NBA Camp: Day Two, Part B

Day two at the NBA Players Association Camp was a good one. Several players stepped up big, and one of the best was Texas product Shaquille Cleare.

Shaquille Cleare, C – One of the most nimble big guys in the class, Cleare put on a show in his morning game. Going up against other big bodies, Cleare showed excellent footwork, nice hands, and a very impressive touch out to the mid-range. It was Cleare's ability to score and rebound that was so impressive, and he really stood out as one of the premier big guys in this loaded group.

Amile Jefferson, PF – What this kid is doing is absolutely unbelievable. Jefferson is playing with an injured hand/finger and is still more often than not the best player on the floor. He is a monster on the glass, always gives 100 percent, and has been a dominant force in every game. No question Jefferson in the evening was the best player on the floor in his game.

T.J. Warren, SF – This is just in, Warren can flat out score. The dude is torching the nets in nearly every game this week. In his team's evening game Warren was doing it with his quick trigger jumper and also using his ability to handle the ball to create space. Warren is one of the best pure scorers in the entire camp, and is consistently getting it done.

Jerome Hairston, PG – A late invitation to the camp, Hairston proved he belongs during the morning session of games. Hairston scored going to the rim with floaters and off the bounce, and also showed solid floor vision getting his teammates involved nicely.

Andrew White, SG/SF – It is tough to believe that he wasn't well known before the spring. White scored the ball very well in the evening and used his size and athleticism to make an impression. White scores it at all three levels and is an intelligent player who really knows how to get things done on the floor.

Joel James, C – Going against Cleare was good for James. Both of them resemble offensive tackles as much as they do post players, and both are very mobile. James struggled at times on the defensive end. Still he scored some, rebounded nicely, and overall proved he can match the physicality and strength of any top big guy around.

Ricardo Gathers, PF – Freak of nature is the only way to describe Gathers. He is built like an NFL defensive end, and has the speed to beat any player up and down the floor. Now in the evening session he did get blocked a few times, but still Gathers scored in transition and was very impressive on the glass. He is a kid who coaches would love to go to battle with.

Ron Patterson, SF/SG – After a slow start to the camp on Thursday, Patterson caught fire in his morning game. Patterson got his shot working and filled it up knocking in buckets from all over as well as playing solid on the defensive end. Now he struggled against pressure, but still it was one of his best showings.

Ryan Arcidiacono, PG – Not the most explosive guard in the class, Arcidiacono is one of the most effective and productive. He dished off assists, showed his legit range out to 25 feet, and then was effective on the defensive end using his length and intelligence to keep guys in front of him. While he might not be a true breakdown guy, Arcidiacono makes his teammates better at the same time as hunting his own offense.

Marcus Smart, SF/SG – It is impossible to watch Smart play and not really like what you see. He is the toughest kid in the class and maybe the biggest winner going. He does everything needed from defending, to rebounding, to deflecting passes, to diving on loose balls to help his team win, and oh yeah his offensive skills are improving as well.

Grant Jerrett, PF/C – Jerrett has been an interesting case. Sometimes it looks like he has great touch out to the three point line, and other times he misses shots extremely badly. Jerrett has good size and is long, but isn't super strong or explosive. Defensively and rebounding wise he has had his struggles, but he is fairly skilled on the offensive end.

Mitch McGary, PF/C – Known mostly for his offensive game, McGary made a huge impact in his morning game on the defensive end. McGary blocked numerous shots, including one in very impressive pin on the break. As usual McGary was effective around the rim on offense, but it was on defense where he made the biggest impact.

Gabe York, SG – Right now York is looking to make the transition from off guard to on the ball, and while that may never happen, he did show some signs of life in that area. York was getting into the lane and looking to pass instead of score more often than not. Now he still can score and does hunt shots, but there is improvement being shown in terms of doing things to make others better.

Montrezl Harrell, PF/SF – Mostly an athletic beast going to the basket, Harrell is now adding a bit more skill to his game. He showed off a nice ability to handle the ball with open space in front of him, and converted on the break with both power and finesse. Now he is still mostly a power player, but at least in his morning game there was definite development being shown.

A.J. Hammons, C – So far this week Hammons hasn't been able to get into any kind of flow or rhythm. He has been somewhat effective on defense blocking or altering shots, but at the same time offensively he hasn't been in synch. During the evening game he had a flash or two, but also struggled.

Cameron Ridley, C – They grow ‘em big in Texas, and very few are bigger than Ridley. The massive center played a solid interior game in the morning session. He showed excellent hands, a lot of strength, and the ability to finish near the room. Ridley isn't the most athletic, and needs to run the floor a little bit better, but he still knows how to be productive on both ends of the floor.

Arnaud Moto, SF – Energy and effort are the staples to Moto's game, and he combined that with his athleticism to make some major waves in his morning outing. Moto stepped up after a slow start to the event and showed why so many schools are interested in him.

Ronnie Johnson, PG – Johnson is one of the top set up guys in the class. During the evening session he got the ball into the post and also was solid in transition making the right look at the right time. He is small, and not a knock down shooter, but he shows his ability to get folks into the right places, and in a camp atmosphere that isn't easy to accomplish.

Nate Britt, PG – Coming into the camp Britt definitely wouldn't have been described as a scoring guard, but he is putting up huge numbers. In an evening game Britt had 30, and was impressive doing it. Now at times he did get to be a bit of a volume guy, but in his defense he was absolutely on fire, so it was tough to pass up looks. Still wish he would have passed it a little more, but when you have it cooking like Britt did, it is easy to make sure to help your team get the win by producing points, which he did at a great rate.

Nerlens Noel, C/PF – He has had his struggles at times during the camp, but in the evening Noel was absolutely dominant on defense. In the second half alone he had a handful of blocked shots, and also ran the floor well. Noel isn't a game changer on offense, but defensively he can impact the outcome in a big way.

Landen Lucas mentioned offers from Vanderbilt, Harvard, NC State, Gonzaga, Florida State, Oregon, Oregon State, Colorado, Arizona State, USC, Cal, and Stanford.

A.J. Hammons is being contacted most by Minnesota, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio State.

Gary Harris says that Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Louisville are recruiting him the hardest.

Ricardo Gathers noted St. John's, Syracuse, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, Cal, and LSU.

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