Peach Jam: Day 2, Part A

North Augusta, SC. – Day two at the Peach Jam was one of the most intense days ofnthe AAU circuit. Players, coaches, and fans were bringing the energy in a big way. Overall many prospects stepped up, but Alex Poythress really found a way to standout.

Alex Poythress, PF/SF, Georgia Stars – The Stars are absolutely rolling right now, and in an evening game Poythress was a dominant force. The 6-foot-8 forward was seemingly having his own dunk contest. He was too big for the All-Ohio wings, and too quick for their bigs. The versatility that Poythress possesses is impressive, and his production was at the highest level. Overall his performance was very impressive.

Jaron Blossomgame, SF, Georgia Stars – The highly athletic forward was very effective for the Stars on Wednesday evening. While his offensive skill level isn't yet refined, he does score with energy and effort. Also Blossomgame was very active on both ends of the court and just found a way to get things done.

Terry Rozier, PG, All-Ohio Red – Rozier is coming off of a very good showing at the LeBron James Skills Academy and he proved his good performance there was no joke. Despite his team getting blown out, Rozier was doing everything for All-Ohio. He was the only player who could consistently score during the game, and also he rebounded the ball very well for a guard. A good athlete who knows how to finish, Rozier's stock is on the rise.

Ricardo Gathers, PF, Louisiana Select – The man-child had it working on Wednesday morning. A complete beast of a human being who always gives it 100 percent, Gathers dominated inside against Boo Williams. He had several impressive dunks, and then also cleaned the glass at a high level What was best is that Gathers didn't force any outside jumpers and played exclusively inside where he is nearly impossible to stop.

Michael Qualls, PF/SF, Louisiana Select – This is an absolutely ridiculous athlete. The long and wiry wing, who might be best served as a power forward, was making all kinds of plays above the rim with tip dunks, ally-oops, and overall impressive finishes in traffic. His ball skills need work as he can't really handle it, but as an athlete and a producer, he was at an extremely high level.

Prince Ibeh, C, Texas Titans – This is just a prospect who is oozing with potential. Now Ibeh doesn't have the best feel for the game, but he is a big time shot blocker who runs the floor well, and converts around the rim. He was doing what he always does by altering shots, and also rebounding the ball. His offense wasn't always there, but coming into things you know that isn't his game.

Isaiah Miles, PF, Baltimore Elite – Miles was one of the surprise performers of the day. He was excellent as a combo forward who finished around the rim with athleticism or on the post and mid-range with skill. His athletic ability is solid, his motor is always running, and a solid skill level is there. Miles is someone who is seeing his stock continue to rise with solid play so far in July.

Jamel Artis, SF, Baltimore Elite – The name of the game for Artis is getting to the rim. He is a slasher at the core, and Artis excels in that role. Now he isn't someone who is going to stretch the defense, but Artis was really converting off of drives and gave the defense trouble with his ability to break people down going to the rim.

Brandon Ashley, PF, Oakland Soldiers – This is just an absolute matchup nightmare. Ashley was very tough on the Spiece frontline with his combination of skill, size, and athleticism. He took his man off the dribble when a center was guarding him and then went down low if it was a smaller player. In a game where the Soldiers almost let Spiece back in, Ashley was given the ball at crunch time and he was able to make plays.

Dominic Artis, PG, Oakland Soldiers – In the first half when the Soldiers jumped all over Spiece, Artis was incredible. The pass first point guard was really knocking down perimeter shots, and then as usual got his talented wing teammates involved. The strides Artis has made and continues to make with his game are quite impressive.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, SG/PG, Spiece Indy Heat – He is simply one of the toughest guards to contain in a team setting. Smith-Rivera was the only one keeping Spiece in the game in the first half, and then stayed hot in the second half. He was scoring mostly going to the rim or from the foul line, though he did hit a few perimeter jumpers. Add in that he looked comfortable as a lead guard, and it was an impressive showing for Smith-Rivera.

James Robinson, PG, Team Takeover – Sometimes you don't know how he does it, but Robinson just manages to get things done. In a comeback win over Houston Hoops, Robinson really took over the game coming off of ball screens and just making plays. He either scored on the drive or got a teammate and open look. Robinson isn't the most physically gifted PG, but he is one of the best winners around.

