Peach Jam: Day Three

North Augusta, SC. – Play began to wind down at the Peach Jam on day three. As the tournament began the games were increasingly intense. With that some players stepped up big, and one of them was point guard Dominic Artis.

Dominic Artis, PG, Oakland Soldiers – In a tight game with the Playaz Basketball Club, Artis was the x-factor for the Soldiers. He was hitting shots at a super high level, making plays for his teammates, and overall just controlling the flow of the game. His improvement has been huge in the last year, and it was never more evident than on a big stage against a high level opponent.

Brandon Ashley, PF, Oakland Soldiers – There had been questions about Ashley's consistency, but all event long he has been solid here. Ashley again was huge against the Playaz. His rebounding and athleticism caused major problems, and then he scored enough on the offensive end to keep the Soldiers out in front. Between Artis and Ashley, the Soldiers were able to stay on top the entire game and they came home with a big win.

Kyle Anderson, SF, New Jersey Playaz – Quite simply there is nothing more that Anderson could have done during the game. He recorded a near triple-double, and was the best player on the floor. Anderson's ability to get to the rim and finish creatively is impressive as well as his feel for the game and passing. It was a great game for Anderson in a string of impressive performances.

Archie Goodwin, SG, Arkansas Wins – Despite the fact that he couldn't dribble or shoot with his left hand due to recovering from a wrist injury, Goodwin was unstoppable. He got to the rim whenever he wanted, and just flat out destroyed Team Takeover. His first step with the basketball is unreal, and that allowed him to beat his man time after time, and yes he is also a freak athlete once he gets to the rim.

Patrick Hollaway, SG, Team Takeover – In what was a less than awe inspiring effort for Takeover, Hollaway was the bright spot. Hollaway was just making shots at a high level, and was single handedly trying to keep his team in the game. In the end his numbers were great, as they have been all tournament, but Takeover couldn't pull out the victory.

Steve Taylor, PF, Mac Irvin Fire – Taylor was showing off his complete skill set. The nearly 6-foot-8 forward scored around the rim, did a good job of rebounding, and then made shots in pick and pop situations. Overall he does nothing at an elite level, but proved that he can do a lot of different things very well.

Jabari Parker, SF, Mac Irvin Fire – During an afternoon game, Parker was nothing short of spectacular. He was hitting from distance, driving and hitting in the mid-range, and also really rebounding the basketball. In fact the only real way to be down on his game was by saying that he facilitated too much and didn't take over completely like he was capable of.

Xavier Rathan-Mayes, SG, CIA Bounce – Word is that Rathan-Mayes is now back in the class of 2013. Regardless of what class he is in, Rathan-Mayes was flat out shooting the ball at an elite level. The sniper from distance was money all game long in the afternoon when he got his feet set and a clean look at the rim. He isn't a super athlete, but Rathan-Mayes absolutely can put the ball in the basket.

Tyler Ennis, PG, CIA Bounce – Quite simply he is one of the premier point guards in the 2013 class. Ennis was doing absolutely everything for his team in an evening game. He has the ability to breakdown his man off the dribble, make shots from deep, or get others involved with elite level passing. Overall it was an extremely impressive performance for a big point guard with good athleticism. He is the real deal.

Isisiah Watkins, PF, CIA Bounce – He is now headed to Newark (NJ) St. Benedict's like Ennis, and he will be a big time addition. A power forward with solid size and a good frame to get stronger, Watkins also is showing big time athleticism and the ability to hit the mid-range jumper. He is just beginning to put it together, and as a prospect he is at a high level.

Jonathan Williams, PF, Memphis YOMCA – At times it had been an inconsistent spring for Williams, but he put things together at an extremely high level on Thursday. The athletic and skilled forward was scoring down low, rebounding, and doing everything well on the perimeter. He is just loaded with talent, and that elite level skill was on display in a big way.

Nick King, PF/SF, Memphis YOMCA – Another just athletic forward from the city of Memphis, King loves to finish above the rim with strength. His skills are solid, though he isn't much of a threat outside of 16 feet. King's rebounding and toughness were huge along with his ability to give his team momentum with plays above the rim.

Moses Kingsley, PF/C, Arkansas Wings – Going against the big and physical Takeover frontcourt Kingsley more than held his own. He was hitting shots from the mid-range, scoring down low, and did a solid job of rebounding as well. Right now he is still somewhat raw, but the tools are there to be an excellent player.

Aaron Gordon, PF, Oakland Soldiers – The talent that he possesses is just off the charts. His second jump is so quick and his athleticism is so impressive, that he just gets rebounds that virtually no other player can get. Also he has a nice touch out to 16 feet, and is capable of making threes and handling the ball in transition. His performance was a very impressive one in a tight game win.

Jahlil Okafor, C, Mac Irvin Fire – This is just a beast of a human being when in the paint. Okaford has excellent footwork and a nice touch which allows him to score off of a variety of post moves. Also he always keeps the ball high and away from the defense, and with his strength his rebounding prowess is impressive. There is no question that Okafor is one of the elite players in his class.

Andrew Wiggins, SG, CIA Bounce – In a big match up against Parker, Wiggins was definitely able to hold his own. The Canadian wing was getting to the rim and finishing with athleticism and then stepping back and hitting deep threes. There are very few holes in his game, going against guys two or three years older than him he is able to still standout.

Archie Goodwin drew head coaches from Arkansas, Kentucky, Baylor, Georgia, and Oklahoma at his morning game.

Jabari Parker had head coaches from Duke, Washington, and Michigan State. Also assistants from Ilinois, Ohio State, Kansas, and BYU were courtside.

Jahlil Okafor had head coaches from Illinois and Arkansas watching. Also he was tracked by assistants from Ohio State, Michigan State, Georgetown, Marquette, and DePaul.

Nick King mentioned offers from Memphis, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Auburn, and Georgetown. Also North Carolina, Marquette, Arizona, Miami, Virginia Tech, and Georgia have made contact.

Jonathan Williams noted offers from Memphis, Kentucky, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgetown, and Connecticut.

Isisiah Watkins said Rice has offered, and interest is coming in from Georgetown, Purdue, St. Bonaventure, Elon, Stanford, Harvard, Santa Clara, Niagara, and New Mexico State.

Tyler Ennis listed offers from Iowa State, Rutgers, Seton Hall, West Virginia, Georgia State, Santa Clara, and Rice. Also he noted that Georgia Tech and Louisville have been in touch.

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