Los Angeles Weekend Tourneys Recap

Mater Dei and Redondo Union both hosted high school tournaments this weekend, with the Watts Summer Games also featuring some impressive talent. Scout.com was in attendance for all three tournaments over the weekend. Here's a rundown of the top prospects in action.

Katin Reinhardt, SG, Mater Dei: With the other high major prospects at other events this weekend, Reinhardt was the man for Mater Dei, a role he's clearly comfortable with. It was a good weekend for Reinhardt, whose three-point shot was on point but he also displayed a crossover that was impossible to stay in front of, as he used it to get his defender off balance before taking the ball straight to the basket, where he finished well. When Reinhardt played hard on defense, he also did a good job staying in front of his man. There's absolutely no question on Reinhardt's talent level. The key for him will be taking in college coaching, conforming to that system and letting that school use his talents to the best of the head coach's ability. Should he do that, he'll have a bright future at the next level.

Taj Adams, PF, Fairfax: A face up four, Adams is a unique player with some definite skills to work with. He's not a terrific shooter or athlete - although he looks like he's still growing and growing into his body - but he's got very good handles for his size and terrific vision. He's best when he catches the ball in the high post, uses a quick first step to get by his defender and then finds an open teammate around the basket. Adams physically and facially looks much more like a 2013 prospect than a 2012 one and that should be taken into consideration. He's got to keep improving as a shooter to add another element to his face up game.

Brendyn Taylor, PG/SG, Fairfax: Taylor calls himself a "diamond in the rough" and that's not a bad description for him. After only playing seven games as a junior following a transfer from View Park, Taylor is somewhat rusty, but has improved in some important areas. He's always had his shooting ability, but is more confident from midrange and better getting to the hoop than he's been in the past. Taylor has improved his point guard skills, but that's one area he can really focus on in order to take his college stock to the next level. The point guard class is thin out west and with not many to go around, he's worth consideration by the bigger schools in the region.

Keywhon Powns, PG/SG, Westchester: Formerly a wing, Powns is transitioning into playing point guard and is doing an admirable job. On Sunday, he did a good job playing the role of distributor, consistently looking for his teammates, and didn't really attempt to score much besides some drives to the basket. He's got good size and athleticism for the point guard position, although he's definitely more of a combo for now. The fact that he'll be able to guard both the one and two in college makes him further intriguing.

Jordan Bell, PF, Long Beach Poly: On defense, you couldn't ask for much more from Bell than what he offers considering his current age and weight. He's a dominant shot-blocker, but his defensive rebounding ability shouldn't be understated. When the other team puts up a shot, Bell is on alert and on a miss, he'll often sprint several feet to beat out others who are standing right there and should have been in position to grab the rebound before him. He doesn't really seem comfortable on offense, but is so athletic and long that even if he doesn't improve in that area over the next year, it's hard to believe high major coaches won't want to take him with the idea that they can coach him up in that area. There's a long way to go until that point, however, as Bell has three summers and two seasons to work on his offense before he steps on a college campus.

Roschon Prince, SF, Long Beach Poly: Prince's physical approach to the game at the small forward position really serves him well at the high school level. He gets the ball from the wing and when he's best he's in attack mode, going straight towards the basket, always looking to draw contact and go to the line if the lay-up isn't there. It works, as he's stronger than the kids trying to defend him and it often leads to a couple free throws. Prince's perimeter game has improved in the last year - he can hit the open three - but it will be a key area for him to work on moving forward. Prince does play tough, physical defense and can really get up in the air in transition.

Jordan Mathews, PG/SG, Santa Monica: Mathews' competitiveness is going to serve him well on the next level, wherever he ends up. He always plays to win and that's an attribute that shouldn't be overlooked. The biggest question with Mathews, who is a strong kid for his age, will be how his body develops between now and next year when scouts make somewhat of a final call on him, because from a talent perspective there's a lot to like. He can knock down the open three but specializes at going to the basket, where he can either finish or find a cutting teammate.

Payton Banks, SF, Orange Lutheran: Banks is definitely a unique player. He's built like a 6-foot-5 power forward, but is most comfortable on the perimeter, as he can handle the ball for his size and can get hot from three. Regardless of where he ends up playing in college, the more he can develop his game in the post will be helpful for him, including rebounding, an area where he should be dominant at this level considering his size and strength.

Isaiah Bailey, SG, Compton: The rising sophomore definitely established himself as one of the best West Coast prospects in his class. He can knock down the open three but more importantly is developing the ability to create his own shot, as he hit some acrobatic jumpers from midrange. Bailey's athleticism helps him cut to the basket, and he's smooth finding lanes in traffic and driving to the hoop. He's got a really good frame for the wing position and as he gets stronger, the offensive ability will improve in all areas.

Due to one of his games being called just after halftime and missing a half due to the ACT, it was an incomplete viewing of Gabe York, which is why he wasn't mentioned in this report. ... Donovan Johnson of Palisades is one of the more intriguing 2012 combo guards out west. Johnson's athleticism would make him a steal at the mid-major level and a sleeper for bigger schools. ... Until now, most talk regarding the top 2014 prospects has been about Shaqquan Aaron, Stanley Johnson and Christian Wood, but Isaiah Bailey should be mentioned in that same group. ... On top of Bailey, Compton has an intriguing 2014 wing in Iziahiah Sweeney, who showed some impressive bounce this weekend. ... St. Bernard has a young post to keep an eye on in 6-foot-7 Chance Comanche. ... 2013 Fairfax forward Reggie Theus, Jr. showed an improved outside shot and effort. ... Mater Dei combo guard Eli Stalzer did a good job making his team go, taking caring of the ball and finding the open teammate. He was the most impressive prospect on his team after Reinhardt.

Isaiah Bailey said he's heard from Memphis, Oregon, UCLA, California and Colorado.

Taj Adams is being recruited by USC and Nevada.

Jordan Mathews is being recruited by Arizona, California, UCLA, Arizona State, Colorado, LSU, Arkansas, Florida, Notre Dame, Florida State.

Brendyn Taylor has offers from Colorado and Penn, with attention from USC, UCLA, Colorado, St. Mary's, California and Pepperdine.

Keywon Powes has an offer from Cal State Northridge and interest from Virginia Tech, San Diego State, UTEP, Colorado and Washington State.

Donovan Johnson has offers from LMU and Pepperdine. He's also being recruited by Colorado, Washington, UCLA, Gonzaga, St. Mary's and Nevada.

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