Jerami Grant, SF, Team Takeover – Through the first half and some of the second, Grant was a non-factor. He didn't look to score, or really do much of anything, but that changed down the stretch. Grant has several nice possessions in a row, and showed all of the talent that has him so highly thought of. He is at his best going to the rim where he can use his size and length to overwhelm defenders, and Grant did just that whenever Takeover needed a bucket.

Rasheed Sulaimon, SG, Houston Hoops – This is just one of the best all-around guards in the country. Sulaimon was as usual a high level defender in his evening game, and then on the offensive end he was getting stuff done. He scored from three, and then also mixed in a pull-up jumper or two for good measure. Sulaimon just knows how to make plays, and was absolutely on top of his game on Wednesday night.

Julius Randle, PF, Texas Titans – With a hoard of coaches looking on, Randle was extremely impressive. The athleticism, strength, and skill he possesses isn't seen many places outside of the NBA. Randle dominated for the Titans around the paint area, and scored and rebounded at a high level. Still one of the best things that Randle showed is his passing. For a kid with such big time scoring ability, you can also run your offense through him since he is such a good passer with a great feel for the game.

Deiquan McNeil, PG/SG, Baltimore Elite – As a perimeter scorer, McNeil is one of the best going. Right now he prefers to score off the dribble going to the rim, but also he did knock in a few jumpers to keep the defense honest. Now he might be moving to a combo, and plays on the ball some, but in general McNeil is someone who can really put the ball in the basket, and do it in a very efficient manner.

Aaron Gordon, PF, Oakland Soldiers – Quite simply there aren't many good answers in high school basketball for what Gordon brings to the table. He was a man on the glass coming up with several huge rebounds, especially on the offensive end, and then he also alters and changes shots on the defensive end. With his explosiveness, Gordon can't be stopped near the rim, and his handle is so good he led the break at times. Overall there was nothing that could really be done to stop Gordon.

Tyree Robinson, SG, Oakland Soldiers – Robinson actually looks like he still might be growing, and had a very solid outing against a tough Spiece squad. He scored a few times, but mostly it was his ball handling and defense that stood out. Usually Robinson is known for his shot making, but he is such a good athlete that he can make a ton of plays on defense. In the first half when the Soldiers really dominated and were creating turnovers, it was Robinson's athleticism and energy that made a big difference.

Isaac Hamilton, SG/SF, Oakland Soldiers – This cat can just flat out shoot the basketball. Now he on this team he isn't going to get a ton of touches since they have so many weapons, but when he does get clean looks, he hits them. His shot making along with his length make him a tough matchup for most, and as he continues to get stronger he will be very difficult to guard.

Anthony Barber, PG, Boo Williams – One of the best point guards in the class showed exactly why in an impressive morning win. Barber has good size and quickness, and then also has an outstanding feel for the game. On Wednesday Louisiana Select had no answer for what Barber was brining to the table off the dribble. Now he does need to become a more reliable shooter, though he is capable of hitting, but it is his passing and big time ability to break down a defense that make him such a coveted point guard.

Troy Williams, SF, Boo Williams – The upside that he possesses is absolutely through the roof. Williams has great athleticism and extremely long arms with a motor that never stops and the skill to play inside or out. All of that was on display as Williams made huge plays on both ends of the floor during an overtime win. Maybe what is most impressive about Williams is his feel for the game and the composure he plays with. For such a young and talented player, he brings all the intangibles to the table as well.

Greg McClinton, SF, CP3 All-Stars – This is one of the best wing athletes going. McClinton is a as big a high riser as you will see. Now his skill level isn't quite there yet in terms of his ability to shoot, but he can bounce it some, and that allows him to put his athleticism on display. Offensively he isn't elite, but on defense he does a very good job, and then he also rebounds at a nice rate for a wing. Overall McClinton just finds a lot of ways to impact the game.

Josh Hart, SG, Team Takeover – It has been a big time breakout tournament for Hart. He has been the best and most consistent guard that Takeover has, and time after time he manages to put the ball in the basket. Hart has good size and a nice ability to shoot, but more than anything he just has a savvy about him to get open. Every time this event that Hart has had an open look, he was put it in the basket, and Wednesday was no different.

