Double Pump Summer Tipoff: Day Two

CARSON, Calif. - It was a bit of a light day at the Double Pump Spring Tipoff, with pool play finishing up and the tournament beginning on Friday. However, there were some notable standouts from Thursday.

Skylar Spencer, C, Team Jennings Black: Spencer had a productive day on Thursday. He was his normal self on defense, blocking shots and rebounding, but he was better than usual on offense. The skill is still a work in process, but he did a good job of attacking the basket and is clearly growing more confident on the offensive end. Spencer is surely going to have high major suitors because his worst case scenario of a defensive player who rebounds isn't so bad, but it's good to see Spencer show flashes offensively. Whoever lands Spencer will have coaching to do, but he definitely has the physical presence you're looking for.

Isaac Hamilton, SG, Team Jennings Black: Hamilton has made strides on a month to month basis this spring and summer and his confidence and game right now are at all-time highs. When Hamilton gets the ball on the top of the key he chooses a new way to score every time and while he's a capable outside shooter, he doesn't settle for the outside shot, instead going into attack mode either hitting some kind of midrange shot - a pull-up or fadeaway - or going closer to the basket for a floater or lay-up. The fact that he's constantly mixing up his method of scoring has made attempting to defend him a headache for opponents. It's been a terrific showing for Hamilton thus far in Carson.

Brandon Randolph, PG, Team Jennings Black: On his high school team, Randolph has the ball so much that it's easier to gain a full appreciation for his game in one sitting. However, Randolph is splitting time and possessions with his teammates and it's led to seeing what he can do in smaller doses. The talent is there and Randolph showed a lot of his scoring prowess on Thursday. Something that Randolph did particularly well on Thursday was rebound, as he was consistently in the paint battling for missed shots. He also did a good job of focusing on setting up teammates, picking up several assists in transition.

Jordan Bell, PF, Cal Supreme Red: You really start to wonder why opponents even taking the ball into the lane when Bell is around, because there's a good chance he's going to send it another direction. Bell was blocking shots to the best of his ability on Thursday and also did a good job on the boards. He has to keep working on his offense but his shot blocking ability is going to have schools following him all summer.

Donald Muepo, Jr., Cal Supreme Black: An undersized four, Muepo is all power around the block and plays hard whenever he's on the court. When Muepo gets the ball he's in attack mode and a serious threat to throw down on an opponent. His lack of size makes him a likely target of mid-majors, but he gets the most of what he's been given physically.

Parker Cartwright, PG, Cal Supreme Red: The little point guard was at it again on Thursday, making plays with his handles and vision. Cartwright also isn't afraid to mix it up in the paint, and in one stretch picked up offensive rebounds on two straight possessions. You'd like to see him show more confidence shooting the ball and of course his current height of 5-foot-7 is a little bit of a concern, but chances are he grows and there's every reason to believe he'll become more confident as a shooter. Regardless, he's so good handling the ball and passing that he's going to get serious college attention no matter what.

Aaron Holiday, SG, Team Eleate Blue: There were a handful of bad shots and turnovers, but overall Holiday was more composed and under control than he was last week at the Fairfax tournament. You never want to dismiss something that a kid has to work on, but Holiday is so talented that in this case, it's hard to take it into serious consideration when evaluating his talent. He's long, athletic, has handles, can really shoot it both from the set position or off the dribble and isn't afraid to take the ball to the basket. Holiday has a terrific crossover at his age and he loves to use it in transition. When Holiday was looking for his teammates, he showed nice vision, and competed on the defensive end throughout the game. The young kid has a very bright future.

Washington was the only high major in the gym to see Jordan Bell and Parker Cartwright's first game.

Arizona State and California watched Isaac Hamilton, Brandon Randolph and Skylar Spencer twice.

California, Arizona State and Washington all watched Aaron Holiday.

Isaac Hamilton recently picked up an offer from Washington. He said that Arizona, USC, UCLA and Colorado are recruiting him the hardest.

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