Adidas Invitational: Day Two

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Day two of the Adidas Invitation brought on some spirited play during both the pool and bracket games. The one player who absolutely shined was class of 2013 floor general Kasey Hill.

Shabazz Muhammad, SF, Dream Vision – The nation's No. 1 player was once again his dominant self. What is so impressive with Muhammad is that he does everything with great efficiency. He takes good shots, doesn't waste dribbles, and just gets to places on the floor. Muhammad was completely dominant in an afternoon win, and took over when his team needed. Scoring nearly 30, Muhammad only missed two shots and was clearly the most unguardable player on the floor.

Winston Shepard, PF, Dream Vision – Energy and effort are what define Shepard, and he gave just that to Dream Vision. He finished well around the rim, made some plays on the defensive end, and just did all of the little things. Shepard isn't the most skilled kid on the perimeter, but he does have the ability to guard out there, and overall just has a ton of versatility.

Tyrone Wallace, PG, Double Pump Elite – A big point guard with good athleticism and nice court vision, Wallace was very impressive with his play. He gets into the lane with ease, and goes either right or left with equal ability. Also he is a good athlete with an excellent feel for the position. His jump shot needs work, but the tools are there, and he was impressive to watch.

Zena Edosomwan, PF, Double Pump Elite – This is a player that just continues to get better. He keeps on growing, and also his skill set is expanding. Edosomwan showed off his mid-range jumper today, and also rebounded well against a somewhat undersized frontcourt. He isn't the most athletic kid in the world, but Edosomwan plays hard and just has a feel for how to rebound and how to play in general.

Semaj Christon, PG, Cincinnati Knights – An absolute jet with the ball from baseline to baseline, Christon just keeps on improving at an extremely rapid rate. In an evening loss to Franchize Elite, Christon was a one man show for the Knights. He got to the rim at will, showed off his great court vision, and finished with athleticism. He isn't a great shooter, but it is getting better in the mid-range. High-majors are beginning to really keep a close eye on him, and his stock is on the rise.

Andre Drummond, C, Connecticut Basketball Club – Going against Muhammad and company, Drummond was very solid. He wasn't quite as impressive as he showed to be on day one, but still it was a good effort for Drummond. Drummond rebounded fairly well, showed off his incredible athleticism for a man his size, and ran the floor extremely well. He had to battle foul trouble and that limited him some, but still a solid effort.

Kris Dunn, PG, Connecticut Basketball Club – When he has been on the floor, Dunn has been ridiculously good. The only problem is that he has really struggled with foul trouble. Part of it is because Dunn gets into the lane and picks up charges, and part of the foul trouble has been whistle happy refs. Still Dunn's combination of size, athleticism, and ball handling is quite impressive. No player in his pool play games has been able to contain Dunn off the bounce.

Reggie McAdams, SF/PF, Northwest Ohio Basketball Club – A very under the radar player in Ohio right now, McAdams has mid-majors flocking to watch him play. A 6-foot-6 forward, McAdams has good size, solid athleticism, and the ability to knock in shots from the perimeter. Mostly a football prospect before this year, he plans on playing basketball, and could be someone who has a July blowup.

Marcus Marshall, SG/PG, 43 Hoops – Mid-majors looking for a scorer are going to absolutely love Marshall. He is an undersized off guard who can handle, but what he does best is flat out get buckets. Marshall showed good quickness, nice athleticism, and the ability to get hot from deep. Right now he is at the mid-major level, but if he improves some as a lead guard his stock could soar going forward.

Ricardo Gathers, PF, Brandon Bass Elite – Gathers was at his best on Thursday. He was scoring around the rim, showed more skill handling the basketball than he has in the past, and as always rebounded like a mad man and gave it 100 percent at all times. What is so impressive about Gathers is how he can run the floor and make plays on a dead sprint either passing or catching and finishing with dunks. He is a bit undersized, but as a run and jump athlete, he is tough to stop.

Ronnie Johnson, PG, Eric Gordon – In a game that was marred by absolutely atrocious officiating, Johnson did his best. Johnson was slicing through the Houston Defenders defense and getting to the rim and creating for others at a high level. He did struggle some on defense at times, but still it was an impressive game overall for him.

Devin Thomas, PF, Mid-Penn Motion – Thomas came into July with a lot of people looking for him to explode onto the scene, but in a morning game he struggled mightily. Now he does have good height and strength for the position, but he simply wasn't able to get much going. Want to see more of him, but it was a tough start to the summer.

Dillon Graham, SG, Florida Rams – If you need a shooter, this is your guy. For the Florida Rams Black, Graham had it all working with his shooting stroke. He was getting open and knocking in shots from out to 25 feet, and showing that he can also get open by moving well without the ball. Graham is more than just a shooter as he can move laterally and also has an adequate handle, but he will make his name firing from deep.

