Alcantara takes two unofficials

On Thursday, 2012 Chicago wing Eddie Alcantara visited USC and UCLA. He talks to about how those trips went, as well as what other two schools he has visits set up to.

On Thursday, 6-foot-5, 200-pound Chicago Hales Franciscan 2012 wing Eddie Alcantara spent the day in Los Angeles taking unofficial visits to the local Pac-12 schools.

He started the day on USC's campus.

"I went to USC first," Alcantara said. "It was real cool, I got to meet all the coaches, coach Bob (Cantu) and I saw down with the head coach (Kevin O'Neill). He was a really cool dude and spoke to me straight up. He was very straightforward about the situation at that school and how things go with the players, staff and education.

"I got to go to the gym and everything was lifted up because they had a commercial there earlier. It was a great gym. We went around and saw the studios because I want to major in technical operations and media so I saw the studios they would have for my class. I also saw the campus. I had a great vibe. In my opinion they'd probably be up there in my schools."

After USC, Alcantara headed to Westwood to visit UCLA's campus.

"I got to see the whole campus and walked around," he said. "A lot of the students were getting ready to leave so we saw all the students; everybody was there having a good time. We didn't see any classrooms but walked by some of their main buildings. We walked to the Hall of Fame room and I got to see all the trophies and Hall of Famers.

"I spoke to the assistant coach. I didn't get to see (Ben Howland) but he plans on coming out to Peach Jam."

Alcantara was told by both coaching staffs that they'll watch him in July.

"The coach of USC said they'll come out and see me play and from there he'll let me know if he'll offer me or not," Alcantara said. "The head coach of UCLA has to see me first; that's what he has to do. They have high interest in me though. They've been recruiting me for three months."

On Friday, Alcantara will unofficially visit UNLV, and he'll take a trip to Marquette next week.

He's also been hearing from a handful of other programs.

"Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma and La Salle," Alcantara listed. "I like La Salle; I have a good relationship with the coaches there."

When it comes to ultimately choosing a school, Alcantara is looking for the best fit, with location not really being a factor, as evidenced by Thursday's visits.

"To me it's not about being close to home or going away from home," he said. "It's more about a stable situation and a great education. You have to get that diploma aside from basketball. But basketball-wise, both UCLA and USC are great situations."

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