Best of the Best: Top Performers

The Under Armour Best of the Best Camp featured some of the top players in the country. Here are nine who really stood out.

Size: /195 |
Quick Take: Griffin was impressive all weekend long with his athleticism and ability to play the game. An absolute freak athlete, Griffin rebounds above the square and is able to block shots from the weakside. Offensively his game is somewhat limited, but he knows it and plays to his strengths on the interior. Hit a few jumpers, but that is inconsistent right now. However his size, strength, and freakish athleticism made him tough to contain all weekend long

Recruiting: Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor

Size: 7-10/245 |
Quick Take: It took McGary one game to really get it together, and once he did it was impressive to watch. He dominated on the low block with his size and strength and then stepped out and knocking some jumpers. McGary's athleticism was able to bother offensive players, and also his ball handling is very underrated, especially for a player his size. Once he got going, no one in the camp could come close to containing McGary.

Recruiting: Kansas, Duke, UCLA, Indiana, Purdue, North Carolina, Michigan, Connecticut, Florida , Michigan

Size: 7-6/175 |
Quick Take: House has really stepped his game up this summer, and this weekend was a prime example. With good size, excellent athleticism, and the ability to make shots, House was one of the top performers all weekend. He found a way to be impactful on both ends of the floor and never stopped producing. Overall he was simply excellent.

Recruiting: Colorado, Baylor, TCU, Vanderbilt, Louisville, South Carolina, Texas, Maryland, Florida State, Mississippi State

Size: 7-9/245 |
Quick Take: Carter was simply one of the most productive players in the entire camp. He scores very efficiently from the mid-range and in, and just has the savvy to be an impressive player. Not a great athlete, Carter makes up for it with basketball IQ and his ability to pass the ball and set up defenders. One on one nearly everybody had a tough time containing Carter all weekend long.

Recruiting: Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida State

Size: 7-10/195 |
Quick Take: Knowles used his unique skill set to be one of the best players every time he stepped on the floor. With his ability to handle and shoot, combined with his height, Knowles bothered defenders and was able to put points on the board. Add in that he has a high motor, and Knowles is one of the tougher matchups at the forward position.

Recruiting: Texas, Oklahoma, Baylor, Wichita State

Size: 7-7/205 |
Quick Take: He tested out as one of the best athletes in the camp, and Robinson followed it up by showing that he is a high level basketball player as well. His jump shot is pure, he is gaining a ton of strength, and now his game off the bounce is really improving. Robinson was one of the most productive players, and also showed the upside with his athleticism.

Recruiting: Committed to Michigan

Size: 7-8/200 |
Quick Take: Murphy had an excellent showing. His athleticism and length are impressive, and his body has made great strides in the last year. Offensively he does most of his work around the rim as he isn't super skilled, but he has a high motor and knows how to be effective. On defense he bothers people with his activity and long arms. Now that his strength is up to par, Murphy proved that he can be tough to contain at the power forward spot.

Recruiting: Oklahoma State, Florida State, Pittsburgh, Miami, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, and Texas Tech.

Size: 6-5/215 |
Quick Take: Price is just a big time scorer, and proved that he can put the ball in the basket every way imaginable. He is very efficient in the mid-range where his pull up jumper is impressive. Also he has the strength to get to the rim and finish along with the range to hit from three. Now that his body is in shape, his skills are taking over.

Recruiting: Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Ole Miss, Memphis

Size: 6-4/175 |
Quick Take: A big point guard who can score as well as distribute, Jordan proved to be an absolute problem for anybody who tried to check him. He is able to get into the lane and either pass to an open defender or make the short jumper, and then he also has the length and lateral quickness to be a very good perimeter defender. He could emerge as one of the top 2013 floor generals.

Recruiting: LaSalle, Temple, Villanova, Drexel, Rutgers, Kentucky, Arizona, St. John's

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