Jairus Lyles, SG, Team Takeover – Lyles put on an absolute scoring display. Now he didn't exactly do it in the most efficient way possible, but he did get his buckets. Mostly Lyles scored in the mid-range and when in transition, but he also did knock in some outside shots. He isn't really a point guard though at times he plays on the ball, but at the end of the day Lyles is just productive.

Jaylon Tate, PG, Meanstreets – There aren't too many better pure point guards than Tate. In a big win he changed the game with his ability to set up others and his feel for the game. Now he needs to get stronger and become a more reliable shooter, but his size, quickness, and passing made a huge difference on Wednesday.

Kendrick Nunn, SG, Meanstreets – It was a rough game for Nunn who had a whole host of head coaches looking on. The lefty shooter got in big time foul trouble and could never seem to get into the flow of the game. Still he managed to show off his natural ability to score, and then his desire to defend. The numbers weren't big, but when he was on the floor he did make things happen.

Alex Foster, PF, Meanstreets – When Foster is down low using his strength and athletic ability he is a very solid prospect, and that is exactly what he was doing. Foster finished mostly off of feeds where he just had to catch and dunk, but that is exactly what he is asked to do. Also he was active and solid on the glass coming down with several big rebounds.

Arell Hennings, PG, Seattle Rotary – He isn't the biggest player out on the court, but Hennings can absolutely be a problem for defenses. Hennings is extremely quick, has a good feel for the position, and just knows the proper pace to play at. Now he will need to be a knockdown shooter at his size, but there is no question that he is able to constantly put pressure on the defense with his ability to beat his man and make plays.

Trey Lyles, PF, Spiece Indy Heat – Lyles didn't play very much in the first half as Spiece fell way behind to the Soldiers, but in the second half he did get in a lot and made a big difference. His rebounding was key as was his length on the defensive end. Not a super athlete, Lyles is very skilled and crafty in the lane, and his overall production was very impressive against an elite frontcourt.

JaQuel Richmond, PG, CP3 All-Stars – After playing most of the summer at the 17 and under level, Richmond was showing off his skills with the 16 and under squad, and quite simply it just wasn't fair. A good athlete with big time quickness, Richmond was just abusing defenders. He got into the lane anytime he wanted, and then for good measure would just hit dagger jumpers. He was one of the day's most impressive performers.

Head coaches from Texas, Baylor, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Louisvile, and Marquette were joined by assistants from Ohio State, Duke, Indiana, LSU, Georgetown, and Kansas for the Texas Titans featuring Julius Randle during the morning.

Ricardo Gathers drew the full staffs from Texas and St. John's. Also LSU, Texas A&M, Florida, Baylor, and Cal were in the gym

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera had head coaches from Xavier, Louisville, and UCLA watching with an assistant from Michigan State.

The numerous Oakland Soldiers prospects drew a huge crowd. Washington, Arizona, Cal, St. John's, Oregon, Baylor, and Florida State all sent the head coach to watch. North Carolina, USC, Oklahoma State, Kansas, and Gonzaga all dispatched assistants.

For Kendrick Nunn the crowd was thick. Arizona, Pittsburgh, Illinois, Xavier, and Iowa had head coaches. Northwestern, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Indiana sent assistants.

The Georgia Stars duo of Alex Poythress and Tony Parker was tracked by the head coaches at Memphis, Georgia Tech, Connecticut, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Texas, Ohio State, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisville, Miami, and South Carolina. Also Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma State, Clemson, and Duke were courtside with assistants.

Terry Rozier now has offers from Wyoming, Georgia, Cincinnati, Miami, Dayton, Akron, Kent State, and Cleveland State. Tennessee, Boston College, and Illinois said they would be watching closely.

Alex Foster is now hearing the most from Marquette, West Virginia, Northwestern, Wake Forest, Texas, Florida State, Butler, and Illinois.

Prince Ibeh has offers from Texas, Texas A&M, Maryland, Baylor, Florida, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas.

Tyree Robinson says the entire Pac 12 has offered and then also San Diego State, New Mexico, and Marquette.

Isaac Hamilton has offers from USC, UTEP, Colorado, Gonzaga, Washington, UNLV, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Houston. St. John's, Connecticut, UCLA, Washington State, LSU, Virginia Tech, Miami, and Arizona are also in contact.

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