Leunen Recruitment Heats Up

A number of high major programs in the west have been on Maarty Leunen for some time. Now, a couple of elite programs are expressing interest in the small forward...

Maarty Leunen, 6-8 JR SF Redmond (Ore.) High, told us last night that he's wide open, but some of the schools he's interested in include Arizona, Oregon, Duke, Utah, Oregon St., Cal and Gonzaga.

Leunen told us that Oregon, Oregon St., Gonzaga and Cal have all offered. Not surprisingly, those four schools have sent their head coach to visit with Leunen at his high school campus.

Arizona and Utah have sent assistant coaches, while Duke has yet to visit Leunen. Those three schools have just recently become involved, according to Leunen.

Leunen said academics and style of play might influence his decision. "I might want to get into business or marketing -- so I'd look at that," said Leunen. "And I want to play in an up and down style -- I don't want something that's real structured."

Leunen previously told us that he has a 3.3 GPA and scored 960 on the SAT.

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