In Due Time?

INDIANAPOLIS – Some guys are more ready to pop than others. Consider WI/NC SF J.R. Morris one of those guys who is ready to commit. Morris wants to attend Illinois and surely the Illini want him but it's not done yet.

In Due Time?

On Saturday, SF J.R. Morris made it clear what he wants to do with his collegiate career. "I am going to Illinois," Morris told BlueChipHoops. The words sounded dangerously close to a commitment but that's not exactly the case. Let me explain.

Fact: Morris wants to attend Illinois.

Fact: Illinois wants Morris to attend Illinois.

So, where's the problem? Well, while this is a marriage that could take place in the future, it hasn't been consummated yet. Basically, Morris has some work to do in the classroom. The Wisconsin native will attend Creedmoor (NC) Christian Faith Center this year to try and beef up his academics. That's a major part of this process.

Should Morris take care of business in the classroom, it would appear that he would attend Illinois. Right now to count him as a commitment would be a bit premature. He wants to attend school in Champaign and the Illini want him on their roster but it's just too early to include him in the Illinois 2002 recruiting class.

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