McClure Still Thinking Two

David McClure is trying to get healthy again so he can get out on the circuit. He's a few weeks away from playing and maybe even reaching a decision.

Irish, Blue Devils In Hot Pursuit


Mike Krzyzewski recruited against former player and staffer Quin Snyder last year. This season he's mixing it up with Mike Brey, the lead assistant on his national title teams of the early 90s. Right now it would appear that one of them will land junior forward David McClure.


"It's kind of between Duke and Notre Dame," McClure said. "North Carolina State came up and had some good things to say. If I can get up there [for a visit] I will."


Visiting NC State probably isn't going to happen. McClure has been diagnosed with mono and tonsillitis. He's a few weeks away from playing again with contact and could conceivably make a visit but nothing is for sure right now expect that Duke and Notre Dame are in great shape.


The Irish are trying to sell him on playing lots of minutes right away and impacting as a frosh. "They're telling that they want me to be ready to step in as a freshman and put up the kind of numbers that Chris Thomas and Torin Francis did in their first years. [Brey] said he can get me ready for that. They're thinking they might get a transfer big man from Arizona and if Torin's there they'll be two big men upperclassmen to take pressure off me."


Meanwhile, Duke's pitch is attractive as well. "They're telling me that I'm the guy they're recruiting [at my position] in my class." Coach Krzyzewski tells him that they are recruiting him to be a great player in their organization and a team leader as a senior.


"I want to get an honest feel from the coaches of what they want from me. Right now, I think both coaches are giving me their honest opinion."

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