vintage day production wise for him.

Andrew Harrison, PG/SG – Harrison has very nice floor vision and then also is more than capable of making open shots. He hit a dagger three to help his team get a win. On the ball he looks to score a little bit more than pass, though it isn't like he is a gunner. Harrison does make some nice passes, but he must continue to make strides as a leader of his team with attitude and energy. The natural talent is astounding given his size, athleticism, and elite skill level.

Aaron Harrison, SG/PG – He is far more of a raw scorer than his brother, but Aaron is quite impressive in his own right. His range is no joke, though he does need to better monitor his shot selection. In a game that very few were playing defense, Harrison showed a desire to do so, and has the body and scoring ability to be an elite level player.

Jabari McGhee, SF – A very good athlete, McGhee excels in the up and down atmosphere of a camp setting. He blocked shots, got to the rim and finished, and is simply outstanding in transition. McGhee must sure up his handle, and continue to rep the jump shot, but his athleticism and frame make him a very intriguing prospect going forward.

Aquille Carr, PG – There is so much natural ability in Carr. He is only 5-foot-6 on a good day, but Carr is as quick as any player in the nation, has great floor vision, and also is an outstanding athlete. Now the issue for him is he over dribbles, and quite simply doesn't value every possession. If he can limit his turnovers to a moderately respectable level, everything else he does on the floor will make him one of the top players around.

Brandon Austin, SF – A physically strong wing, Austin was very impressive on Saturday. He scored with athleticism going to the rim, and then also went to work in the mid-range. His handle is at the highest level for a small forward and also he showed to be a capable passer. He disappeared at times during the game, but the talent is definitely there.

Justin Coleman, PG – A true point guard, Coleman is capable off the dribble beating his man going either right or left, and then once in the lane he is an excellent decision maker. Not an elite athlete and not super strong, Coleman just really knows how to play the game and makes everybody better. As his body continues to improve his game will only get better, and right now he is off to a very good start.

Danrad Knowles mentioned interest from Texas, Oklahoma, Wichita State, and Baylor

Kamari Murphy has offers from Oklahoma State, Florida State, Miami, and Pittsburgh. Also he is hearing from Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, and Texas Tech.

Ray Lee noted offers from Dayton, Xavier, and Rhode Island. Also he is hearing from Texas, Tennessee, Florida State, Clemson, Georgia (where he will visit on Monday), West Virginia, UCF, Iowa State, and Baylor.

Ali Mohammed is just beginning the recruiting process, but already has an offer from Rice.

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