Wanaah Bail, PF, Franchize Elite – When it comes to being a run and jump guy, Bail is at the highest level. He is strong, athletic, and runs the floor as well as any forward in the class. Bail isn't very skilled, and can be lost at times, but the athleticism and motor make him someone who knows how to make an impact on the game.

Kasey Hill, PG, Florida Rams – This is a bad dude. Hill was the best player of the day showing off his ability to create for others, score in the mid-range, and hit shots from deep. After abusing some poor kids early in the day, Hill saved his best for last. He crossed his man and hit a step back jumper with one second left to give his team a close win. Hill wasn't very active on the circuit during the spring, but he is proving to be one of the elite floor generals in the 2013 class, and one of the best players overall.

Roger Mbah a Moute, PF/SF, Florida Rams – The younger brother of the former UCLA Bruin Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Roger has some ability. He has a nice looking jumper out to the three point line, and is has the look of a long forward with developing skill. Right now his learning curve is steep, and he could emerge as the summer moves along.

Derrick Walton, PG, Michigan Mustangs – It is safe to say that Walton was unstoppable in his game against Spiece Indy Heat. The savvy point guard finished with 35 points and showed his ability to get to the rim and make shots from deep. The Spiece guards had absolutely no chance to stay in front of Walton, and he put on a show. With many coaches looking on, Walton was a dominant force. When he is aggressive like he was, Walton is very tough to handle.

Richard Freeman, PF, Spiece Indy Heat – There is no doubt that Freeman has a world of potential. He is a long armed power forward with athleticism, hands, and a developing skill game. Now he needs to get stronger, and isn't consistent with his energy, but against the Mustangs he showed flashes of what type of player he could be as he matures on the floor and realizes his potential.

Jarrell Martin, PF, Brandon Bass Elite – There aren't many players in the country at any age level that combine Martin's length, athleticism, and upside. He is one of the best rebounders going, and just has that natural ability to know where the ball is coming off the rim. Also with an excellent frame and nice athleticism, he runs the floor well and is developing his skill game. Already a four-star product, Martin could go even higher with a few improvements to his game.

Keith Frazier, SG, Dream Vision – Right now the battle with Frazier is convincing him to be more than just a jump shooter. With that said, Frazier can absolutely make shots at the highest level from very deep, but he is capable of much more. On the rare occasions that he does attack, Frazier gets to the rim with ease and shows off athleticism and a nice handle. The total skill package is there, now he just needs to be more assertive with his play.

Nigel Williams-Goss, PG/SG, Double Pump Elite – A combo guard, Williams-Goss prefers to attack and get to the bucket, but also shows a nice jumper from deep. He isn't super athletic or quick, but he showed off a good feel for the game, and nice floor vision. He is definitely at his best in open space and can struggle in traffic, but he was solid for Double Pump in an evening win.

Jaquan Lyle, Spiece Indy Heat – One of the most talented guards in the class, Lyle has good size and great floor vision. What he does best is pass the ball, and he has a great feel for the game. Lyle was setting up teammates for open shots, and then did enough off the bounce to score some for himself as well. Not a great athlete, Lyle will have to really watch his body as he gets bigger, but the feel for the game and offensive ability aren't even remotely in question.

Shaqquan Aaron, SG, Dream Vision – If you can overlook the three wide open layups that he missed, and granted that is tough, Aaron had the look of a high level scorer. The form on his shot is awkward, but his release is perfect and his jumper has the look that it is always going to go in. Also a solid athlete with long arms and the frame to get bigger, the best days for Aaron are ahead. One has to assume that the wide open layups will go in far more often than not.

JaQuan Lyle drew coaches from Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, Indiana, Notre Dame, and Xavier.

Head coaches from Kentucky, UCLA, West Virginia, Kansas State, USC, Washington State, Boston College, and Virginia were in the gym for Shabazz Muhammad and Andre Drummond. Also assistants from Gonzaga, Duke, Kansas, Miami, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Washington, Oregon, Stanford, Arizona, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, Marquette, and North Carolina were in the gym.

Semaj Christon drew coaches from Louisville, Xavier, Florida State, Illinois, Miami, and Georgia Tech.

Kasey Hill has offers from Florida, Florida State, Louisville, Miami, and Providence.

Shaqquan Aaron holds an offer from UCLA. He says the entire Pac 10, UConn, and Marquette are also already involved.

Winston Shepard says in no order his list is Texas, Oklahoma State, Kentucky, Kansas, Memphis, Missouri, UCLA, San Diego State, New Mexico, UNLV, and UTEP.

Nigel Williams-Goss listed UNLV, Washington, Oklahoma, Miami, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Saint Mary's, and the rest of the Pac 10 with the exception of California and Stanford.

Tyrone Wallace has offers from Arizona State, Oregon, Gonzaga, UCLA, Fresno State, California, and San Diego State. Also interest is coming from UCLA and Arizona.

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