Peach Jam: Day 1, Part A

N. Augusta, SC. – Day one of the EYBL finals at the Peach Jam as usual was full of intense play. Some of the best teams in the country gathered in one spot and put on a show for hoards of college coaches. One of the players who stood out the most was Kyle Anderson.

Kyle Anderson, SF/PG/PF, New Jersey Playaz – There might not have been an overall more productive player on the day than Anderson. He scored the ball when needed, got everyone involved, and rebounded at a high level as well. His feel for the game is at the highest level, and as the best player on the team his unselfishness makes everyone better. Anderson willed his team to a big opening victory nearly recording a triple-double, and in the process had to silence any doubters that were remaining.

Myles Davis, SG, New Jersey Playaz – There is no doubt that Davis benefits from having Anderson on his team, but in his own right he finds a way to get things down. Even in a game where he missed some shots he usually makes, Davis went for over 20 points and was very efficient on the offensive end. Also on defense he held his own and showed a desire to contain his man.

Darrick Wood, PG/SG, New Jersey Playaz – A long and athletic guard with skill, Wood really had it working. He finished inside above the rim, and also nailed a three to show his versatility. Wood has the capability to be an excellent defender, and just now figuring out what kind of talent he possesses on the floor. Things look to be coming together for him.

Jodan Price, SF, The Family – Quite simply this is one of the best pure shooters in the class. Price has good length and a hair trigger, and usually when he shoots it, it is going in. He was torching the Playaz all game long, and finished with a team high 25 points. Now he does need to be much more of a factor on the defensive end, but there is no doubt he can put the ball in the basket, and do it from anywhere on the floor.

William Goodwin, PF, Memphis YOMCA – The bruising power forward was a complete monster on day one. In his morning game, Goodwin was perfect from the field and controlled the glass. His energy and toughness down low helped YOMCA rally from a potential upset loss. Goodwin is one of the biggest and most mobile people on the circuit, and he put it to work to the tune of 14 points and nine rebounds on only four total shot attempts. That right there is high level efficiency.

Jarnell Stokes, PF/C, Memphis YOMCA – Stokes wasn't quite as dominant or active as Goodwin, especially on the glass, but he was very impressive. He didn't miss a field goal attempt, and showed that he is an excellent passer. Stokes has good hands and corralled everything that came his way. He just unfortunately he didn't get a ton of touches.

Martavious Newby, SG, Memphis YOMCA – While the big guys for YOMCA were doing their usual deal on the interior, it was Newby who provided the scoring pop from the guard spot. Newby hammered in tip dunks, made threes, and scored going to the rim. A big time athlete with good physical strength, Newby is just built to score and was huge in getting the win.

Marquese Coleman, SG, Cal Supreme – Cal Supreme was able to stay in the game against YOMCA with a mostly balanced effort, but still Coleman managed to stand out. A solid athlete, he scored mostly going to the rim, but also hit a few jumpers. He isn't extremely explosive, but he is skilled and plays extremely hard.

Dajuan Coleman, C, Albany City Rocks – This is just a massive human being, and he knows how to use his body to his advantage. Coleman was missing some shots, but he was making nice fundamental post moves to get there. He did a good job of using his strength to create space from the defender, and in essence put him in jail using his wide frame. He can stand to be a better defensive rebounder, but down low, he is tough to stop in a one-on-one situation.

Ricardo Ledo, SG, Albany City Rocks – He plays on the ball, he plays off the ball, and at the end of the day, Ledo just finds a way to get buckets. He has good size, and like any good shooter absolutely no conscious. Ledo was pulling from 25 feet away, and making those looks. Also he attacked the rim and finished. Now he isn't always taking the best shots, but at the end of the day Ledo is someone who is going to find a way to change the numbers on the scoreboard when he touches the ball.

Brice Johnson, PF, CP3 All-Stars – It was an excellent game for Johnson. He used his length and athleticism to impact things on defense, and also rebounding wise. Then he used his soft touch to score around the rim and from the mid-range on offense. Johnson runs the floor extremely well, and overall just was very productive. Once he gets stronger, Johnson could turn into one of the better long term prospects coming out of this class.

Rodney Purvis, SG, CP3 All-Stars – One thing is for sure, Purvis can get to the rim against anybody. He is in incredible shape, and just continues to expand his game. Now on drives he uses good passing ability to get others involved instead of just scoring on his own. Still the best thing about Purvis is that he can always get a quality shot, and he did that time after time in helping his team to a morning win.

Travis Hammonds, PF/SF, CP3 All-Stars – A big bodied wing, Hammonds is probably best in the combo forward role. He had his outside shot working in a big way in the morning knocking in several threes. Also he played down low with toughness and rebounded well for his size. Hammonds is a wide body who isn't super athletic, but at the right level he will be extremely productive.

Jake Layman, PF/SF, BABC – Layman continues to get better and better. A long and lean forward with big time bounce and a good amount of skill, Layman is starting to put it all together. He is a good not great shooter, but has to be respected from the outside. Layman did a solid job for BABC and had coaches marveling at his potential. Strength is the major growth area, and once that comes, he will be tough to stop. His game is very reminiscent to former Maryland standout, Nik Caner-Medley.

Anthony Bennett, PF, CIA Bounce – This cat just keeps on producing, and doing it at the highest possible level. Bennett is killing on the glass, scoring from just outside the lane, and when given time and space is a respectable three point shooter. What is best about Bennett is that he never takes a play off, and now coaches are salivating at his potential.

Marcus Paige, PG, All-Iowa Attack – In a game that quite honestly wasn't real easy on the eyes, and fairly low scoring, Paige made things go for All-Iowa. He distributed the ball well, scored, and was a pest on the defensive end. Paige is a good athlete and very smart, and that combination showed very well on Tuesday evening.

