Sunday's 3-on-3 Rumblings

INDIANAPOLIS – The morning 3-on-3 sessions at Nike are awesome. Sure, they make for a long day but they are one of the most valuable aspects of camp. Here's a rundown of some of the guys who seemed to stand out Sunday morning.

3-ON-3 Standouts

NOTE: Nike sets the teams according to height breakdown and then matches teams against each other for five minute games with running clocks. It's a fast-paced, fun atmosphere.

Amare Stoudemire, C He's an illegal player in this game. Too strong and too powerful for this setting. He actually dunked a basketball along with an unnamed prospect. Ouch.

JJ Redick, SG When you don't get your touches in five-on-five settings, this is the perfect remedy. Redick did his usual perimeter damage but accomplished some things off the dribble that he's been working on this spring and summer.

Tristan Martin, CG The beauty of this format is that it's easy to see who can create for themselves and who can score. Martin can do both. He got his shot off, threw down a few nasty dunks and really had an excellent morning. Not surprisingly, he carried his success along with him throughout the rest of the day.

Torin Francis, PF The evolution into a McDonald's All-American is nearly complete. The offensive skills are starting to take center stage. He's a hot prospect at camp and he was awesome in this setting.

John Gilchrist, PG Sometimes it's just time to win and when John realized that he took over. He drove the lane and fearlessly got crushed, took the hits and made the shots. He's a better creator and finisher of his shot than he's generally given credit for. The heart and soul of any team he plays on.

Shavlik Randolph, PF He traded a little paint with Stoudemire this morning and while Amare hit him up for a bucket or two, he was able to move the big man outside and bust some jumpers on him and get by the shot blocker with a nice spinner.

Julius Lamptey, C The big man came to play this week. He was wearing guys out with his body (over 300 lbs.) and even showcased a variety of moves around the cup. The knock on him is academics but if that isn't a problem the list of suitors will be long.

Rick Cornett PF We've got this one figured out. Cornett is just a few seasons away from being a very good college player. Against kids equal or lesser in size, he have supreme confidence and scored a ton. Against bigger guys with some reputations, he struggled. Confidence and more games under his belt against the best competition are key to his success.

Jeremy Ingram SG He had probably the dunk of the day with a big-time throw down through traffic. This junior from Kinston, N.C., shot it and scored all morning long.

Chris McCray, SG The next in a line of what is becoming a tradition in College Park: skinny shooting guards. McCray showcased accuracy and range in this setting. Once he drilled a few and got on a roll he was fun to watch.

DJ White, PF This 6-7 sophomore power forward is going to be a thoroughbred from SEC country. In a setting like this it's exciting to see a young guy find so many ways to score.

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