Great American Shootout: Day 2

DUNCANVILLE, Tex. – Due to tournament schedules and travel arrangements, many of the top teams in the Great American Shootout played in their own division on Sunday. It made for a great day of basketball, and no one shined brighter than Aaron Harrison.

Shaquille Cleare v. Cameron Ridley – This was one of the highlights of the event. The two Houston area products are both enormous human beings, and rarely get matched up against each other. In the battle neither put up great numbers, Ridley had seven points and 11 rebounds while Cleare had eight points and five rebounds, but both showed some nice things.

Cleare only got limited touches but was very efficient both in the paint and using his mid-range jumper. Ridley kept making nice moves on the post and was very active, but just couldn't get any shot to go in. Overall it had to be counted as basically a draw, but seeing two high level post players go at it on the block was nice. Neither shied away from the other, and both played hard and with something to prove.

Christian Sanders, SG, Houston Defenders – Sanders had a very solid day. He does nothing that will blow anybody away, but at the same time his game is built on efficiency. The best thing that Sanders does is make open shots, but he is more than just a shooter. Sanders showed an ability to create off the dribble and also he is a very good passer. He will always be a knockdown shooter, but he also does more, and he is attracting a nice following.

Clyde Santee, SF, Houston Defenders – Not even a starter for the Defenders, Santee can get overlooked but he has some definite talent. He has good size at 6-foot-6, and was absolutely stroking the ball from deep. The lefty hit several threes both off the bounce and the catch. Also he is a pretty good athlete, and looks to have the frame to add weight when he gets to college. Mostly mid-major attention at this point, Santee had some high level coaching buzzing.

Chris Washburn, PF/C, DJH5 – This is a post prospect who is really beginning to emerge. He has lost nearly 50 pounds over the course of his high school career, and the dividends are coming in a big way. Washburn showed a nice touch out to 15 feet, rebounded well, and has an idea of how to play on the block. On top of it all he runs the floor well and plays hard. With a solid set of mitts, he should have no problem drawing significant attention from coaches throughout the rest of the month.

Danuel House, SG, Texas PRO – Give House a lot of credit, he had a long travel day and after an understandably tough first game in which he came directly from the airport, he put together quite a performance in his second game. First he absolutely posterized a defender on the break, and then showed off the deep range knocking in threes. Overall he put on quite the impressive show, and was one of the day's top players.

Danrad Knowles, PF/SF, Texas PRO – Like House, Knowles had travel issues, and like House he struggled in his first game, but in the second game he played very well. Knowles showed the outside jumper, but had several nice moves off the bounce going to the rim. There is no doubt he really needs to add strength, but as a floor spacing power forward he is going to be a very tough matchup.

Michael Simpson, SF, Texas PRO – With House and Knowles in route to the event, Texas PRO needed someone to step up in the morning, and it was Simpson. The wing was absolutely lighting it up from deep and led Texas PRO to a big win. He went for nearly 30 points, and did most of it beyond the arc. He did show a solid two bounce game, but shooting will be his ticket at the next level.

BenQuan Petty, PG, Urban DFW – When shooters get hot it can be something to behold, and Petty got scorching hot for Urban DFW in their final game. He was knocking in shots from very deep water, and did it in a flurry in the second half. He is undersized, but quick, and when he is absolutely on fire he becomes very difficult to guard.

Aaron Harrison, SG, Houston Defenders – It can get to the point of sheer ridiculousness when a kid is making move after move that leaves defenders begging for mercy, and that is exactly what Harrison did against the Houston Hoopstars. He was scoring off the bounce with incredible efficiency, and then for good measure making deep threes. When he has it working like he did on Sunday, defending his combination of strength, athleticism, and skill is simply an impossible task for anyone at the high school level.

Andrew Harrison, PG/SG, Houston Defenders – In an afternoon win over Dallas Showtyme, Harrison completely took over the first half of the game, and did so without even scoring a bucket. For a point guard that is a heck of a compliment. Harrison was getting into the lane and getting teammates open look after open look. Then in the second half he got his scoring game going a little bit. The top of the 2013 class is extremely impressive, and Harrison is someone who is definitely going to have his name high on the lists for a long time.

Derrick Griffin, PF, Houston Defenders – There might not be a better athlete in the entire 2013 class than Griffin. He has the size, strength, and explosive gifts that are just never seen in a prospect. Griffin put on his own highlight reel display all day finishing above the rim with dunks, and converting down low. Add in him showing signs of developing a perimeter game, and Griffin is someone who made a huge impact.

Keith Frazier, SG, DJH5 – This class of 2013 shooting guard can absolutely fill it up from deep. He has one of the purest strokes in the class, and the talent level he has is just through the roof. While Frazier is an elite shooter, he is also a good athlete with an excellent handle. The problem is at times he settles too often. When Frazier attacks he becomes impossible to guard, and he was just that at times on Sunday. Already a five-star prospect, Frazier might be making a case to get a bump in his lofty ranking.

Jordan Mickey, PF, Urban DFW – A top 100 prospect, Mickey did more than hold up the end of his bargain on Sunday. The power forward prospect is a good athlete, but more so than that is very skilled. He finishes with either hand around the rim, rebounds in traffic, and has the fundamentals down as well. He always holds the ball high, uses nice footwork, and is just very productive. For a younger prospect playing up a level, Mickey was very impressive and showed why high-majors are keeping a close eye on him.

Karviar Shepherd, PF/C, Urban DFW – Playing alongside Mickey on the interior, Shepherd was also impressive. He isn't quite the producer that Mickey is, but his hands are great, he runs the floor well, and has god size. Also Shepherd shows good patience in the post and has an idea of how to score with his back to the basket. He was injured late in the day, but early during the set of games he more than showed his impressive potential.

Kalvin Tillbury, SF, Houston Hoopstars – Tillbury is a long and athletic wing who was absolutely getting buckets. Now he doesn't put it on the floor great, but he has a good body and showed the ability to really make shots. Due to his limitations when it comes to creating he might be projecting more as a mid-level type of kid, but the athleticism and shot making was impressive on Sunday.

Alex Robinson, PG, DJH5 – This is an absolutely BIG TIME point guard prospect. Robinson has good size and is a solid athlete, but the skill level is what is impressive. His handle and quickness allows him to get into the lane at will, and then he also makes shots. As he continues to get stronger and more experienced on the floor he could become an elite level player.

The Houston Defenders were trailed by head coaches from Kansas, Maryland, Texas A&M, TCU, SMU, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. Also assistants from Arizona, Arkansas, and North Carolina were spotted.

Arkansas was following Keith Frazier with multiple coaches. Arizona, Kansas, Texas, Georgia, and others were also present.

Michael Simpson doesn't have an offer but he is hearing from Weber State, Mt. St. Mary's, Creighton, Penn, Colorado State, and Sam Houston State.

Karviar Shepherd has offers from Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Texas, and others.

Jordan Mickey listed offers from Kansas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Providence. Also he is hearing from Houston, Marquette, Baylor, and Texas.

Chris Washburn claims offers from Texas A&M, Missouri, Maryland, and UTEP. Also he listed Texas, Texas Tech, and Kansas as schools of interest.

Alex Robinson rattled off an early list of Pittsburgh, Texas, Marquette, Texas, Arizona, Penn State, Tulane, and Wichita State.

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