Steve Taylor, PF, Mac Irvin Fire – Taylor just keeps on competing and doing it at a level that he didn't always show during the high school season. A known shooter, Taylor rebounded well on both ends of the floor and showed a toughness on the interior trying to score. Now he wasn't always effective, but Taylor is definitely moving his game in the right direction taking advantage of his size and athleticism.

Darrell Bowie, SF, Meanstreets – His team was outmanned by BABC, but Bowie still managed to put on an impressive display. A wing with pretty good size, he slashed and scored with athleticism and strength off the dribble. His outside shot isn't great, but Bowie just knows how to play and really seems to be improving from the spring.

Marc Loving, SF/PF, All-Ohio Red – It was a huge game for Loving. He is one of the most skilled forwards in the entire class, and it was on full display. Loving hit from three, scored off the bounce, and hit in the mid-range. Add in that he got a few rebounds in traffic, and the future Ohio State Buckeye really impressed in an afternoon win.

Nigel Hayes, PF, All-Ohio Red – When Hayes plays from the inside out he can be real tough to contain. He does have some perimeter skills, but his athleticism and strength are what makes him so tough to guard, and that is best used inside. Hayes did spend most of his time inside on Tuesday, and that translated into an impressive effort.

Jordan Bell, PF, Cal Supreme – He is an inch or so undersized for the position, but that is completely irrelevant. Bell is flat out one of the best shot blockers around. He was swatting absolutely anything that was near him on Tuesday. Now there is no doubt he is raw on offense, but he can score around the rim some, and he also rebounds very well. Still what impressed so many on looking coaches was his freakish ability to block shots and change the game on defense.

Jabari Parker, SF, Mac Irvin Fire – Parker only had a solid game and he was still the best player on the floor by a good margin. He is so smooth on the wing, and has all the tricks to get space to get his shot off. Also Parker is a committed defender and an excellent rebounder. The nation's top prospect, Parker showed why, and didn't even have one of his better performances.

Billy Garrett, PG, Mac Irvin Fire – Garrett is one of the craftiest players around. Not a great athlete, he just knows how to score and get into the lane in order to create. Garrett was key for Mac Irvin getting going, and when things got close he always managed to making a winning play to help his team.

Nerlens Noel, C, BABC – If Bell isn't the best shot blocker in the country than Noel is. He really bothered Meanstreets with his length, and didn't let them doing anything around the rim when he was in the game. On offense his skill set is limited, though he handled it well in transition a few times, and showed a bit of a hook shot. A work in progress, the upside is absolutely through the roof.

Tyus Jones, PG, Howard Pulley – Coaches are just drooling over what Jones can do on the floor. He is a good scorer with strength and intelligence, and then also knows when to make the right pass and where to make it. For a young player he shouldn't have the skill that he does, and under the bright lights against big time players he never rattled. His play was really keeping Howard Pulley in the game against Mac Irvin, and quite simply the boys from Chicago had no answer for Jones.

Theo Pinson, SG, CP3 All-Stars – He is being touted as one of the contenders for the top spot in the 2014 class, and with good reason. Pinson is athletic, was making shots out to the three point line, and finishing with authority around the rim. Add in a tight handle, and Pinson was causing all sorts of problems for the defense.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright, PG, Cal Supreme – This cat isn't going to worry you in layup lines, but once the game gets going, he is an absolute problem. Cartwright is a high level shooter who can pull up and hit shots as well as spot up off the catch. Also he is one of the best passers in the country and has a unique feel and understanding for the game. At the moment his body needs to mature, but his skills, they are at the absolute highest level. Once he fills out strength wise, he will be impossible to guard.

Wayne Selden, SG, BABC – A physical specimen on the wing, Selden was really scoring it on Tuesday. He hit threes, used his strength to get past defenders, and the finished with his athleticism as well. There isn't a ton of projection left with Selden, but that is fine since he already is always one of the best players on the floor.

DaJuan Coleaman drew head coaches from Kentucky and Ohio State. Also Syracuse went three deep on him while St. John's brought a pair of assistants.

Jarnell Stokes drew head coaches from Memphis, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Baylor. Also Alabama, Auburn, Texas, Kentucky, and UCLA were present.

Jordan Bell had head coaches from UCLA, Arizona, and Washington State. Also assistants from St. John's, USC, Oregon, Washington, and San Diego State were keeping close tabs.

Jabari Parker was being tracked by head coaches from Illinois, Washington, and Michigan State with an assistant also from Ohio State.

Brice Johnson has offers from South Carolina, Clemson, Florida, Virginia Tech, Georgia Southern, and numerous others.

Travis Hammonds has offers from College of Charleston, Appalachian State, and Wofford. Also interest is coming in from Oklahoma State, South Carolina, and Clemson.

Martavious Newby listed offers from Memphis, Auburn, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Missouri. Interest is also coming from Arkansas State, Nebraska, Tulane, and UTEP.

Darrick Wood has offers from Baylor, West Virginia, Seton Hall, Rutgers, and George Mason. Interest is also coming in from Louisville, Georgetown, and Oklahoma State.

Myles Davis has a final four of Xavier, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia. A decision could come as soon as Friday.

Nigel Hayes listed offers from Cincinnati, Dayton, Xavier, Central Michigan, Akron, and Toledo. Ohio State and Memphis are keeping a close eye on him as well.

Jake Layman says Maryland is an offer that he likes, and also Boston College, Providence, and James Madison. Florida and Notre Dame are keeping a close eye on him.

Steve Taylor says offers have come from Marquette, Missouri, Providence, Colorado State, Memphis, and Xavier. Also he said Ohio State plans to watch him closely in July.

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