NBA Camp: Day One, Part B

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Day one of the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp is in the books. With one of the most talented fields of players of any event all year long, numerous prospects stood out, but none more than Devonta Pollard.

Kevin Ferrell, PG – Ferrell had it working in a big way during his morning game. His pull up jumper is lethal when he is in the zone, and Ferrell was indeed in the zone. Along with his scoring touch, Ferrell valued the basketball and took good care of the ball getting others involved. Defensively he can use some work, but offensively he was the total package and did everything asked out of him to help his team get a solid win. In the evening Ferrell came down to earth a little bit, but the morning game was quite impressive.

Mitch McGary, PF/C – You don't see many people around 6-foot-10 and 250 pounds with the ability to put the ball on the floor and finish above the rim like McGary. Add in a top notch motor and nice hands, and McGary absolutely dominant in his morning game. Defensively he isn't a major force, but he cleans the glass and plays solid and strong on the box.

Devonta Pollard, SF/PF – Really what position he truly is, is becoming increasingly irrelevant. The bottom line is Pollard is one of the most versatile and productive players in the class. Pollard scores around the rim with athleticism and rebounding, and also faces the basket and either can make shots or put it on the deck. He can guard multiple positions as well, and flat out Pollard was a beast all game long in his team's first game.

Robert Upshaw, C – Upshaw was impressive with his play in an evening contest. He went to his go-to move, which is a right hand hook when going midline, with great effectiveness against Nerlens Noel. Upshaw also rebounded well, though he didn't impact the game blocking shots like he has shown in the past.

Jordan Tebbutt, SF – Tebbutt is a bull with the basketball and used his strength to really get to the rim. He didn't show too much of an outside shot, but using his strength and athleticism allowed Tebbutt to be productive. In an evening close contest Tebbutt was one of the better performers for his team.

Amile Jefferson, PF – Not the strongest kid at the camp, Jefferson did show great production in his morning game. Jefferson dominated on the glass using his freakishly long arms, good timing, and excellent hands. Add in his offense inside of 10 feet, and Jefferson showed that he is still an elite prospect in the 2012 class.

Rasheed Sulaimon, SG – In an evening game Sulaimon had the offensive repertoire working. He scored with a dunk, hit off the bounce, and as usual knocked in threes. Also, and maybe most impressively, Sulaimon showed that he is an excellent defender. Overall it was a very nice showing for Sulaimon.

Gary Harris, SG – The ultra-athletic Harris showed the total skill set in his morning contest. He made shots from three, scored around the rim off of impressive drives, and also showed effort, intensity, and ability on the defensive end. Harris isn't a point guard, but on the ball he does handle the ball well against pressure, and is a smart player who knows how to play.

Javan Felix, PG – A stocky and powerful guard, Felix was going to the rim whenever possible. He is very strong, and has decent acceleration, though not the best shooter. Felix was solid and did some nice things, but he needs to show more of an outside shot.

T.J. Warren, SF – The sweet shooting Warren had the stroke working in a big way during the morning session. Warren scored it from the mid-range off the dribble, but it was his catch and shoot efforts from deep that were most impressive. Not a great athlete, Warren showed to be more than capable in that area when it comes to having the aptitude and ability to defend on the wing.

Alex Caruso, SG/SF – In an initial viewing of Caruso there is a lot to like. The wing player from Texas showed some athletic ability, made shots, and gave effort on both ends of the floor. He isn't great off the bounce, and isn't the best physical specimen, but he has lot of ability and has a great chance to be ranked when those are next updated.

Jordan Price, SG – Price didn't do much to make his teammates better, but he sure had things working for himself on the offensive end. He was knocking in shots from all over the floor and putting up big numbers. He needs to do more than hunt some shots, but the ability to light up the scoreboard is most definitely there.

Andre Drummond, C – Drummond has been known to be either unstoppable or invisible, and in the morning it was the latter. He didn't have it working at all in the morning game. Offensively he was just off, and defensively he didn't have a major impact on things either. If Drummond wants to retain his No. 1 spot, performances like this need to be fewer and farer between.

Codi Miller-McIntyre, PG/SG – In his morning outing Miller-McIntyre made a big splash. He showed the ability to really score the basketball from deep and also going to the rim. A good athlete, Miller-McIntrye has the quickness to collapse a defense, and while not a pure point man he does have the aptitude to distribute the ball.

Michael Frazier, SG – Arguably the top pure shooter in the class, Frazier had it working as usual in the morning. Not great at creating his own shot, he does do a solid job of it. When he does have the ability to get his feet set and shoulders squared the shot almost always goes down, and he did that with regularity during his team's first game.

Joel James, C – This is just an absolute man-beast on the interior. In a camp loaded with big and physical bodies, James might be the biggest. He has great hands, scores around the rim, and knows how to use his frame to be physical. James isn't the best athlete, but he does run the floor and showed in his morning game that he will have the ability to make an impact on the low block right away.

Andrew White, SG/SF – It is good to see a kid develop late who keeps on getting better, and White fits the description. After blowing up earlier in the spring, White proved he belongs during his morning game. He can score off the wing as well as virtually any player in the class and does it in a variety of ways. Not an unreal athlete, he is good enough, and is no question a high level player.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, SG/PG – Playing on the ball at the camp, Smith-Rivera is a bit out of his element. Offensively he did a good job of scoring and a solid job of distributing, but defensively his strength and size are best when defending off the ball players. He can definitely score, and has good floor vision, but his future seems best on the wing.

Katin Reinhardt, SG – There is absolutely no questioning Reinhardt's ability to shoot the basketball. He can make bad shots, good shots, and everything in between. Also Reinhardt handles it fairly well and can make passes, though too often he goes for the flashy play and not the fundamental play. Ability is not in question, now it is a matter of focus.

Brandon Ashley, PF – Ashley showed the signs that have him such a highly thought after recruit. He flashed some nice handles, has good size, and he is a very capable rebounder, but Ashley didn't do anything consistently, it was all in flashes. In an evening game he was solid, and the potential is there, but an inner fire is needed to be consistent.

Allerik Freeman, SG/PG – In the morning game he played mostly off the ball, and Freeman shined. He used his athleticism and strength to beat his man off the dribble and get to the rim. Also Freeman hit some perimeter jumpers and proved to be someone who can really make plays on the offensive end.

Anton Gill, SG – Gill struggled at first in the evening, but then got going with his outside shot. He has good size for his position, and a nice stroke. Now Gill does need to be more assertive given his talent level, but against older players it was a good showing.

Anton Gill noted offers from East Carolina, Charlotte, NC State, Wake Forest, Louisville, and South Carolina. Also there is interest from Miami, North Carolina, Xavier, and Marquette.

Jordan Tebbutt has significant interest from Louisville, Virginia Tech, Kansas, Virginia, West Virginia, Colorado, Washington State, Washington, and Oregon State.

Javan Felix listed a top six of UCLA, Arizona, Texas A&M, Miami, Baylor, and Virginia.

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