Griffin looks to both sports

For Derrick Griffin the future is bright. He is an elite football and basketball player, and has significant recruiting attention for both sports.

One of the premier athletes in the 2013 class is Derrick Griffin. An elite level power forward on the basketball floor, Griffin is also a high level wide receiver on the football field. Coming from the football crazed state of Texas, most assumed he looked to his future in the grid iron, but Griffin says that is not necessarily the case.

At 6-foot-6 and roughly 200 pounds, Griffin isn't the tallest power forward, but with his combination of long arms, freakish athletic ability, and strength there is no question he plays taller than his listed height. With that Griffin has had an excellent spring and summer on the AAU circuit even if he is understated about it.

"I've been playing alright," said Griffin. "I usually hustle a lot. I am someone who just always wants to win."

What makes Griffin such an impressive prospect is the fact that he should have his pick of schools for either football or basketball. However he says balancing the two sports isn't very difficult.

"It doesn't really feel like anything tough," said Griffin. "I just hustle in football as well, so it is basically like the same for me. It isn't tough."

On the recruiting trail Griffin says that things are beginning to pick up. He is getting significant attention for football and basketball at this early stage, and at the moment he is simply listening to what the coaches have to say.

"The same schools in basketball and football are recruiting me," said Griffin. "Mostly it is Texas, Texas &M, USC, Oregon, Baylor, Arizona, and a few others, but it is the same schools."

Griffin doesn't claim to like one sport a lot more than the other, and doesn't know exactly what the future holds, but at least for right now he is looking to keep all of his options open in terms of which sport to focus on in college.

"If I stay this height I will play both sports, but if I get taller it will just be basketball," said Griffin. "Right now my plan is to play both sports in college."

Currently Griffin has no timetable for making a decision and says that no unofficial visits are being planned.

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