Adidas Invitational: Day Three

Day three at the Adidas Invitational was spent mostly targeting younger prospects, but still a couple of high level and 17-and under games were on the schedule. Two players in particular stood out from the day, Solomon Poole and Jeremy Hollowell.

Jeremy Hollowell, SF, Indiana Elite – By his own admission Hollowell is not someone who performs well in a camp setting. He struggled at the recent NBA Camp, but now back with his usual team he is absolutely on fire. Hollowell torched the Houston Defenders for 28 points, and did it in every way possible. He scored going to the rim, but what he did best was knock down threes. Hollowell is starting to harness his significant potential by playing hard and being focused. It was Hollowell's huge performance that lifted Indiana Elite to a quality win.

Eron Harris, SG, Indiana Elite – There might not be a prospect raising his stock more than Harris. A good shooter and a solid athlete, Harris absolutely had it working. He was knocking in threes, showing good effort on the defensive end, and also doing some work off the dribble. Harris was getting mostly mid-major attention before the event, but now things are expanding.

Hanner Perea, PF, Indiana Elite – A freakish athlete, Perea had several high level athletic plays that helped Indiana Elite gain some momentum. Perea is one of the best rebounders in the class, and does it on both the offensive and defensive end. Now he is never going to be a big scorer, but he does all of the athletic and energy things to help his team.

Chris Harrison-Docks, PG, Michigan Mustangs – In a nice win over the Atlanta Celtics, Harrison-Docks was a difference maker. The Celtics couldn't keep him from getting into the lane, and on top of that he also was knocking in threes. He finished with over 20 points, and just controlled the pace of the game and willed his team to a win.

Marquis Mondy, SG, Michigan Mustangs – Mondy is continually showing signs of improvement. He is athletic, plays very hard, gets to the rim, and does enough to keep defenders honest with his outside shot. Maybe the best thing is that Mondy is just an elite competitor, and he was huge in getting the Mustangs some big victories.

Damien Wilson, SG, Atlanta Celtics – It wasn't a good result for the Celtics against the Mustangs, but Wilson really brought a solid effort. He scored with the jumper, and then also used his athleticism to finish above the rim. Wilson hadn't had the best spring up to this point, but he had a very nice game on Friday evening.

William Goodwin, PF, Atlanta Celtics – When the Celtics went inside to Goodwin it was an absolute problem, but he didn't get enough touches, and as that happened he began to float on the perimeter which mitigated his strength and athleticism. Now Goodwin does need to be more active on the glass, but he was solid despite his team's loss.

Christian Sanders, SG, Houston Defenders – This kid is no joke, and definitely will have a chance of finding his way into the top 100 before it is said and done. A solid passer with a good basketball IQ, Sanders also makes shots at a very high level and does a respectable job on the defensive end of the floor.

Solomon Poole, PG, Atlanta Celtics – Playing at the 16 and under level is almost unfair with Poole. When he gets going toward the bucket he is just impossible to stop. Poole finishes well above the rim, has the savvy to get others involved when in the lane, and was just an absolutely dominant force in rallying the Celtics to a morning win over the BA Hoyas.

Brannen Greene, SG/SF, Atlanta Celtics – It is clear that Greene is still adjusting to his role with his new team. His shot was inconsistent throughout the game, and he never seemed to get into a great rhythm with the basketball. Still he did show the deep range, and then on top of that did some work against smaller defenders on the block. He no question has the talent, but didn't quite put it all together on Friday.

Derek Willis, PF, BA Hoyas – One of the best performers on the day was Willis. Without much help, he almost single handedly lifted the Hoyas to a win over the Celtics. He scored 26 points, grabbed 12 rebounds, and dished out seven assists. Willis scored from three, around the rim, and off the dribble in the mid-range. Also he battled a very athletic team on the glass, and simply showed enormous potential. He does need to get stronger, but there wasn't much to dislike with his showing.

Zak Irvin, SG, Eric Gordon All-Stars – A very good shooter, Irvin was absolutely on fire from the mid-range. He was hitting shots from the short corner at a high clip, and then also from the foul line extended area. On top of that Irvin showed a commitment to defend. He still really needs to improve off the bounce, but it was a very solid outing for Irvin on Friday afternoon.

Aaron Harrison, SG, Houston Defenders – Sometimes Aaron gets overshadowed by his twin brother Andrew, but against Indiana Elite that wasn't the case. Aaron was scoring whenever he wanted, and did it mostly going to the rim. A good athlete with good size, Harrison is tough to contain off the bounce, and then for good measure dropped in a few deep triples.

