adidas Invitational: West Coast Day 2

Shabazz Muhammad has another exceptional day, we check out a couple of sleeper post players committed to Pac-12 schools, and we have to mention a point guard from New Orleans...

It never gets old watching Shabazz Muhammad, the 6-5 small forward from Dream Vision, but occasionally we do have to see other teams in July. On Wednesday we did miss his game, but reliable sources told us had a phenomenal outing against the former #1 national player, Andre Drummond, and reportedly took his effort to the next level leading Dream Vision to the win.

Zena Edosomwan, the 6-7 power forward on Double Pump Elite, had a poor outing against one of the best centers in the country, Cameron Ridley, in the morning, and then had a better game against mid-major posts in the afternoon. Ridley, who is about 6-9 and 245, was just too much for Edosomwan, able to position, body up and do just about what he wanted against him. Edosomwan, while he's physical to a degree, still could sbe more physical, especially against someone like Ridley. You'd like to see Edosomwan, who has a great body, try to beat the hell out of someone like that instead of shying away a bit.

Tyrone Wallace, the 6-4 combo guard with Double Pump Elite, seemed to take his game to another speed again in the afternoon Thursday. You can see him starting to gain confidence, just two days into the July Evaluation period, and realizing that he can physically take on just about anyone guarding him. And he's able to do it still looking physically immature without much muscle compared to other guards. Again, in a few years when he realizes his athletic potential and gains muscle Wallace is going to be a high-level college player.

Robert Upshaw, the 6-11 center with Dream Vision, we were told injured his finger and didn't play much, or didn't play to his capability.

Xavier Johnson, the 6-6 wing with Dream Vision, had a couple of better moments, according to sources, but mostly still appeared out-of-sync.

Jordan Tebbutt, the 6-5 power forward with Double Pump Elite, is a very good prospect – as probably a mid-major power forward, or a combo forward at the least. It's commendable that he's put in the work to try to lean down and make himself a guard/wing, but there's just no denying that he's in his element around the basket. When Double Pump uses him in the block the team actually starts to play fairly well.

Kaileb Rodriguez, the 6-8 post on Colorado Chaos who is verbally committed to Cal, is an interesting prospect. He projects as a power forward, with somewhat narrow shoulders and an angular body, but with the clear possibility to add muscle. He's an inside-outside player, looking to face up away from the basket but still getting in the paint. He runs well, has good mobility, but at this point still looks very young, body-wise and in his skill set.

Josh Scott, the 6-8 center also from Colorado Chaos, who is verbally committed to Colorado, is a true post. Physically he has a chance to grow into being a Pac-12-sized center, with a fairly wide frame. He's not greatly explosive, but has a good feel around the basket, good feet and a decent skill set. Scott isn't someone who will come in and have a big impact in the Pac-12, but has the chance to develop into a solid center for the Buffaloes.

Gabe York, the 6-2 shooting guard from Compton Magic, continues to put on offensive shows as he has since spring. York is easily one of the best shooters in the west, if not the best, and is great in transition. Defensively he's working hard and appears to have gotten quicker in staying in front of his man. The question is how he'll match up defensively at the high-major level against a 6-5 wing, but he's such an offensive force that any college coach that gets him won't probably care much.

Cory Calvert, the 6-3 combo guard from the Colorado Hawks who is verbally committed to Utah State, is a solid skills player, with a pretty outside jumper, good vision and passing ability. He's just an average athlete, but he makes up for it with fundamentals and effort.

Javan Felix, the 5-11 point guard from New Orleans (Louisiana) St. Augustine, is, of course, not from the west, but there were so many west coast coaches watching his games, along with many from around the country, we have to mention him. Felix isn't ideal physically, very thick, looking like he's a linebacker without much upside for his body, but he has good quickness, and a very good feel and passing ability to go with a talent to score. He is easily one of the best point guards we've seen at the Invitational, and it wasn't getting lost on the on-looking coaches from around the country who were clearly recognizing his ability. He went through just about an entire two games making great decisions, making the smart, easy pass but also threading the needle i the half-court and in transition. It got to the point that the opponents put a guy on him to shadow him, to try to deny him the ball, but Felix was still effective. He's a right hander, but he can go left very well, with a good handle, and a strong ability to break down his defender. Felix is clearly someone that is under-rated at this point and should be seeing his recruitment pick up this July.

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