Devin Watson, PG, Pump ‘N Run – Watson isn't an imposing player in warm ups, but once the game tips off he is a problem for opposing teams. He has great quickness, a very impressive handle, and a good looking stroke on his jumper. On top of that he sees the floor as well as any floor general around. Even in his team's losing effort, Watson was doing everything possible, and showed to be one of the players to really watch on the West Coast in his class.

Tyler Wideman, C, Meanstreets – Wideman is a big human who has nice touch and a good feel for how to play. Not a super explosive kid, Wideman scores well with his back to the basket, and also is more than capable of knocking down the mid-range jumper. What is also impressive is that Wideman can pass out of the post. Now he does need to grow, but still he is a nice looking young post.

Trey Grundy, SF/PF, Louisville Magic – His future position will be determined by how his body develops, but Grundy is a big time prospect. He is long, athletic, and can score in a variety of ways. On Friday it was mostly in transition, but he also showed an ability to hit facing the rim. Grundy also rebounds well, and once he adds strength could really see things explode with his game.

D'Angelo Russell, SG/PG, Louisville Magic – Quite simply Russell is one of the best guards in his class in the entire country. He is athletic, scores off the bounce, and also makes shots at a good clip. Still he has to refine his point guard skills, but that isn't far off. With his athleticism, and scoring ability coaches have been circling his name quite a bit, and his phone will be busy at the tournament's end.

Quentin Snider, PG, Louisville Magic – It was an excellent all around day for Snider. A long and lean guard, he has great floor vision and is a knock down shooter. Not an elite athlete, he has great court savvy and just knows how to play. He must get a lot stronger over the next few years, but there is a lot to like with him as a prospect.

Jackson Davis, PF, The Ville – He gets the rep as someone who floats on the perimeter, but Davis was going down low early and often for The Ville. He has good footwork around the rim, and a nice touch out to 15 feet. Also he rebounds at a respectable rate for a young post. It was a good outing for Davis.

James Blackmon, SG, Spiece Indy Heat – As long as people understand that he a shooting guard all the way, there is a lot to look forward to with Blackmon. He has as pure a stroke as any player in the class, and has a great demeanor about himself. Blackmon scored some off the dribble as well, but mostly it was his outside stroke that impressed. Defensively he needs to pick things up, but the kid will definitely score at any level.

Jaquan Lyle, PG/SG, Spiece Indy Heat – Once Lyle learns to harness his emotions and just let his natural talent take over, he is going to be impossible to stop. He is one of the best passers in the class and has an excellent feel for how to play. Also his perimeter shot continues to look better, and Lyle is finishing well in transition. At times he can be taken out of his game due to emotions, but that is something that should be corrected as he gets older.

Ian Theissen, C, Minnesota Pump ‘N Run – Theissen is definitely not someone who is going to wow anyone with athleticism, but when he catches the ball on the block and is given space, he is likely going to score. He has an excellent touch, and nice moves on the post. Also rebounding wise he does a good job, and as his body fills out he should continue to develop as a defender.

Demetrius Houston, SF, Atlanta Celtics – Houston is the type of long and freakishly athletic wing that the Celtics always seem to find. His skill package isn't quite there yet, though he does have a nice looking release on his jumper. Houston scores it mostly in the paint area right now, but as he develops it should be interesting to watch. He is an elite athlete with a great motor.

Head Coach John Calipari watched the Louisville Magic's talented roster. He was joined by assistants from Purdue, Louisville, Indiana, Minnesota, and Tennessee.

Kentucky, Texas, Kansas, Maryland, Arizona State, and UCLA were around to take in the Houston Defenders featuring the Harrison twins and Shaquille Cleare.

Michigan State gets credit for being at a 15 and under game tracking Tyler Wideman and Drake Harris.

Louisville, DePaul, and Georgia Tech were all present for Solomon Poole's morning game.

Florida head man Billy Donovan was joined by Memphis, UCLA, and Georgia when watching William Goodwin.

Solomon Poole says South Carolina is recruiting him the hardest. Also Memphis, Louisville, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida, Nebraska, and Miami have extended offers. Also he is hearing from Georgetown, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Marquis Mondy listed Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Xavier, Butler, Dayton, Oakland, and Detroit.

Tyler Wideman has an offer from Purdue as well as interest from Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, and Xavier.

Trey Grundy listed Louisville, Xavier, Purdue, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

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